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My Favorite EOS Lip Balms

I have long been a proponent of EOS lip balm. The brand is the only company in the lip balm industry that I can trust to create a high quality product that isn’t laden with artificial additives and based on petroleum jelly which is a product derived from oil refining. EOS lip balm uses better quality oils that are all-natural and this really shows in the level of protection that it offers to your lips and the flavor that these lip balms have. You after all aren’t going to wipe refined oil on your lips, are you?


According to, EOS has a wide range of flavors and my friends have long been asking me which one to try. I’ve always been more the sampler than an loyal adherent to any particular flavor. I like sampling different flavors which leaves me as a great person to offer up flavor recommendations to someone trying to find a new EOS lip balm flavor.


If you like mint flavored lip balms for their freshness you should likely try the sweet mint flavored lip balm if you want a standard balm, or if you want something a bit different than try their vanilla mint balm which offers up a more complex flavored lip balm that is interesting but which retains the freshness of a mint balm, shop here on


If you are more inclined to explore fruit flavored items, then give the strawberry sorbet or passion fruit flavors a try. Passion fruit is better for those who enjoy the more exotic flavored lip balms that have a hint of the tropical in them, while strawberry sorbet is a more lip smacking delicious application of lip balm that reminds you of fresh garden strawberries in June.


The great thing about EOS lip balm is that there is a flavor for everyone so search and sample for your favorite.


Check all favors and shop all amazing EOS lip balms here on