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Serge Belamant Uses Social Media To Teach Young People About Money Management

While Serge Belamant may be the father of the technology that led to the modern use of blockchain when he was designing the chips that are still on the bank cards of today, he knows that ideas are not always easy to bring into reality. This is why he uses methods to make it easier to bring ideas to life. The first step in his process is breaking the idea that he is considering down to the simplest components that he possibly can. Once this is done, it’s easier to figure out if the idea is something that is even feasible to do or not. If the idea that you are considering still makes sense after doing this, it might be something that is possible.

After you have broken the idea down, Serge Belamant suggests figuring out what kind of people would be able to use the idea that you are considering. Even if it’s a great idea, it might not be worth doing if it won’t be useful to that many people. While you are thinking about the user base, Serge Belamant also states that you must figure out if the idea is useful enough that people would be willing to pay to use it. If there is a possibility for monetization, it’s time to start the first parts of the analyzing and planning phase of your plan. If the plans are reasonable and financially sound, you can move on to the prototype phase.

One of the most recent businesses that Serge Belamant has been working was actually inspired by his son who is also involved in the field of tech as a successful IT engineer who graduated from his college program with Honour’s. This newest business called Zilch was co-founded by Serge Belamant and focuses on bringing financial products to young people while teaching them how to manage their money and balance their budget. With this company, he hopes to be able to help this next generation be able to reach financial stability and be more aware of the different services that are available. In order to inform his customer base about their offerings, he implements the use of social media.

Original source : https://uk.linkedin.com/in/serge-belamant