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Oncotarget – Platform for Oncology Advancement

Oncotarget is a platform for a journal in Oncology, where multidisciplinary topic as put forth on a weekly basis. Oncotarget was founded in 2010 with Andrei V. Gudkov, of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, NY and Mikhail V. Blagoskionny of the same institution as Editors-In-Chief.

The overall mission of Oncotarget is to offer the results of scientific research papers as widely and rapidly available as possible to get various discoveries out into the larger audience so remedies and findings can be discussed pursued.

The intentions also include the dissolving of border issues and disputes and to put more credence in the linking together of different fields of biological science on and to further the enhancement of the different applications the fighting of disease in the clinical areas. The results thus far have been encouraging because of the many areas beyond just oncology that have been addressed.

Manuscripts on are evaluated only on their merits, quality of the data, solid conclusions based upon scientific application, and with no prejudice in other areas playing any role in the conclusions.

All manuscripts and the information therein are to be solely used for the advancement of scientific and medical knowledge on that is targeted to the reduction of disease and other maladies that plague the human race. There is to be no advantage or personal use by anyone who is associated with Oncotarget, their relatives, friends or employees.

The concept of peer review at is an essential and proper manner in which to approach the evaluation of the manuscripts, as it is the sincerest forms of editing when a knowledgeable person or persons of equal caliber gives and evaluation, as the author knows that that peer-individual possesses a great deal of knowledge of the subject.

All documents that are accepted will always be evaluated by at least two reviewers who are the experts in the field regarding the manuscript. Extreme care is taken to eliminate any defamation, gossip, political rancor, defamation, infringement of copyright, plagiarism, and falsification of information or facts.

Areas of interest that have been raised for additional study, outside of oncology include aging, the pathology that exists beyond oncology, autophagy and the death of cells, chromosomes, microbiology, and immunology.

From time to time, various conferences will be held at the discretion of the editors on subjects that warrant more in-depth discussion and deeper insight. In August of 2016 on the subject of rare cells in circulation, and in September of 2016, a conference was held on the subject of Cell Fate Diversity in Aging.