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How Securus Technologies Is Becoming One of The Best Forms of Communicative Options For Its Immediate Users and Communities Simultaneously

Securus Technologies is not simply a program that’s been designed to offer benefits to its immediate users only, which is inmates and their visitors. It’s also one that has been shown to provide benefits to communities that surround correctional facilities, as it’s become a deterrent of crimes. Inmates in correctional facilities that have had the communications platform of Securus Technologies installed into their communications systems are made aware that anything that they do can be spoken about over the Securus Technologies communications platform by other inmates with the respective visitors that they speak to. Due to this, it’s highly recommended for inmates to ensure that they steer clear of committing crimes while confined in correctional facilities, as it could have negative impacts on their lives.


Securus Technologies is a wonderfully designed program that has been given many positive instances of feedback from current and prior users. The positive instances of feedback are sure to continue as well. This is why it’s advisable for you to consider utilizing it if you’re a visitor of an inmate. It offers an opportunity in which you will not even have to travel to the jail the individual is confined in. Oftentimes, the traveling aspect to a correctional facility can be a hassle and very time consuming. By speaking with a representative of Securus Technologies, you’ll get an idea of what all you may be able to expect from the utilization of this very program. It is not necessarily a complex system of communications to utilize by any means. In actuality, it’s very simple to set up and utilize. The website has been designed by a group of developers who are aware that its users need a website/webpage(s) that is easy for them to navigate within and not feel like it is difficult to find the answers/details that they need at any given point in time. Due to such an understanding, they’ve decided to put forth the effort that has been required of them to make it a simple and easy program to utilize.


Securus Technologies Is a Great Tool For Uncovering Crimes and Keeping In Touch Simultaneously

Why are so many people talking about the wonderful benefits of Securus Technologies? It is a tool that has been designed to make communicating with others much easier than it has been in the past. Securus Technologies is one of its kind in the sense that it allows people to communicate with others even when one of the parties has unfortunately placed in jail.


Being put in jail is never a good time for anyone. It can be an even more difficult time when the incarcerated individual has no way of talking to someone who they are rather close with. By utilizing the program that’s been created by Securus Technologies, the inmate will have the opportunity of chatting with who they would have wanted to visit them in jail, except in this case, the form of communication that is made possible by Securus Technologies makes it much more convenient to chat for the individual who is considered to be the visitor. It is a great tool that has changed the way that communications works and enables people to stay connected in the toughest of times, in this case, when one of the parties has been jailed.


Securus Technologies is not only a great way for inmates and their relatives, significant others, or friends to stay connected via means of video conferencing, it’s also been proven to be a great tool for law enforcement agencies to uncover crimes in the case certain acts of crime that have been occurring within the premises of the jail the inmate is in is discussed over the videoconferencing session through the Securus Technologies interface. Law enforcement officials are capable of using the conversations that are conducted in the Securus Technologies platform as evidence for use in court to proceed with opening an investigation. Communications has never been so useful before and in this case it helps both people and whole communities.


Securus Innovates Tremendous Tool For Law Enforcement

Telephone services provided to prisons around the country are not operated by the government. The prison itself awards a private contract to a third-party company that agrees to serve the prison. Anybody making a call, including an inmate or somebody trying to call an inmate, must use this third-party company.


It would be easy for this private company to just provide telephone services and reap the rewards. But Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of telecommunications services to prisons around the country, takes it one step further. They use their position as the sole provider of telephone services to help law enforcement.


They have done this with an ingenious software innovation called Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search. This software allows law enforcement to instantly search every recorded call inside of the prison for a particular voice.


Securus Technologies also records every single phone call into an out of the prison facilities that the company services. This gives law enforcement a massive amount of information at their fingertips.


But without the voice search function, all of this recorded information would be much less effective. Without the ability to search the database, law enforcement may never find what they’re looking for. They would essentially be looking for a needle in a haystack.


Being able to search the entire database for a singular voice really opens up possibilities. This can yield a tremendous amount of data points that can be connected in order to create a bigger picture. This can show law-enforcement trends in crime, connect inmates and criminals outside of the prison facility, and can even lead to the discovery of the recorded confession.