Mike Bagguley Will Surely Improve Barclays Investment Bank As Its COO

Mike Bagguley, the former head of macro products, has recently been made the chief operating officer for the investment bank Barclays. He is taking over for Justin Bull who decided to move on from his position with Barclays. Bagguley takes over immediately and will be working with the investment bank’s chief Tom King. It will be his job to implement and unveil Barclays new business strategy, which they began to roll out just this past year. Barclays recently decided to streamline its core investing operations and made a move to let go of 7,000 of their employees.

Mike Bagguley had been working with the macro products group recently as it was a part of the makeover that Barclays was implementing as a part of its larger, overall strategy. While he ran the division, he was able to make a lot of progress and boost the earnings of the division in the meantime. Today, thanks in part to Mike Bagguley, the investment bank is one of just two banks that have shown real improvements with FICC revenues. Tom King had plenty of good things to say about Bagguley’s promotion and recently commented that the move would surely help Barclays to make the kind of forward progress that it has been hoping to achieve. King also pointed out that the investment bank was doing great in its recent third quarter and that all of the choices Barclays had made had been delivering wonderful results.

Mike Bagguley has been serving with Barclays for the better part of the last decade, and he started out by serving as its head of macro products sales and trading. He served in this position from March, 2014 until September 2015, and then moved on to take over as the chief operating officer of the investment bank. Mike Bagguley studied at the University of Warwick where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics.

The macro business will now be jointly run by Rob Bogucki, co-head of macro trading based in New York, Nat Tyce, co-head of macro trading based in London, and Kashif Zafar, head of macro distribution



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