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Five Tips On Paying Down Your Monthly Credit Card Debt Brought to You By Southridge Capital

How many of you have one of our credit cards? Well, then you know what a big responsibility it is. You cannot simply charge something and expect it to pay itself off. You do need to be diligent with our credit cards.


Here at Southridge, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service possible. That means helping Southridge Capital clients’ understand their role with credit cards and paying down the debt.


1) You need to make a payment every month. You cannot just make a payment when you feel like it, though, some of our clients like to believe that. Your payment is scheduled on an exact day. We know this is common sense, but you are going to be surprised at how many clients do not listen to this.


2) You can ask a credit counseling service for help. In fact, we recommend it, especially for those who are deep in debt. We have a list of people you can talk to at one of our office locations. You can also Google the information online.


3) You may be tempted to close out an account, once it is paid off, but we do not recommend it. Keeping the account open will help your credit score. We can give you some more information about that. Give us a call or go online to our official site or Facebook page.


4) Paying the whole thing off right away may not be healthy for your credit score. We did some research on that. We found that making routine monthly payments is the better way to secure a healthy score.


5) You also need to start saving as much as you can when you can. Take any money you have leftover and open up a savings account with us. It does not need to be a lot. Saving a little bit over time will do the trick. You can speak to us about our savings accounts today by going online or giving us a call.


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The Oxford Club Has New Advice And Strategies

There’s a lot to think about and a lot to do. People realize and understand what they are about and how they plan on making their specific strategy known to people. The Oxford Club has made a name for itself because they are focused on making sure their clients get what they need and are able to come away fully able to embrace what they are being given. Many people look at what the investment world is giving today and they are simply afraid. This isn’t the case for those who have gone through this special club of elite investment experts. They are preparing people for things they otherwise wouldn’t have.


Their new advice is to focus on trying to get into the new areas of investment and expanding from there. You can always look at what’s going to be up and coming and find a way to turn that into success. The ability to always look at what’s ahead and make plans is what separates them from others. It’s the reason that they have gotten so far and why others who follow their advice seem to be going so far. The formula works for a reason and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.


The world has already shown so much of what we know to be amazing. We know that the stock market has so many possible outcomes and we know that there are so many ways that this can go. People who follow the line of thinking that they are presenting can clearly see where they can take advantages. They just need to be prepared for what an happen in the long run. Fortunately there are others who also agree and are willing to follow their advice. They know what they’re doing and how to go about doing just that.

Pain Is No Friend Of The Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis (osteoarthritis), a degenerative joint disease, is more than discomfort and is one of the main causes of disability. It is a disease process that may affect all your bone joints affecting fifty million adults. According to the Osteo Relief Institute, woman more than men suffer from joint pain which is associated with the aging process (HealthGrades). Arthritis attacks the soft cartilage, which is located amidst the bone joints. The soft cartilage falls away causing the joint bones to rub against each other, with the resulting loss of strength. A common characteristic of arthritis is chronic pain. The person feels both swelling and joint stiffness. There is no cure for arthritis, though an individual who has arthritis can be treated. Improving the quality of life is the treatment goal by managing chronic pain which is done effectively by the Osteo Relief Insitute.

A genetic basis for arthritis points to a family history of arthritis. Additionally, other risks include whether one has had a prior injury to the joints, excessive weight, and age. It is well known that there is a risk of arthritis as a result of a sports injuries to the cruciate ligaments (ACL), fractures to a joint, dislocations, and direct injuries to the cartilage. It is recommended by the Osteo Relief Institute that before a strenuous exercise, it is that you go through a stretching routine. Move around, and a do not stay in the same position throughout the day and stand up, walk and avoid repetitive movements. Stop smoking and lose weight. Arthritis requires physical therapy, and surgery is the last option.

The Osteo Relief Institute (ORT) is multidisciplinary and located throughout the country. Each site is composed of physicians and physical therapists. The number one goal is to avoid the need for surgery. The state of the art technology used by the Institute is FDA approved. The Osteo Arthritis Institute concentrates on sports injuries affecting the knees with the goal of the regular activity. Even minor pains should not be considered normal. The treatments are designed to find where the pain is located to target the treatment.

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Madison Street Capital Assists ARES Security Corporation With Their Investment Strategy

The CEO of Madison Street Capital (MSC), Charles Botchway, announced that the investment bank helped their client, ARES Security Corporation, to organize an investment for minority equity and subordinated debt. MSC is a global investment-banking firm. ARES Security Corporation is a leading Vienna-based company that engages in security risk management by designing innovative security software solutions. Corbel Structured Equity Partners facilitated the minority recapitalization transaction under the leadership of Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director of MSC. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a structured equity fund that makes non-control investments in profitable privately owned lower middle-market firms.

Reginald said that they were honored to work closely with the president and shareholder of ARES Security Corporation, Ben Eazzetta. He added that the company has the most advanced technology solutions that protect the most critical assets in the world. In addition, Reginald said that ARES’s superior management team and board inspired them to find an appropriate financing partner. Ben Eazzetta praised MSC for using all their efforts to find the right financial partner for the project. He added that they were pleased with how MSC handled the entire process from the initial stage of valuation analysis to the last phase of capital raising. He said that Corbel was the right choice for the transaction. This information was originally published on as explicated in this link

About MSC

This firm’s headquarters are based in Chicago. MSC aims at building strong business relationships with communities across the US. The entity embraces the needs of its clients and contributes to philanthropic initiatives within the community. The firm is built on the core elements of integrity, excellence as well as leadership in delivering corporate financial advisory services and valuation services to both private and public companies. MSC is reputable as the world’s premier middle-market investment bank. This success is informed by their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

As a leading provider of investment banking services, the company has enlisted the services of professionals in different fields. These experts are able to arrange for efficient financing and capitalization structures that meet the specific needs of the clients. The corporation has opened offices in different continents. Over the years, the company has been providing outstanding services to its clients. These services include restructuring of business operations and provision of advisory services to companies planning to merge or acquire other corporations. In addition, the entity offers advice to individuals and corporations on various investment options. MSC has recruited the services of skilled employees who have extensive experience in matters of finance.