Interview with Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a cosmetics brand that sells makeup and other special products for skin treatment as The Cut did an interview with the founder of the makeup brand on Sunday Riley, her rise to fame, and her unique name. The entrepreneur saw a need for a cosmetics brand with real and healthy ingredients from mother nature. That is where the idea for Sunday Riley arose from and the individual says trying out products went a long way and working every day to form new items by the smell, feel, and what it does to the body. The founder explains that many times it can take a long time to put a product on the market for her and that it takes a lot of experiments and that she usually does not have a specific item on the market for a long time if she sees that it can be improved. The individual is steadfast on delivering terrific products to customers all across the world and the interview goes into one of her specific items called Good Genes, which she is not the proudest of, but she knows its one that she did a lot of work on. The individual does not like to get tied to a specific item in her collection that she sells as she tends to always cut items that do not sell well; whether she likes them or not. Even though Sunday Riley is famous and on the rise, the founder does not let it get to her head or feel more entitled than anyone else, but she works every day to form new products and wants to still make a difference. She truthfully admits that she does not read what people write online about the brand from blogs or individuals, but will contact her team to get some feedback about complaints on the products purchased to fix the issue. Good Genes is an item that sold well amongst all the others that the founder believes is due to its effects on the skin and the limited availability of others like it at that time. Sunday Riley gives advice for people to wash their skin. The founder’s name is Sunday Riley and she credits her father for giving her that name as he thought it would be good for business and it worked out to be true.

interview with The Cut

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