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The Strategic Leadership of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a sunny San Diego California based investor. He is not only an investment expert but also a finance expert who prefers to give his rich wisdom on the topic. Bonar serves as the Dalrada’s Chief Executive Officer and the company’s chairman. The company deals with providing customers business process outsourcing, financial services and products, benefits and insurance.

Dalrada works to partner with companies in the United States. Some of its services specialty includes tax strategy technique, tax differed benefits, supplement insurance plans, payroll advances and debit cards amongst others. The Bonar’s team at Dalrada helps the clients with a wide variety of topics such as dental insurance, vision insurance, and group dental coverage.

Bonar is highly respected professional. He has been awarded by Cambridge who honored him as the finance Executive of the Year. Not only is he a part of a respectable organization such as the American Financial Association but he also has a Ph.D. Bonar education background is impressive. Between 1963 and 1969 he attended James Watt Technical College. While there he majored in mechanical engineering. From 1973 to 1985 he attended Stafford University where he furthered his education. At Stafford, he graduated with master’s degree.

Bonar wears many hats not only does he work for Dalrada Financial but he is also part of another company known as Trucept, he serves as its CEO and Chairman. He has been part of Trucept from the summer of 2011. The company takes care of the client from day to day operations tasks such as safety programs, human resources supports, payroll processing, workers compensations insurance, employees’ benefits in relation to professional expertise.

Bonar has gained his extensive experience from working with major companies such as ITEC Image Technologies, Rastek Corporation, IBM where he worked between 1969 and 1985 amongst others. In IBM he served as IBM procurement manager, his responsibility was motherboard outsourcing.

Equipped with a wide range of skills Bonar has specialized in variety, for example, private equity sourcing, strategic partnership, marketing techniques, angel investing, mergers and acquisitions, small enterprises, management consulting and contract negotiation amongst others. These skills have helped him scale the professional ladder and become one of the most accomplished financial experts.

Brian Bonar stands out from the other investors and one reason for this is his giving back initiatives, he is willing to give back. A few years ago he began to invest in various charity organizations. Bonar is passionate toward supporting education initiatives. In his local area, he is parts of changing policies within the schools because giving money is not enough.