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Rodrigo Terpins and his Race to Success

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned rally driver who from Brazil. He drives in Proto T1 races with his younger brother Michel Terpins. The two have been praised for their great driving skills and their performances in the races they take part in. Recently Rodrigo Terpins took part in the Bull Sertoes Rally with Fabricio Manchiana as his partner. He finished in 6th place right behind his brother who finished in 5th place in the company of Sves Von Borries. While it took the younger Terpin 56 minutes to finish the race, Terpins took 58 minutes.



The well-known racer believes that his determination and consistency are the reason for his success. It has been quoted in the media saying that he believes that his earlier races are important because they have made him who he is. Rodrigo Terpins Apart from having a personal website, has social media accounts on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr which he uses all these to connect with his fans.



Rally car driving is not the only business concern that Rodrigo Terpins has. According to, he established Floresville an eco-friendly timber company. The idea for the company came from the desire of north Terpins and his partners to provide certified timber. In Brazil, a lot of the timber used is not legally acquired and the company wanted to find a way to provide ethically sourced timber for the market.



To succeed Rodrigo Terpins has ensured that he is connected and is aware of trends in the contemporary world. He believes that as an entrepreneur one should ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends especially as regards who the biggest competitors are and what consumers are interested in.



About Rodrigo Terpins



Rodrigo Terpins was born in 1977 and is a successful rally car driver and founder of the company Floresville. He was moved to get involved in rally car driving because of his father’s success in basketball. He is a firm believer in taking time off to be with family especially one’s children.