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Wengie Give Great Lazy Life Hacks

Wengie is an Australian beauty and lifestyle vlogger that has millions of followers. Wengie is an upbeat personality that gives frequent makeup tutorials and life hacks. In one of her recent videos, she explores twelve lazy life hacks. These hacks are designed to help you accomplish tasks the quick and easy way.


In her first hack, she shows her viewers how to make a mug meal using healthy ingredients. She uses canned beans and a variety of diced veggies with cheese and seasoning. She microwaves the mixture for one minute and she has a healthy and vegan-friendly meal. The second hack makes grabbing a chip from the bag even easier. She pushes the bottom of the bag upwards to make a bowl that is flat on the bottom with the chips exposed at the top. The third hack is creating a spoon from a yogurt lid in case you find yourself needing one. She also recommends using your hair iron for your wrinkled collars and your phone’s face time to keep an eye on food inside the oven. She also shows how you can turn your phone into a remote when you can’t find yours. She also recommends that you put plastic wrap over your plate so you don’t have to wash dishes. She also puts her sweatshirt on backward and uses her hood part for a popcorn bowl. When she lays in bed she uses a sippy cup to avoid spills. Some of the laziest hacks she gives include avoiding vacuuming by downloading a vacuum noise as well as printing a picture of the bottom of the sink and placing it over your dishes. Her final hack is perhaps the best. She takes sticky hooks and strategically places them on the side of her nightstand beside her bed to fit her iPad so that she can watch videos until she goes to sleep. With these great hacks, you can make your life even easier.


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