Sam Tabar Brings Full Cycle Energy Back to Life

Since Sam Tabar was appointed CEO of Full Cycle Energy in 2015, a lot of good things as happened to the company. Tabar has utilized his experience and business knowledge to make strategies that have proved helpful in boosting the company’ market presence and operations.

Because of his leadership, Full Cycle Energy has traversed the world’s market. The company has played a major role in initiatives meant to reduce the cost of fuel and also encourage adoption of environmentally-friendly alternatives. The company, which was on the brink of collapse a few years ago, decided to bring on board new individuals with ideas and morale.

Sam Tabar lives in New York City. He worked at Bank of America as the Capital Strategy Head before moving to Full Cycle Energy. His role was to connect fund managers with institutional investors. He also worked as a legal consultant while in the company. He worked as a lawyer in several firms including Arps, Slate & Flom and Schulte. At one time, he was appointed the head of marketing at Spark Group.

Sam Tabar is a compassionate individual who has a soft spot for those who cannot afford basic needs in life. He is an active participant in charity events and organizations.  He also uses the programs to teach investing culture to these women through the THINX initiative.

As a private investor, Sam knows how do identify a feasible investment. He uses his business and law experience to build large portfolios for companies he works for. That is why Full Cycle is beginning to enjoy the benefits of having individuals like him at the top spot of its leadership ladder. According to LinkedIn, Sam Tabar graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He also has a LLM from Columbia Law University. According to financial pundits, his appointment at Full Cycle is one of the best decisions the company’s board has ever made.  Read the rest of Sam’s story so far, on CrunchBase.

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  • Alan Wright
    April 5, 2017 - 1:09 pm | Permalink

    He is a regular donor to programs that help women in Africa and Asia overcome poverty and abuse. He knows the right approach to take to turn a small company into a multi-million venture. It is also wise that have enough of this understanding too for them.

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