Doe Deere Talks About Her Early Journey as an Entrepreneur

Recently, self-made entrepreneur Doe Deere, dished on all things Lime Crime. She revealed everything there is to know about her quirky makeup brand and how she got her start.

When asked if there was anything about her childhood that helped to stir her desire to create cosmetics, she recalled that as far back as she could remember she was always very artistic and found unique ways to incorporate as much color into her clothes and makeup as possible. Doe stated that in her earlier years online creating different looks with theatrical makeup, rhinestones, and glitter was all part of self-discovery for her. There was nothing off limits for Doe, she has always pushed boundaries.

In 2006, when Doe began posting her experimental makeup looks online, she amassed a following rather quickly. She said that it seemed like overnight that thousands of people started following her in order to see what fabulous ideas she would come up with next. She went on to explain that she views her followers as unicorns because each one of them is unique and proud to highlight their differences in their own way, just like unicorns.

As far as the brand name “Lime Crime” is concerned, Doe recalled that in the early days of her online business ventures she needed to name her eBay store and chose a name that she thought was cool and quirky at the time. Now, the name has become a representation of all that she stands for. Lime Crime represents color experimentation, expressing yourself as an individual, and just having fun with yourself. Inspirational color exploration for the brave among us.

Doe described the moment that she discovered she was on the cover of Self-Made magazine. Besides being pleasantly surprised, she found herself feeling proud for being recognized for her accomplishments.

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