Jed McCaleb is Set to Impact the World

Jed McCaleb is a celebrated cryptocurrency expert. He has contributed to this technology, especially when blockchain and bitcoin were new in the market. Apart from bitcoin and blockchain, Jed has participated in other projects such as eDonkey. This project went well together with other projects.

Artificial Intelligence is a field that has caught Jed’s eye. He is researching AI because he believes it has great potential. According to Jed, the next two decades will be better because of Artificial intelligence. It will resolve most problems people are having currently. AI will do a lot more than blockchain technology has done.

Stellar was created in 2014 and has occupied Jed since then. It is the greatest project Jed is doing currently. The aim was to resolve certain financial flaws that are in the system. Jed did not do all the work alone. Joyce Kim helped him and became the co-founder. Since Jed is the leader of the technical team, he has some responsibilities. He runs the business and still participates in coding with his team.

Jed’s idea of Stellar was inspired by bitcoin technology. By seeing how the technology would solve many problems, Jed thought beyond it. He saw beyond digital currency, which was linking financial institutions. For blockchain it is digital currency but Jed chose to create an open source network. The idea behind the link is for the financial institutions to offer services to the unbanked population.

Jed has become a successful individual because he dedicates most time to developing viable plans. Success includes planning and determining practical strategies. Jed believes that incorrect goals are destructive even for a productive person. Planning is a roadmap to the destination one is targeting.

People ought to concentrate on the right things. This is an art that Jed believes has to be observed. Things with a global impact are more rewarding. One enjoys the success of an idea that succeeds globally. Jed focuses on producing great products as opposed to marketing them. Great products are easy to market, especially using the internet. Jed is glad for the far he has come and hopes to do more in the future.

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