Norman Pattiz: A Scion of Podcast Marketing

In a study conducted in two phases, which lasted for 4 to 6 six weeks, it was established that podcasting as an advertising strategy significantly increased brand visibility and awareness among clients polled. Conducted by Edison Research for PodcastOne, the results of the research were released by the company’s founder and chairman of the board of directors, Norman Pattiz.

The results showed that the advertising campaigns, which carried messages including brand recall and purchasing intent showed that customers were more willing to purchase the selected top five brands selected for the survey after watching the associated podcasts on the brands via PodcastOne network.

Brand-shift survey showed that in some cases, the brand awareness for some of the national consumer brands rose as much as 76 percent after post exposure. This was the case for casual dining restaurant included in the survey while for automobile and grocery products increased by over 60 percent.

The post-campaign data cemented PodcastOne leadership’s conviction that podcasts are increasingly becoming popular marketing platforms with significant impact on brand awareness.

Podcasts create a multi-tiered, integrated advertising platforms whose effectiveness as the new-age option for advertisement has surpassed traditional advertisement channels. It is a strong conviction that Norman Pattiz has had since founding the company.

Norman Pattiz: A Serial Investor and Radio Hall of Famer

Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame for his stellar career within the industry while serving two presidents: Bill Clinton and George Bush and founding and successfully running a radio network. Before becoming a federal employee working on the Broadcasting Governors Board, he founded Westwood One in 1974.

The radio network quickly gained clout in the industry and became the leading national radio network. Numerous established media houses such as CNN and CBS acquired airtime on the network for its radio services.

The network also aired some of the world’s biggest sporting events including Olympics and the Super Bowl. As a federal employee, he successfully championed for the opening of American radio channels especially in the Middle East broadcasting in local dialects. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

He founded PodcastOne in 2013 and has so far grew the company’s podcast downloads to over 1.5 billion. Norman Pattiz further took advantage of the growing popularity of podcasting to found PodcastOne Sales and Courtside Entertainment Group, which he founded in 2010.

To further improve the popularity of his podcast network company, he has added several celebrities to the company’s network. Moreover, the company has included enticing programs to be aired on its podcast network.

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