Rebel Wilson, The Aussie With A Little Sass

Rebel Wilson has been hitting it big for a while now in the television and movie world. She has had amazing success for a little shy girl from Australia who was brought to an acting class to try to help her get over her shyness. “Isn’t it Romantic” starring her and Liam Hemsworth and several other great actors is her latest project.

It is a feel-good movie about Rebel’s character living in New York with an okay job as an unnoticed architect, but not really going anywhere personally or professionally. She hits her head after surviving a mugging in the subway. She wakes up and her world is changed.

The Plot

Rebel’s character wakes up and has everything. A beautiful apartment, she looks great, and she has to get someone to fall in love with her. She is living in an alternate universe which she realizes is her worst nightmare as the leading role in a romantic comedy. The rest well you have to see the movie to find out. The movie opens Valentine’s Day 2019 and perfect for everyone.

Rebel Wilson’s Breakthrough

Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect really put Rebel Wilson on the popular map. Her character “Fat Amy” won her a slew of awards among the young crowds. Rebel is good at playing a relatable character who expresses our insecure woes and says, “I’ll do what I want.” Rebel Wilson’s confidence and smile are commendable and contagious. She makes looking like a rebel easy and fun. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:: and

Personal Life

Rebel Wilson says in interviews that her mother inspired her to go out and live her dream. Her mother did not want Rebel stuck in a house letting her life pass her by. Rebel says she enjoys being single and living a great life. She can well afford luxurious things with big paychecks and is living her dream. Rebel Wilson works hard as an actress and is rewarded well for her hard work. It looks like she will not stop anytime soon.

For a small shy girl from Australia, Rebel Wilson is in her prime right now in Hollywood. She is funny and fun. She has won the hearts of audiences everywhere. She is woman power to the fullest and looks like she enjoys it along the way. Her new romantic comedy is “Isn’t it Romantic” and comes out in February of 2019. The movie looks like another winner for Rebel Wilson

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