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Rocketship Education: Learning As They Go.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006. Over the past twelve years, the ability for students to be taught at home has increased largely due to the power of the internet. Rocketship Education makes sure that student achievement is placed first and that parents become very involved in what their students are learning. Rocketship is a free online school and a nonprofit organization called a 501 (c)(3). the school helps the student along at their own pace and many students on the path to success later in life. The school teaches kindergarten children up to a fifth-grade level. This way students can start in a familiar setting feel right at home with learning. Here are a few things that Rocketship Education has learned over the past ten years.

The first big lesson that Rocketship has learned is that personalized learning begins at home. What this means for Rocketship is that school-age children can spend more time with their families at home. Rocketship makes sure that the student has all of the materials necessary for the child to learn skills that will benefit them greatly as they grow older and leave Rocketship. Building confidence in students, as well as their parents, make Rocketship proud.

The second thing that Rocketship has learned over the first ten years is that there needs to be more demand for online schools. There is plenty of supply when it comes to education philanthropists and donors are more than willing to help a nonprofit like this one get off the ground but the demand for using online schools is very low. Online schools have to make sure that they can get the word out to parents and young children about this free education. One thing to wonder about though is how will students feel about transferring to a public school? That is a question yet to be answered by the public school system.

Rocketship Education makes sure that students get off on the right foot when it comes to learning. When a child is excited about school and learning, Rocketship knows that it has done the job.