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Cory Brooker & Kirsten Gillibrand Join Forces With End Citizens United

Court removed limitations for corporate expenditure in politics. This led to the formation of a new political action committee (PAC), End Citizens United (ECU), named after said Supreme Court ruling. Its principal objective is removing big money from politics. ECU plans on accomplishing this by endorsing and raising funds for candidates who are willing to champion this reform.

On 13th February 2018, Senator Cory Booker chose to repudiate corporate PAC money and is currently being endorsed by ECU. Senator Booker is one among several politicians who are rejecting money offered by corporate PACs.

According to ECU president, Tiffany Muller, Senator Booker’s decision shows his support for American citizens and disapproval of corporate agendas. End Citizens United is eagerly looking forward to working with him in reforming this system, to give everyone an equal voice in a democracy, added Muller.

Senator Booker’s announcement was preceded by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s announcement refusing corporate PAC money for her re-election campaign. Senator Gillibrand, also endorsed by ECU, stated that corporate money deteriorates politics; hence she would no longer accept it. She further added that a system in which a corporation can spend an unlimited amount without disclosing details isn’t transparent. Consequently, it increases Medicare drug prices, prevents organizations from outsourcing jobs or contributing towards rebuilding of middle class.

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Kirsten Gillibrand has always believed in leading by example. She has witnessed firsthand the negative impact of accepting corporate donations through a disastrous tax bill. After donating huge amounts corporations gain influence over Congress and are able to manipulate politicians to pass bills for their convenience. By undertaking this pledge she has taken a firm stand against corporate or big money.

The list of senators declining corporate PAC is steadily growing and now includes senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Maria Cantwell as well. Other candidates endorsed by End Citizens United who have assured to follow suit are Conor Lamb, Jason Crow, Randy Bryce and Representative Beto O’Rourke. Since their announcements, Gillibrand, Warren, Sanders and Booker have amassed more followers and are being considered as potential candidates for 2020 presidential elections.

Over 90% of Americans have lost faith in government and believe it is working in the interests of influential groups. Through a robust reform program influence of corporations can be curbed. In fact, based on research conducted by End Citizens United about 62% Americans believe that candidates refusing corporate PAC money are seriously considering this reform. ECU’s aim for 2018 midterm polls is to spend more than they spent in the last general elections, for Democrats, who are willing to support said campaign finance reform.

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