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As a leading global investment firm, Madison Street Capital was advising Sachs Capital Group in the acquisition process of the RMG Networks. The funding was provided by Merion Investment and Virgo Capital to make the transaction a success. The services of RMG Networks include digital signage media software, hardware, and other services that it offers to more than 50% of the Fortune 100. Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway says that the firm’s team during that process was under Barry Petersen.

Sachs Capital Group Chief Executive Officer says his company was pleased by how the transaction was closed terming the RMG Networks transaction as a fascinating one. As of now, RMG Network has a better chance of capitalizing on the available growth opportunities for its owners. To achieve this, the company will have to use the digital signage, which pegs on cloud technology and Korbyt, which is a corporate communication platform.

The transaction earns RMG Networks shareholders $1.29 per share. The transaction resulted in RMG stopping the trade of its stocks at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange starting from 28 September 2018.

RMG Networks has strived to go beyond the traditional communications to assist businesses to maximize productivity, efficiency, and engagement using digital messaging. RMG also offers a sole point of responsibility through the combination of the best software, hardware, business application, and services, all of which are essential for the combined data conception and instantaneous management of performance. RMG Network operates from Dallas, Texas where the main headquarters are located. It also has additional offices around the globe.

On the other hand, Sachs Capital Group positions itself as a patient and sophisticated partner that provides flexible non-regulatory and regulatory capital to prosperous businesspersons. Their investment policy is anchored in the belief of long-term and capital appreciation with controlled financial and operating risk. The company is a disciplined investor that focuses on the business fundamentals, valuation, greater management, and appropriate corporate authority.

Madison Street Capital

This company is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership, and service in providing merger and acquisition knowledge, corporate financial advisory services, financial options as well as valuation services to privately and publicly owned businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation as the best international banking firm positions its clients to flourish in the international open market. It takes every project from its clients as its own, from financial advisory, successful investment advances to M&A transaction of ownership. According to Madison Street, the emerging markets are the fueling factor for the global growth of their client. As such, it continues to focus significantly on the assets within these markets. It is a trusted company because of its dedication to the highest standards of professionalism.

Madison Street Capital continues to shines in its endeavor to remain the leader in investment banking firm industry.


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