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Brian Torchin Is Someone Who Is Great For The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one of the most important industries to get into. However, it can also be very hard to break into. For one thing, there are a lot of different jobs in the healthcare industry. Each one of them has their own requirements. Therefore, it is important for one to know where to look for the job that is best suited to him. In a lot of cases, healthcare facilities are looking for someone from the staffing agency. Fortunately, there is a really good staffing agent. Brian Torchin is one of the staffing agents that are very trustworthy. He is very helpful when it comes to the global staffing agency.

Brian Torchin runs HCRC Staffing. Among the things he does is take a look at the resume and help his clients find the type of work they are looking for. He also helps the healthcare facilities find the clients that they are looking for. Many people have gone to Brian Torchin and have seen that he has offered some of the most comprehensive pieces of information. People who have looked through what he had to offer and the advice that he gives have found it a lot easier to not only find a position, but also find the position that they have the best chances in.

He is also seen to have an optimistic view of business. His optimism thrives regardless of the condition of the economy. For one thing, he understands that the economic cycle bounces back. Therefore, he does not allow any signs of trouble to discourage him. He has a client base of 200 throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made By Congress

Have you ever searched something on Google? If yes, you must have noticed a relevant Wikipedia entry in one of the top ten results. Wikipedia’s position in search engines as a “top site” is undeniable. Wikipedia is an essential tool for your SEO strategy. What is Wikipedia? In simple terms, Wikipedia is an online mutual encyclopedia. Unlike a typical encyclopedia that depends on content writers to create posts, Wikipedia relies on crowd writing from Wikipedia editors. If used correctly, this open source site can be valuable for your business online reputation.

The advantages of Wikipedia page creation for yourself or your business

• A Wikipedia page will help improve your business or personal brand

After you create a Wikipedia page, you have the ability to edit it should you feel that some of the information about yourself or your business is inaccurate. The site has guidelines of what they allow and don’t allow; therefore you must ensure that you adhere to these guidelines. Wikipedia reserves all the rights to remove your page for failure to adhere to the set guidelines. Most people rely on Wikipedia entries to find out more about companies and high profile individuals. This kind of traffic will help improve your online reputation.

• A Wikipedia page improves credibility and increases online presence

When you make a Wikipedia page will add more credibility to your business, brand, and online persona. Additionally, you will be improving your online presence. Increased online presence equates to more sales at your online and physical store.

Creating a Wikipedia Page

The process of creating a Wikipedia page can be quite confusing and time-consuming. Rather than spending time figuring out how to do it, you can hire Wikipedia experts who are veterans in the space to do it for you.

For two decades, Ed Summers, Lead Developer at MITH has been working towards building links between archives and libraries and the communities of the World Wide Web. In May 2014, Ed Summers was inspired by a friend’s tweet about Parliament Wiki Edits to create the CongressEdits. @congressedits is a dedicated Twitter account that tweets any edits to Wikipedia articles coming from IP addresses that are in the ranges allocated to the United States Congress.

This account is a depository of the hilarious, the strange, and the sometimes disturbing. Since edits to Wikipedia are publicly followed, Ed Summers easily developed a script that notifies Twitter each time someone in a congressional office makes changes to a Wikipedia page.

Most of the changes are practical, for instance when a senator is re-elected, the page is updated to show this. According to this article, some of the edits originate from resume-padders:

In a recent Wikipedia entry for Timothy Alan “Tim” Huelskamp, the Kansas Republican who has angered the House Republican leadership, someone with a Congressional computer added a profile-boosting section tagged “National Conservative Leader.”

@congressedits has resulted in the offspring of other similar accounts all over the world, from the UK to Chile aiming at boosting accountability and transparency in government.

Editing Vice Presidential Picks Wikipedia Pages

The 2008 election, which was fully unintended, said a huge amount about how big Wikipedia was getting and this election year has backed that up fully. It was considered a surprise announcement in 2008 when Republican Presidential candidate John McCain decided that he was going to pick Sarah Palin to be his running mate. This was something that a lot of people did not see coming, but in looking back in hindsight, there were some tell-tale signs. Sarah Palin had her Wiki page altered sixty five times over the course of the week leading up to the announcement and on first look, this may not seem like something that is hugely out of the ordinary, especially when you are considering her status in United States politics.

However, her competition for the Vice Presidency had far less Wikipedia edits to their pages. The same story line has held true this year, although it is being seen on the Democratic side instead. Tim Kaine was announced last week to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate and he had far more activity than even Sarah Palin had just eight years ago. He had just under one hundred edits to his page, with hardly any edits coming to the rest of the field.

The reason this is such a big teller to the public is the fact that Wikipedia is used so often and most people are going to head over to the site to check out information on whoever is announced as a Vice Presidential pick. The information that is on a candidates pick is massively important and represents a huge amount about the actual President who has selected them.  Otherwise, there would be no explanation for the drastic increase in edits, which are not seen by the competition.

Learning how to make a Wikipedia page is so important for businesses, or if you are an individual that is working to represent yourself, for just about anything. The professionals at Get Your Wiki can help to take the stress and headache out of building a page and can provide you with the best Wiki page possible. Many people try to go out and build their own page and end up failing, so make sure you outsource this to a pro.

Doe Deere Talks About Her Early Journey as an Entrepreneur

Recently, self-made entrepreneur Doe Deere, dished on all things Lime Crime. She revealed everything there is to know about her quirky makeup brand and how she got her start.

When asked if there was anything about her childhood that helped to stir her desire to create cosmetics, she recalled that as far back as she could remember she was always very artistic and found unique ways to incorporate as much color into her clothes and makeup as possible. Doe stated that in her earlier years online creating different looks with theatrical makeup, rhinestones, and glitter was all part of self-discovery for her. There was nothing off limits for Doe, she has always pushed boundaries.

In 2006, when Doe began posting her experimental makeup looks online, she amassed a following rather quickly. She said that it seemed like overnight that thousands of people started following her in order to see what fabulous ideas she would come up with next. She went on to explain that she views her followers as unicorns because each one of them is unique and proud to highlight their differences in their own way, just like unicorns.

As far as the brand name “Lime Crime” is concerned, Doe recalled that in the early days of her online business ventures she needed to name her eBay store and chose a name that she thought was cool and quirky at the time. Now, the name has become a representation of all that she stands for. Lime Crime represents color experimentation, expressing yourself as an individual, and just having fun with yourself. Inspirational color exploration for the brave among us.

Doe described the moment that she discovered she was on the cover of Self-Made magazine. Besides being pleasantly surprised, she found herself feeling proud for being recognized for her accomplishments.

Fascinating Author-Michael R. Zomber

Michael R. Zomber is a graduate of the University of Illinois with degrees in English and psychology. Zombler completed his Masters in English Literature at UCLA. He is married to one wife and a father of two. His wife encouraged him to start writing screenplays, which formed the basis of several novels. Zomber wrote and produced a whole-body documentary film to critical acclaim: The Soul of the Samurai. He is also an owner of weapons belonging to such prominent figures as George Washington and Simone Bolivar. He has also written a television series and full extent screen show for Shogun Iemitsu, which is based on one of his books.

He is a narrator at heart. Some of his writing credits are seven screenplays and four released novels, all available on Amazon. They include Sweet Betsy and Son of Kentucky, both of which are centered on Civil War periods. Also, Soul of the Samurai, a historical novel set in the 17th century Japan, Park Avenue a thrilling examination of high stakes world of auction and art and a short history of Christianity in Japan, titled Jesus and the Samurai. Zomber also consistently supports firms whose aim is to embrace peace, such as Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, Global Exchange and Amnesty International.

Michael Zomber is a fellow of many desires, one of the major being history. He associates with his wife on projects, including the establishment of their film production company called Renascent Films. Michael is well recognized as a weapons collector possessing treasured antique weapons across the globe. His proficiency is strongest and includes Islamic, Japanese, European, and American arms. Mr Zomber assembles and vends antique weaponry, with high esteem for the artistic potentials of exquisite workmanship. It is his wish that persons who purchase guns -and swords recognize the art of the weapons and their possible use. He has exhibited his thirty years of gathering antique weaponry on The History Channel for extended periods of time.


Getting Inspired by Career Women Like Malini Saba

The inspiration to do better can come from the strangest places. I have been in America all of my life, and I have seen a lot of great success stories. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the idols that my father patterned himself after. I would find comfort, however, in looking outside of American and finding people like Vijay Eswaran to motivate me. He has great books on motivation, and I was fascinated by his ability to become one of the richest men in Asia through direct selling. The person that may be the most inspiring, however, is Malini Saba. She is a person that has risen above her meager life of less to rise to the top in the investing world.

I think that her story is important, and it is just not being told enough. She has a strong work ethic, and I think that this may be the foundation for a life that is so extraordinary. She says that she wakes up at 5 in the morning and starts work promptly. This is here daily routine. I think that women should pick up on the fact that she rises early to start handling business. She is not someone that is trying to leave home at the last minute to start her job.

She also finds time in the morning, 2 hours after she wakes, to walk her daughter to school. Most of her day after this is spent in business meetings. From my perspective she is doing so well because she has a daily plan. I counsel women all the time, and I have found that few women make concrete plans for their lives. They are not really living life. They are just letting life happen. So many females wake up, go to work, get paid and spend all they have. I tell women about Malini Saba because she devised an alternative route to what most women consider the norm.

Men are often thought to be the major investors in this world. They are typically the financial gurus that sell books and train other people how to invest. Malini Saba stands out as a seasoned investor that knows the business of investing in oil and technology stocks.

How Experts Help with Sales Marketing

Retail companies are currently looking to hire professionals to get marketing and retail merchandising done in an expert manner. The reason they are doing this is because it is saving them a lot of time and hassle on their own part and it allows them to focus more on the business that they are running as opposed to the fine details that go into running it. The True Value company is one of the best companies that you can hire when it comes to retail merchandising and marketing for those who are in sales.

Kenneth Goodgame is highly experienced when it comes to sales and Retail, which allows him to ensure that he gives the absolute best service to those who are choosing to use him for his company and needs. The best thing about Kenneth Goodman is that his competitive rates make it easy to hire him for the services so that it is not something that you put off for the future just because you cannot afford it right now. There are a lot of people who are currently making use of the True Value company and are thrilled with the services they are able to get from them.

For anyone who is interested in hiring the True Value company and its owner Kenneth Goodgame, you might want to think about going on social media to find out more about this amazing professional. He has many social media accounts that you can check out and follow or like on your own accord. This allows you to keep updated on what is going on with the business and any type of deals or offers he’s able to give those who wish to make use of the True Value company.

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Appreciating The Career And Philanthropic Effort Offered By Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was born in a small neighborhood in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also spent a good part of his life. He was able to attend school around the same region and during his early years, he showed much passion for programming and computing, a passion he confirmed when he launched his own database computer company. At this time, he was still in high school and his passion and zeal to help the marginalized through technology was at the peak.

In 1984, he proceeded to the Harvard University for higher education, and his major this time was English and American Literature. He also attended classes at MIT to advance his passion in computing, which was just neighboring his campus and he graduated in 1988 with high honors.

In 1991, Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles, where he launched People Doing Things (PDT), a program that addressed issues affecting education, healthcare and major problems facing communities. In 1944, he launched Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, which merged with US Interactive in 1998. His effort saw him win several contracts with the government and companies that wanted to expand their presence through technology.

During the 1977 presidential inauguration, Pulier was invited to prepare a technology exhibition. Many were impressed by his prowess and effort during this event, something that led to his invitation by the government to handle more projects.

In the philanthropic community, Eric Pulier is also a renowned member and passionate giver. His main focus has been on delivering solutions to intractable problems and helping economically disadvantaged communities. Eric Pulier is recognized as an active donor in the Painted Turtle Foundation, which was established to support children facing severe diseases. He also joined the Clinton Global Initiative as a donor to help raise funds for a program that was targeted at offering low-cost computing resources to marginalized communities across the world.

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John Goullet: The Man with the Plan

When you are entrusted to be on the leadership and advisory board of any company, they expect you to carry your weight and know what you are talking about and stand on your own two feet. A leadership and advisory board is filled with people with lots of various opinions and viewpoints on things. They can’t be afraid to express them in a way that is intelligent, thought provoking, and wise. When John Goullet talks, people listen to him and they tend to stand up and pay attention, without a shadow of a doubt. This is a man that is an entrepreneur, which means he knows what it takes to build a company from the ground up and see it succeed.

He is a self-made man, of course, but he is not afraid to be a team player and work with everyone at Diversant. That, to me, speaks a lot about the man. Sometimes a man that is an entrepreneur and has owned his own company, an IT Staffing company, which helped Fortune 500 companies find solutions, no less, you wonder if they will be able to work well with others. They are used to being in charge and calling all the shots. However, John has never been the kind of guy that has a hard time getting along with others. He has an affable personality and is open to all ideas.

He believes that a team works best when everyone puts their two cents in and everyone has a say in what is going on within the company. That is the only way the company is going to grow. If it is my way or the highway, no one is going to win. That is why Diversant has worked so well and is so well received in the IT staffing world. T

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Partnership Means More Charity Success For Highland Capital

A recent Businesswire article details big goings on between Highland Capital Management and Dallas civic leader Linda Owen. Businesswire details how this new endeavor can expand the company’s charitable giving programs. Always on the lookout for new ways to increase Highland Capital’s philanthropic spending, James Dondero sees big things with combining forces with the former President of Woodall Rogers Park Foundation.

The June article of ( quotes James Dondero on his commitment and focus on Highland Capital’s charity program and hopes to work with as many organizations as possible. His partnership with Owen looks to increase the philanthropic philosophies Highland Capital holds in importance. Likewise the article quotes Owen and her eagerness to partner with the company. Groups that benefit from Highland Capital Management’s charity program include but are not limited to: the Perot Museum, the Center for Brain Health, and the Dallas Zoo. This desire for giving back to communities and other groups stem from the company’s leader, James Dondero.

James Dondero, or Jim as he is referred to by those in his inner circle, is a leader and innovator of the business sector. Jim strives to use the knowledge he has gathered through his time in the industry to make sure his companies flourish and are able to give back. Currently Highland Capital Management holds 19 billion dollars in assets and are always on the lookout to expand their portfolio. Through Jim’s work Highland Capital has received many awards including Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014.

Jim is a graduate of University of Virginia with dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He also holds a CFA and a CMA. Before founding Highland Capital Management, Dondero worked with many other prestigious companies, such American Express and Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary.

Judging by the tone in Businesswire’s latest article about Highland Capital Management, big things are in store for their charity programs.