Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made By Congress

Have you ever searched something on Google? If yes, you must have noticed a relevant Wikipedia entry in one of the top ten results. Wikipedia’s position in search engines as a “top site” is undeniable. Wikipedia is an essential tool for your SEO strategy. What is Wikipedia? In simple terms, Wikipedia is an online mutual encyclopedia. Unlike a typical encyclopedia that depends on content writers to create posts, Wikipedia relies on crowd writing from Wikipedia editors. If used correctly, this open source site can be valuable for your business online reputation.

The advantages of Wikipedia page creation for yourself or your business

• A Wikipedia page will help improve your business or personal brand

After you create a Wikipedia page, you have the ability to edit it should you feel that some of the information about yourself or your business is inaccurate. The site has guidelines of what they allow and don’t allow; therefore you must ensure that you adhere to these guidelines. Wikipedia reserves all the rights to remove your page for failure to adhere to the set guidelines. Most people rely on Wikipedia entries to find out more about companies and high profile individuals. This kind of traffic will help improve your online reputation.

• A Wikipedia page improves credibility and increases online presence

When you make a Wikipedia page will add more credibility to your business, brand, and online persona. Additionally, you will be improving your online presence. Increased online presence equates to more sales at your online and physical store.

Creating a Wikipedia Page

The process of creating a Wikipedia page can be quite confusing and time-consuming. Rather than spending time figuring out how to do it, you can hire Wikipedia experts who are veterans in the space to do it for you.

For two decades, Ed Summers, Lead Developer at MITH has been working towards building links between archives and libraries and the communities of the World Wide Web. In May 2014, Ed Summers was inspired by a friend’s tweet about Parliament Wiki Edits to create the CongressEdits. @congressedits is a dedicated Twitter account that tweets any edits to Wikipedia articles coming from IP addresses that are in the ranges allocated to the United States Congress.

This account is a depository of the hilarious, the strange, and the sometimes disturbing. Since edits to Wikipedia are publicly followed, Ed Summers easily developed a script that notifies Twitter each time someone in a congressional office makes changes to a Wikipedia page.

Most of the changes are practical, for instance when a senator is re-elected, the page is updated to show this. According to this article, some of the edits originate from resume-padders:

In a recent Wikipedia entry for Timothy Alan “Tim” Huelskamp, the Kansas Republican who has angered the House Republican leadership, someone with a Congressional computer added a profile-boosting section tagged “National Conservative Leader.”

@congressedits has resulted in the offspring of other similar accounts all over the world, from the UK to Chile aiming at boosting accountability and transparency in government.

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