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Brown Modeling Agency: Specializing In Southern Talent

The Fashion Industry is an ever growing one and is now bigger than it has ever been. People from all over the world are trying to make it big, which is why casting companies have become so popular. Companies usually rely on talent companies to source them with models that fit their criteria for what they want. Brown Modeling Agency is one such company that is dedicated to offering designers and advertisers with models that are well trained and experienced at what they do. Brown Modeling Agency is currently located in Texas and is one of the biggest agencies that provide southern talent. The company is extremely sought after by designers who are looking to walk the ramps for shows within the state, and outside as well.

Brown Modeling Agency was founded by Justin Brown back in 2005. Justin Brown had a lot of experience with the fashion world since he used to work in it back when he was living in Los Angeles. He also worked with numerous designers for shows in New York. He was originally from Texas, and after a while decided that he would help bring the fashion industry to the south. Today, he is seen as one of the biggest names in casting and has clients coming from all over the world.

One of the reasons why Brown Modeling Agency stands out from the crowd is owing to the fact that they take the time out to personally train their models and provide them with all that they need to step out into the world of fashion. In the industry, the models are the representatives of the agency and therefore must reflect well on the company, which is why they have such a strong emphasis on training. Even if the model has worked with designers or advertisers in the past, the agency still tries to give them a little bit of training to get up to speed with the standards that Brown Modeling Agency has for all the people that work under its name.

In 2008, Brown Modeling Agency underwent a massive change when it partnered up with Wilhelmina Agency in New York. By partnering up with one of the biggest casting agencies in New York, Justin Brown was able to expand their base and reach a much larger audience and pool of designers. This helped the business tremendously, helping it reach the position that it currently has today in the industry. It also helped to make a more national presence for Brown Modeling Agency and all the models that work for it.

Today, Brown Modeling Agency mainly focuses on its clients coming from within the state of Texas, since the agency is specialized in southern talent.

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Orange Coast College Receives Generous Aid for New Planetarium

Orange Coast College has recently received a surprise from former professor Mary McChesney. McChesney has generously gifted the college a one million dollar donation which will be used to construct a Foucault pendulum as part of their new planetarium project.

A Foucault pendulum, named for the French physicist, is a 19th century device used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. Foucault pendulums are popular attractions in science museums and on university campuses however the pendulum planned for Orange Coast College will be the only one in Orange County.

McChesney, a retired professor, made the donation in honor of her late partner, who was also employed as a professor at the college. McChesney was a routine contributor to Orange Coast’s scholarship program. Her sizable donation was part of a total of upwards of 2.5 million dollars gifted towards the planetarium project from various donors.

In addition to the Foucault pendulum, the new planetarium at Orange Coast College will feature expanded seating space and will cater to students ranging from kindergarten through high school. Completion of the new planetarium is targeted for 2018.

Orange Coast College is positioned on 164-acres in Costa Mesa, California. Founded in 1947, Orange Coast College is widely considered one of the nation’s top community college institutions. With a wide range of academic areas of expertise as well as a vibrant athletic program, Orange Coast College is well-established as one of the finest community college options in the nation.

Located just south of Los Angeles, Orange Coast College offers a unique experience for students with proximity to the many cultural attractions of the area as well as the lush, pristine beaches nearby.

Featuring both a strong academic profile as well as an active and opulent student lifestyle, Orange Coast has recently completed several other cosmetic and institutional upgrades to their campus. Since 2008, Orange Coast has opened a new library, a new math, business, and computing center, as well as a planned expansion to their recycling center.

With the addition of the planetarium project featuring the Foucault pendulum, Orange Coast College is continuing to raise its profile and stay at the forefront as one of the nation’s best community colleges.


The Canadian Craft Beer Breweries and the Role of Mr. Eli Gershkovitch at Steamworks

The Canadian Craft beer breweries can be categorized by their provinces of origin. The provinces include but are not limited to Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Maritime, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. Each of the provinces boasts of notable brands of Canadian Craft beer. This is elaborated further in this article.



Notable Canadian Craft Beer Breweries


In Alberta, the breweries can again be sub-categorized by location. In Calgary, the notable breweries include Cold Garden Beverage Company, Goat Locker Brewing Company, and Boiling Oar Brewing Company among others. In Edmonton, on the other hand, Bent Stick Brewing and Alley Kat are the top two breweries in the region.


In Manitoba, the majority of Canadian Craft beer breweries are located in Winnipeg. They include, among others, Barn Hammer Brewing Co., One Great City Breweries Co., and Half Pints Brewing Co. British Columbia, on the other hand, hosts over a hundred brewery companies located in Vancouver and Victoria among other towns.

In the Maritime Provinces of Canada, the craft beer companies are mostly found in New Brunswick, Moncton, and St. John. They include Moosehead, Beckwith Road Brewing, and Northampton Brewing Company among many others. More than 200 companies are found in Ontario, while Quebec and Saskatchewan have over a hundred breweries each.



About Eli Gershkovitch


Steamworks Craft Breweries is among the most popular Canadian Craft beer breweries companies. At the helm of leadership in the company is CEO Eli Gershkovitch, a man of highly impressive credentials.


Eli Gershkovitch was born in Vancouver about 42 years ago. He started by training as a pilot and later studied law. Despite being highly educated, Eli has mastered the art of staying calm and composed, allowing success to speak on his behalf. He has managed to be different in behavior and character from other CEOs by choosing to remain casual, social, and approachable.


The guiding motto for Eli Gershkovitch is that a business must grow with the growing demand to avoid a situation where the demand shrinks to suit a small business. This motto has helped him to build Steamworks to the company size it is today.


Under the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks has succeeded in shaking off competition by cleverly merging new and traditional business methodologies (YouTube). As such, the company has become the market leader in Ontario, Vancouver, and British Columbia.

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Glen Wakeman has been in the business and finance career path for more than twenty years. He got his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance in 1981 from the University of Scranton. He later joined the University of Chicago where he specialized in Finance and acquired a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1993.

Glen Wakeman got his first job at GE Capital where he held positions in Profit and Loss (p&l) and business development. In all his working environment, he was an outstanding mentor in leadership to all his colleagues.

Glen Wakeman’s success in the business sector has been attributed to his five key performance factors which are Execution, Governance, Human capital, Leadership and Risk management. He is currently a Chief Executive Officer at Launchpad Holdings a Software As A Service (SAAS) Company which was founded in 2015. The company deals with software development with the aim of making it easy for individuals and companies to develop plans for their ideas.

Glen Wakeman’s experience in the business world has enabled him to improve many businesses developing them with more than 17 000 workforces and enabling them to acquire more than $ 15 billion worth assets.

Apart from being an investor and entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman is also a researcher and a blogger in business. His blogs revolve around new business developments, new business markets, business leadership skills and global affairs affecting businesses.

Being a selfless and experienced entrepreneur and stakeholder, Glen Wakeman has provided aid to several C-level executives. He has also provided guidance to several Mergers and Acquisitions (M$A), start-ups (such the Seater Bees and the Dream funded) and entry to new markets among others.

In his career, Glen Wakeman has lived in six different states in Europe, Asia and South America in which he conducted business in 30 regions ( This has made him take part actively in various global business transformation platforms. He also provides strategic plans in raising capital, global finances and new investments.


Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF Positively Impacts the Real Estate Industry in Brazil

The real estate business is spanning out to be a lucrative venture worldwide. As a result, various real estate companies have been established such as JHSF. JHSF is a leading real estate company in Brazil that was established in 1972. Currently, the company has completed projects that pertain to large luxury hotels, shopping malls, houses, buildings and even an airport. As a result, JHSF has diversified and added bigger projects to its portfolio.

About JHSF

The company is headquartered in Sao Paulo but has other branches in different cities in Brazil as well as abroad. JHSF is the first Brazilian company to prioritize recurrent income assets and has over 500 employees according to a recent valuation. In fact, JHSF was listed as one of the largest corporations in Brazil based on its market valuation of over R $1 billion. Furthermore, JHSF does not limit its operations to Brazil but extends its services to the USA and Uruguay. The Success of JHSF can be attributed to the good governance by Jose Auriemo, who serves as the company’s chairman and CEO.

JHSF entered the luxury hotel industry in 2014 when they took full ownership of the Fasano Group Hotels. Since then, they have successfully handled several big hotel projects. Also, the company is behind major shopping malls in Brazil like the Catrina Fashion Outlet, Cidade Jardim Complex and Shopping Ponta Negra, and the Catarina Fashion Outlet.

About Jose Auremio

Jose Auremio Neto undertook his studies at Sao Paulo’s Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado University. As the CEO and chairman of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has been working towards the success of the company. In 1997, he founded the first packing division of JHSF, an accomplishment done via the creation of Parkbem, a parking lot management company. The following year, he developed the first shopping destination of the company known as Metro Santa Cruz.

Through the guidance and leadership of Jose, the group has partnered with leading companies such as Reebok, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Daslu. In 2012, he managed to secure a partnership with Valentino and launched the first R.E.D Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil. Jose Auremio primary goal for JHSF is to venture and expand into new markets.

The Education, Intelligence, and Pride of Louis Chenevert

There is no doubt that companies that use modern technology to their advantage can grasp success. It requires taking risks and trying to outsmart their competitors. But without a leader who accept the possibilities of risks, nothing can happen. Investing in technology proved Louis Chenevert right, and his former company, UTC, is now reaping the fruits of success. The company spends time and resources researching, developing, and manufacturing high-technology products for different areas. One of these areas is aircraft engines.

Personal Touch in Leadership

Leading from the office chair is not Louis Chenevert’s style. He knows the ins and out of his industry. He knows that his responsibility, regardless of where he’s working, is first to his employees, then his business, and only afterward himself. It is a question about professional pride as much as it is about being better than the competition.

United Technologies is a well-known company. They are aware that new technology is what propelled them forward and they are not backing away from this challenge. As a leader, Louis Chenevert created a good working relationship with the suppliers and clients to establish a supply and demand circle and grow the revenue.

United Technologies invests in education as well. They understand that smart employees are the future. If they want a degree, the company helps them achieve it debt free. It is clear that they are the driving force and the most critical component for success. It is a win-win situation.
Canada’s Best at Work

Louis Chenevert was born in Quebec and still lives in Canada. His university education is in production management and commerce. He went to Business School of the University of Montreal before starting his career. Chenevert began working for UTC in 2006. A combination of education, dedication, and analytical mind allowed Chenevert to get as far as he did and take his company to the next level.

An aviation trade magazine named him the Person of the Year in 2011, and he has also received a title of honorary doctorate awarded by the HEC Montreal.

He is clearly passionate about everything he touches and he is interested in technology. It made him a better CEO and now he enjoys his life even more after his successor is filling the post of CEO of United Technologies Corporation.

What Was Hard To Start Had A Sweet Ending: Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is run on five principles: win win win, sustainability, keeping it real, sweetness, and impact. The company managers believe that the company, the managers, and the community should win in all the company decisions.

Consequently, all decisions consider the three stakeholders as opposed to considering only the management. The ethical value of accountability, reliability, and dependability are well-thought-out in the corporate decisions.

Sweetgreen also strives for sustainability whereby the management strives to make all that is done today outlive the current team. All employees are asked to be mindful of the future in all that they do in the short-term.

The company also keeps it real by being authentic in its production as well as conduct. The employees are asked to employ the corporate culture in all their dealings. The above gives the customers a different kind of experience anytime they are at the Sweetgreen.

Moreover, the company makes authentic recipes other than borrowing from the menus of their competitors. The management and catering staff are also allowed to be innovative in their routines to remain competitive.

Sweetgreen also seeks to be sweet in all that is done within the company. Employees are asked to be sweet and kind to their customers, as this makes them return customers. Moreover, the managers understand that a satisfied customer sends forth word of mouth to other prospective customers.

Impact is also a core value, whereby everything done in Sweetgreen is done to affect the customer and the society positively. Nathaniel believes that the corporate decisions should outlive him and be passed to other generations.

How Sweetgreen Started

It was not easy for the three Sweetgreen co-founders Nathaniel Jonathan and Nicholas when they started the company. They had no finances, location, workers, or experience, and they were just fresh college grandaunts.

When they began, the landlord of the tavern where they ran their first branch refused to pick their calls for three months. She also hung up on them anytime she realized it was them using a different contact to call her.

However, eventually, she agreed to meet them and listen to their proposal. She loved it and asked them to look for investors who would fund the venture. She also asked them to look for an architect who would help them improve the structure into a resultant.

Finally, she demanded for a more comprehensive business plan which the three friends developed within 3 months. That marked the beginning the venture.

Daniel Mark Harrison and Monkey Capital: the Evolution of ICO & Bitcoin Marketing

Daniel Mark Harrison graduated from NYU with a master’s degree in Business Journalism and an MBA from BI Norwegian Business School. He is an entrepreneur, CEO of his family finance office DMH&CO, and notably the founder and managing partner of the capital firm Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is an investment bank for digital and blockchain assets that was created in March of last year. Harrison published a novel in 2015 called Millennial Reincarnations. Daniel Mark Harrison is recurrent guest speaker on different esteemed business channel news such as Reuters, CNN, and Bloomberg. He also published articles for Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and is the editor in chief of CoinSpeaker.

DMH&Co, created to grow and manage Harrison’s personal and familial investments, has active office operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Harrison is the first to develop the concept of Factory Banking. Factory Banking is a value configuration form that is based on the 1999 investigation by Fjelstad and Stabell of Michael Porter’s value sequence model. It is used for businesses and transactions in the financial system of IoT / Internet of Things like bitcoin. In recent ventures, Harrison has been working on a Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium. It is a market pricing model which defies the legitimacy of other Free Market pricing structures.

Monkey Capital made history when they became the first ICO to achieve selling options to potential investors. These options are called COEVAL and are tradable on DEX / Waves Decentralized Exchange. COEVAL were distributed as tokens to various friends and family members by the management team. It lets stock holders to buy Monkey / MNY coins that are presented at the auction at a reduced rate. Harrison talked to hundreds of investors about premiums at Monkey Capital’s Slack and explained the practicality and value of tokens. It caused the volume of COEVAL contracts, that were approximately at 15 BTC on Waves DEX, to increase. Financial analysts compared the quantity to a third of Bancor’s total volume on Bittrex as well as 60 times the amount to Chrono’s quantity on the same exchange.

Chris Waltzek, a radio host for Goldseek, commented while interviewing Daniel Mark Harrison, “If I have to give Monkey Capital a rating, I give it 6 out of 5 stars. I haven’t seen a product like this in 12 or more years. It’s something from the future.” Waltzek also mentioned his outlook on Monkey Capital’s breakthrough with crowdfunding campaigns to CoinSpeaker, “It’s a game changer on so many levels. Just read the company’s White Paper and find out how incredible their ideas are.” Senior writer for Huffington Post Azeem Khan wrote in article, “Chat rooms already have the offering pegged to raise a billion dollars or more, becoming the first ever 10-digit sum raised in a crowdfunding campaign.” Khan gave Monkey Captial’s ICO the nickname “billion dollar baboon” in the same article. Harrison revealed in an in-depth scoop with CoinSpeaker, “We are experimenting here. What’s important is that we focus on the MNY ICO coming up and don’t get caught up in speculative pricing events. But certainly, to make history by creating the first ever Crowdfunding Option. That’s pretty satisfying. You can’t help but pat yourself on the back a little bit. After all, what is that if nothing other than innovation itself?”

Monkey Capital launched the ICO on July 15th when buyers had a chance to pledge for MNY / Monkey.