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Julia Jackson is Embracing the Future of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson is the daughter of wine world celebrity Jess Jackson and the behind the scenes brain of the operation, Barbara Banke. She has been involved in the family business since she was a young girl picking grapes next to her father. Following her younger years working in the vineyards, Jackson departed to attend Scripps College. But upon graduation, she was soon back to the work of the family winemaking business. Julia even has a vineyard named after her, Julia’s Vineyard that her parents planted when she was born. To say that she was born into the wine business would be a huge understatement.

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Most recently, Julia has taken on the role of spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines and is very enthusiastic about her work. Her dedication to the winemaking craft shows through in many ways. She has also been instrumental in bringing the Cabernet grape to the Sonoma area. This varietal is every bit as good as the Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays for which the region is noted. In fact, the Cabernet-heavy Bourdeaux blend, La Joie, has been a huge hit. Julia is a fierce advocate of the introduction of this grape to the region, and it appears that many others are starting to follow her lead.

Jackson has also founded a charitable organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment for which she is very proud. This organization works with other nonprofit groups to empower women in the workplace all over the world. It is with this work that Jackson honors her mother’s strength and the example that she has always shown to Julia. Barbara is a very successful woman in a male-dominated field and has always worked through the many challenges presented by this fact with grace and dignity. Julia is constantly inspired by her mother, professionally and personally.

Getting Inspired by Career Women Like Malini Saba

The inspiration to do better can come from the strangest places. I have been in America all of my life, and I have seen a lot of great success stories. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the idols that my father patterned himself after. I would find comfort, however, in looking outside of American and finding people like Vijay Eswaran to motivate me. He has great books on motivation, and I was fascinated by his ability to become one of the richest men in Asia through direct selling. The person that may be the most inspiring, however, is Malini Saba. She is a person that has risen above her meager life of less to rise to the top in the investing world.

I think that her story is important, and it is just not being told enough. She has a strong work ethic, and I think that this may be the foundation for a life that is so extraordinary. She says that she wakes up at 5 in the morning and starts work promptly. This is here daily routine. I think that women should pick up on the fact that she rises early to start handling business. She is not someone that is trying to leave home at the last minute to start her job.

She also finds time in the morning, 2 hours after she wakes, to walk her daughter to school. Most of her day after this is spent in business meetings. From my perspective she is doing so well because she has a daily plan. I counsel women all the time, and I have found that few women make concrete plans for their lives. They are not really living life. They are just letting life happen. So many females wake up, go to work, get paid and spend all they have. I tell women about Malini Saba because she devised an alternative route to what most women consider the norm.

Men are often thought to be the major investors in this world. They are typically the financial gurus that sell books and train other people how to invest. Malini Saba stands out as a seasoned investor that knows the business of investing in oil and technology stocks.