Visionary Tony Petrello and the Future of Nabors

Tony Petrello is a true visionary in his industry. Beyond a visionary he is a man that knows exceptional hard work is necessary to make it to the top and even harder work is needed to stay there. He brought this incredible vision to Nabors Industries in 1991 after he left a glowing career in law (where he had already become managing partner of the firm’s elite New York branch) to become President and Chief Operations Officer of Nabors Industries.

While Nabors was already a giant in the oil and gas drilling contracting industry, Tony’s leadership style has pushed them to the forefront of the industry. They now are the largest drilling contractors in the world and from the looks of it, there is no sign of slowing down on the horizon.

Tony Petrello currently holds the illustrious titles of President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, three huge responsibilities that all come with varying roles and commitments that he does not take lightly. He is known as an incredibly diligent person, one who sees the bigger picture and lays the groundwork, but also is never afraid to get in and get his hands dirty to make his vision become a reality. He is a leader that is consistently taking on new roles that will provide benefit to his company’s overall vision. He took on a strategic leadership role with Nabors Industries to guide the company’s future, as he and the majority of leadership spend a great deal of time focusing on the present in their current roles. Visit his Facebook.

He is also a director for outside businesses that profit from his skillset. Those companies include Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hiltop Corporation.

His annual income in the 2015 fiscal year was over $15 million, a testament to the value Nabors Industries places on his visionary style of leadership.

Pain Is No Friend Of The Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis (osteoarthritis), a degenerative joint disease, is more than discomfort and is one of the main causes of disability. It is a disease process that may affect all your bone joints affecting fifty million adults. According to the Osteo Relief Institute, woman more than men suffer from joint pain which is associated with the aging process (HealthGrades). Arthritis attacks the soft cartilage, which is located amidst the bone joints. The soft cartilage falls away causing the joint bones to rub against each other, with the resulting loss of strength. A common characteristic of arthritis is chronic pain. The person feels both swelling and joint stiffness. There is no cure for arthritis, though an individual who has arthritis can be treated. Improving the quality of life is the treatment goal by managing chronic pain which is done effectively by the Osteo Relief Insitute.

A genetic basis for arthritis points to a family history of arthritis. Additionally, other risks include whether one has had a prior injury to the joints, excessive weight, and age. It is well known that there is a risk of arthritis as a result of a sports injuries to the cruciate ligaments (ACL), fractures to a joint, dislocations, and direct injuries to the cartilage. It is recommended by the Osteo Relief Institute that before a strenuous exercise, it is that you go through a stretching routine. Move around, and a do not stay in the same position throughout the day and stand up, walk and avoid repetitive movements. Stop smoking and lose weight. Arthritis requires physical therapy, and surgery is the last option.

The Osteo Relief Institute (ORT) is multidisciplinary and located throughout the country. Each site is composed of physicians and physical therapists. The number one goal is to avoid the need for surgery. The state of the art technology used by the Institute is FDA approved. The Osteo Arthritis Institute concentrates on sports injuries affecting the knees with the goal of the regular activity. Even minor pains should not be considered normal. The treatments are designed to find where the pain is located to target the treatment.

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How George Soros Uses His Wealth To Make The World A Better Place

When someone has had the good fortune to have created a large amount of wealth there are several choices that stand before them as what to do with that wealth. They can either spend it mostly on themselves and those closest to them or they can decide to dedicate part of their wealth to giving back to those who have very little. When the late musical pioneer Prince passed away it was revealed that he often used his fortune to improve the lives of underprivileged people. While the two men are very different self-made billionaire George Soros is also a wealthy individual who has chosen to use his wealth to be a force for good in a world where the needs of the poorest and most disadvantaged people are often overlooked. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Like many wealthy businessmen George Soros got his start in the world of financial services on Wall Street in New York City. According to he arrived there in the 1950s and worked for a company that was known as F.M. Mayer. Years after coming to Wall Street as a young college graduate he would go on to start his own company that was known as the Soros Fund. Through the success of his business ventures Soros was able to create a fortune that is valued today at around $26 billion according to

After he made his fortune he decided to do something extraordinary which was figure out how he could give part of it away to populations and causes that needed it much more than he did. One of his first forays into the world of philanthropy would be giving money to support the education of people in South Africa whose opportunities were restricted by apartheid in the late 1970s. In the 1980s he launched what would become a large and effective philanthropic initiative known as the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations are focused on supporting and sustaining a wide range of charitable initiatives in countries around the world. The organization has worked on a wide number of initiatives that have included providing assistance to communities that are recovering from damage caused by natural disasters, supporting higher education in Eastern Europe and promoting healthcare initiatives in Eastern European countries.

George Soros has often been an advocate of policies and efforts that would provide expand more freedom and opportunity for people around the world. The causes that he has championed have often included critical issues like education, justice, private sector development, the promotion of a free press and initiatives involving health. His efforts have all been consistent in that they seek to promote the concept of “open societies” where equity and justice are not just privileges that are enjoyed by the few but rights that are accessed by many people no matter who they are. Read more about George’s life story at

Madison Street Capital Prides Itself on Providing Excellent Financial Services to Empower Businesses

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm. The company has assisted several clients in different situations across the various sectors. Madison Street Capital understands that every sector has its needs. Through that understanding, the firm establishes the demands of clients thereby meeting the specifications. At Madison Street Capital, the customer is king and however involved conducting the transaction may be, the organization is committed to delivering excellent results. From mergers to acquisitions, financial management, valuation, business administration and corporate advisory, Madison Street Capital undertakes to provide excellent services to clients. Not only is Madison helpful to small business but also corporate entities and middle markets.




Madison Street Capital is dedicated to providing customers top notch mergers in addition to acquisitions. The management has a trained team of professionals who understand the benefits of offering excellent customer care services. At Madison, every client counts and every client must receive sound financial advice depending on the type of business. Through the skilled team, clients are in a position to receive accurate prediction on the possibilities of loss or profits in particular markets. Through the same team, customers receive accurate prediction on the future of the company that the client is about to partner with. For Madison Street Capital, the safety of the customer is paramount. Madison Street Capital reputation better places the company is a strategic position to attract clients.




For most medium sized business owners, finding a financial advisor can be challenging. This is because of the many middle market financial advisors in the industry. For most business proprietors looking for good lending institutions, exit strategies or advisors, Madison Street Capital is famous for providing not only excellent but also reliable investment services. This investment banking institution has made a name for itself as the best financial services provider in the middle market.




With their offices across North America, Asia as well as Africa, Madison is a top notch service provider for mergers as well as acquisitions. The organization prides itself on being an excellent financial services provider because of the highly qualified team it has. The management is well versed with various dockets of service delivery. Through this understanding, the team commits to offering the best. From domestic to international service care, Madison recognizes the different demands of clients. Madison Street Capital is equipped with the knowledge, expertise as well as business relationships that aim at matching the needs of buyers as well as sellers.


Trying EOS Flavors after Being Stuck on Inferior Brands

Turned upon EOS one day in Walgreens when I ran through another tube of Cherry Chapstick. I have been using the Cherry flavored Chapstick and am a fairly loyal consumer who doesn’t switch up brands all that frequently. When Walgreens was out of Chapstick I decided to try another lip balm out there, EOS’ strawberry sorbet. What I experienced was a revelation.


I didn’t realize that a lip balm could taste as fresh and smooth as Strawberry Sorbet did. When I went back and tried the Cherry flavored Chapstick I was disgusted by its quality and fake flavor. Shop here at Strawberry sorbet tastes like the real thing; fresh strawberries and is pleasant to apply and not at all overpowering. More hints.


Further, EOS’ strawberry sorbet goes on smooth and without leaving a residue on your lips. Reading about the history of EOS helped to explain why this was the case. EOS lip balm is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain the artificial flavors that Chapstick adds to their lip balm. Since the ingredients are natural and not artificial it lasts longer and doesn’t need to be applied as frequently as Chapstick does. This leads to some cost savings as well, despite a slightly higher sticker price on EOS. See for more news.


EOS was a real revelation to me and I decided to sample some of the other flavors that they sold once I ran out of Strawberry sorbet. Blueberry acai, summer fruit, and passion fruit were all wonderful alternatives and I moved from an inferior product to a significantly better one in eos lip balm. Sometimes running out of a product is a good thing as it opens up a window to new product offerings. Read this post here.


EOS proved to be an real eye-opener as to what a lip balm could be and I can honestly say I am never going back to Chapstick. EOS is just a far superior product.


Delicious Flavors From EOS Lip Balm

When you’re ready for a smoothing, soothing lip balm that’s lip-smackingly delicious, look for EOS “Evolution of Smooth” balm in the delightfully smooth sphere shape.

EOS lip balms taste fantastic, and they’re loaded with 100% natural ingredients, like soothing shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E (which is loaded with antioxidants). This is a lip balm that soothes as it smooths, leaving lips looking moist and beautifully plump. There’s no doubt EOS lip balms are a healthy choice for lips. They’re hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists, so you know they’re great for your lips. These delightfully round lip balms are also certified USDA organic, and they are free of paraben and petroleum.


for more amazing stories.


Delightfully Delicious Flavors

The EOS lip balm line has a delicious array of flavors to choose from, all of them utterly tasty and fun.

Strawberry Sorbet is a new favorite in the EOS lip balm line, and it’s no surprise that folks keep coming back to this deliciously flavored balm. This smooth and sweet tasting balm captures the feel of that favorite sweet dessert, and it comes in a pink sphere that looks just like a scoop of the real thing! Yum!

Passion Fruit is another EOS favorite, and that’s because this lip-smackingly tasty balm captures all the tangy tropical taste of a real fruit, in a smooth, gluten-free balm.

Summer Fruit is another fruity taste sensation from the EOS line. This cute little sphere is colored like a delicious strawberry, which is perfect, because this tasty balm combines the irresistible flavors of strawberry, blueberry and peach for an utter taste sensation!

When it’s time to choose a lip balm that goes on smooth and tastes delicious, reach for a round package of delicious EOS lip balm! Buy at!

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Online Referral Portals and Jeremy Goldstein Barrister Contribution

Jeremy Goldstein’ name is counted among the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and investor. In his early life, he attends The Pingry School and later the Cornell University obtained an honor in Art History in 1995, a Master of Art History in 1996 from the University of Chicago and a Juris Doctor in Law from the New York University of School of Law.


This world’s leader began as a volunteer at the Fountain House. In 1999, he was hired by Shearman & Sterling LLP as an associate. A year later he a partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz in compensation practice for the next 14 years. Afterward, he left and founded the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associate LLC is a boutique law firm handling social issues such as gay marriages, firm mergers, partners’ issues, and scout among others. Its core mandate is in guiding executive management and compensation committee on issue rapidly changing in the corporate world.


One of the greatest challenges while going through a court case is finding a competent and reliable lawyer. The New York’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service long serving in linking clients to lawyers have established a 24hr online portal. One is only required to fill in a questionnaire on their website and submit. Follow-up is done by the attorney skilled such a case, and allocation is done based on proximity from which the consultation fees apply. This is an effective way of connecting lawyer to clients. Besides, it is less tedious.


About Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS)

It has partnered with the New York State Bar Association to make this online technology work. It boasts of 35 years of referral work. Its staff handled over 10,000 calls from the public. Some attorneys such as Jeremy L. Goldstein credit the LRIS for their successful career.


To learn more, please visit


Julia Jackson is Embracing the Future of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson is the daughter of wine world celebrity Jess Jackson and the behind the scenes brain of the operation, Barbara Banke. She has been involved in the family business since she was a young girl picking grapes next to her father. Following her younger years working in the vineyards, Jackson departed to attend Scripps College. But upon graduation, she was soon back to the work of the family winemaking business. Julia even has a vineyard named after her, Julia’s Vineyard that her parents planted when she was born. To say that she was born into the wine business would be a huge understatement.

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Most recently, Julia has taken on the role of spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines and is very enthusiastic about her work. Her dedication to the winemaking craft shows through in many ways. She has also been instrumental in bringing the Cabernet grape to the Sonoma area. This varietal is every bit as good as the Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays for which the region is noted. In fact, the Cabernet-heavy Bourdeaux blend, La Joie, has been a huge hit. Julia is a fierce advocate of the introduction of this grape to the region, and it appears that many others are starting to follow her lead.

Jackson has also founded a charitable organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment for which she is very proud. This organization works with other nonprofit groups to empower women in the workplace all over the world. It is with this work that Jackson honors her mother’s strength and the example that she has always shown to Julia. Barbara is a very successful woman in a male-dominated field and has always worked through the many challenges presented by this fact with grace and dignity. Julia is constantly inspired by her mother, professionally and personally.

My Favorite EOS Lip Balms

I have long been a proponent of EOS lip balm. The brand is the only company in the lip balm industry that I can trust to create a high quality product that isn’t laden with artificial additives and based on petroleum jelly which is a product derived from oil refining. EOS lip balm uses better quality oils that are all-natural and this really shows in the level of protection that it offers to your lips and the flavor that these lip balms have. You after all aren’t going to wipe refined oil on your lips, are you?


According to, EOS has a wide range of flavors and my friends have long been asking me which one to try. I’ve always been more the sampler than an loyal adherent to any particular flavor. I like sampling different flavors which leaves me as a great person to offer up flavor recommendations to someone trying to find a new EOS lip balm flavor.


If you like mint flavored lip balms for their freshness you should likely try the sweet mint flavored lip balm if you want a standard balm, or if you want something a bit different than try their vanilla mint balm which offers up a more complex flavored lip balm that is interesting but which retains the freshness of a mint balm, shop here on


If you are more inclined to explore fruit flavored items, then give the strawberry sorbet or passion fruit flavors a try. Passion fruit is better for those who enjoy the more exotic flavored lip balms that have a hint of the tropical in them, while strawberry sorbet is a more lip smacking delicious application of lip balm that reminds you of fresh garden strawberries in June.


The great thing about EOS lip balm is that there is a flavor for everyone so search and sample for your favorite.


Check all favors and shop all amazing EOS lip balms here on


How Securus Technologies Is Becoming One of The Best Forms of Communicative Options For Its Immediate Users and Communities Simultaneously

Securus Technologies is not simply a program that’s been designed to offer benefits to its immediate users only, which is inmates and their visitors. It’s also one that has been shown to provide benefits to communities that surround correctional facilities, as it’s become a deterrent of crimes. Inmates in correctional facilities that have had the communications platform of Securus Technologies installed into their communications systems are made aware that anything that they do can be spoken about over the Securus Technologies communications platform by other inmates with the respective visitors that they speak to. Due to this, it’s highly recommended for inmates to ensure that they steer clear of committing crimes while confined in correctional facilities, as it could have negative impacts on their lives.


Securus Technologies is a wonderfully designed program that has been given many positive instances of feedback from current and prior users. The positive instances of feedback are sure to continue as well. This is why it’s advisable for you to consider utilizing it if you’re a visitor of an inmate. It offers an opportunity in which you will not even have to travel to the jail the individual is confined in. Oftentimes, the traveling aspect to a correctional facility can be a hassle and very time consuming. By speaking with a representative of Securus Technologies, you’ll get an idea of what all you may be able to expect from the utilization of this very program. It is not necessarily a complex system of communications to utilize by any means. In actuality, it’s very simple to set up and utilize. The website has been designed by a group of developers who are aware that its users need a website/webpage(s) that is easy for them to navigate within and not feel like it is difficult to find the answers/details that they need at any given point in time. Due to such an understanding, they’ve decided to put forth the effort that has been required of them to make it a simple and easy program to utilize.