Igor Cornelsen- How to Thrive in the Foreign or Commodity Market

Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker who is also an industry leader in the strategy for investing in damaged stocks. Igor understands everything about investing in any company or commodity because of his invaluable experience in the field. He has a lot of knowledge in guiding many investors to make more successful long-term investments that include advising individuals from investing in damaged companies and focus more on damaged stocks.

Igor’s Business Model

Igor’s model is a particular technique to explore when a stock price suffers due to temporary challenges in a company. All the same, investors must avoid firms that are damaged and under threat of never reviving regardless of the efforts they are trying to make towards that direction. Damaged stocks are those opportunities you can buy cheaply are guaranteed to make you more money and pay off in the long-run.

What made Igor so successful is his method of long-term investing. While most people prefer to invest large scale, his model is to spread investments to increase the chances of winning with a diversified portfolio of stocks.

Why Choose Igor as Your Investment Advisor

You must find an able investment company to give you opportunities if you want to invest in foreign exchange or commodities. Igor is a consultant that offers advice to help people make informed long-term investments in the stock market. He has well-researched tips to help clients get prepared and obey the laws and established investment norms.

Due to his vast experience in the Brazil’s financial institutions, Igor Cornelsen believes the country can play a unique role in the world regarding investments. So far, the country has shown enormous growth in its economy and Igor keeps advising investors to have a stake in the fast-growing economy. Igor led Brazilian banks in making profits during the financial crisis while he worked as a banker. See Related Links for more info.

Life After Retirement

Before his retirement in 2010, Igor had held many high profile positions in leading banks in Brazil. Currently, he is working as the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. and spends most of his time in South Florida doing what he loves and knows best, which is investing. Read more: http://igorcornelsen.wikidot.com/



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