How Paul Mampilly Found Huge Success On Wall Street

Paul Mampilly is an author and investor who is originally from India. When he was in his teens his parents moved to the United Arab Emirates in order to pursue work opportunities. He graduated from Indian High School and then emigrated to the United States. He earned an undergraduate degree in accounting at Montclair State University in 1991. After this he got his first job on Wall Street which was at Bankers Trust Company (since acquired by Deutsche Bank). While working on Wall Street he pursued an MBA at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business from which he graduated in 1997. Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

While working at Bankers Trust Company, Mampilly earned steadily higher positions of authority at this financial firm. He started out as an account administrator and about two years later he was promoted to assistant portfolio manager. About a year and half later he was promoted to portfolio manager where he managed the investments of people with a high net worth. When Deutsche Bank bought out Bankers Trust Company three years later he stayed on as a research analyst where he helped to manage mutual funds.

In January 2002 he joined ING Funds as a senior research analyst. He managed two separate teams of financial analysts and he specialized in the healthcare industry. A year later Paul Mampilly established his first company, Capuchinomics. This was a research service which published information about behavioral finance and how traders could take advantage of it.

Paul Mampilly’s biggest job on Wall Street came in September 2006 when Kinetics Asset Management hired him as their senior portfolio manager. He managed their Kinetics Paradigm mutual funds which were invested in companies in the United States and Europe. The value of these investment accounts exceeded $25 billion. More info at

In October 2011he decided he had been on Wall Street long enough and so retired. He now provides investment advice through his monthly newsletter Profits Unlimited. This is published by Banyan Hill Publishing starting in 2016. He finds companies that are poised to have their stock skyrocket in value and lets his readers know which companies they are and why they will be very successful.

Paul Mampilly says that he’s happy to now be offering his investing advice to regular people instead of the super elite. He also provides his research and opinion at a price people can afford. He’s happy that he rediscovered newsletter publishing and got disentangled from Wall Street.
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