Trying EOS Flavors after Being Stuck on Inferior Brands

Turned upon EOS one day in Walgreens when I ran through another tube of Cherry Chapstick. I have been using the Cherry flavored Chapstick and am a fairly loyal consumer who doesn’t switch up brands all that frequently. When Walgreens was out of Chapstick I decided to try another lip balm out there, EOS’ strawberry sorbet. What I experienced was a revelation.


I didn’t realize that a lip balm could taste as fresh and smooth as Strawberry Sorbet did. When I went back and tried the Cherry flavored Chapstick I was disgusted by its quality and fake flavor. Shop here at Strawberry sorbet tastes like the real thing; fresh strawberries and is pleasant to apply and not at all overpowering. More hints.


Further, EOS’ strawberry sorbet goes on smooth and without leaving a residue on your lips. Reading about the history of EOS helped to explain why this was the case. EOS lip balm is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain the artificial flavors that Chapstick adds to their lip balm. Since the ingredients are natural and not artificial it lasts longer and doesn’t need to be applied as frequently as Chapstick does. This leads to some cost savings as well, despite a slightly higher sticker price on EOS. See for more news.


EOS was a real revelation to me and I decided to sample some of the other flavors that they sold once I ran out of Strawberry sorbet. Blueberry acai, summer fruit, and passion fruit were all wonderful alternatives and I moved from an inferior product to a significantly better one in eos lip balm. Sometimes running out of a product is a good thing as it opens up a window to new product offerings. Read this post here.


EOS proved to be an real eye-opener as to what a lip balm could be and I can honestly say I am never going back to Chapstick. EOS is just a far superior product.


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