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The 2008 election, which was fully unintended, said a huge amount about how big Wikipedia was getting and this election year has backed that up fully. It was considered a surprise announcement in 2008 when Republican Presidential candidate John McCain decided that he was going to pick Sarah Palin to be his running mate. This was something that a lot of people did not see coming, but in looking back in hindsight, there were some tell-tale signs. Sarah Palin had her Wiki page altered sixty five times over the course of the week leading up to the announcement and on first look, this may not seem like something that is hugely out of the ordinary, especially when you are considering her status in United States politics.

However, her competition for the Vice Presidency had far less Wikipedia edits to their pages. The same story line has held true this year, although it is being seen on the Democratic side instead. Tim Kaine was announced last week to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate and he had far more activity than even Sarah Palin had just eight years ago. He had just under one hundred edits to his page, with hardly any edits coming to the rest of the field.

The reason this is such a big teller to the public is the fact that Wikipedia is used so often and most people are going to head over to the site to check out information on whoever is announced as a Vice Presidential pick. The information that is on a candidates pick is massively important and represents a huge amount about the actual President who has selected them.  Otherwise, there would be no explanation for the drastic increase in edits, which are not seen by the competition.

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