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FreedomPop Proudly Offers Wireless Services That Are Low-Cost

One of the services that put FreedomPop on the map is their free cell phone service, which can still be obtained by any customer. The only difference with the free cell phone service now is that it can be used on unlocked sim card phones as well as Sprint phones that have been transferred over to the FreedomPop network. The free cell phone service is a staple in the FreedomPop company and started when the company opened their doors in 2011. The free service will provide talk time, text messages, and data for its user.

Since the free cell phone service does have limited resources, many feel the need to extend their talk time and data in other ways. Wi-Fi calling is available for those who have the free cell phone service and have a phone that allows calls over Wi-Fi. Getting extra data can also be obtained by using Wi-Fi as well. Not everyone has Wi-Fi in their home, so those who need Wi-Fi service that’s constant can pay for the unlimited monthly Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop. The Wi-Fi service will only cost five dollars each month and has 4G LTE speeds.

Anyone who doesn’t want to be restricted by the free cell phone service plan should try the paid plan for $10.99 that has unlimited talk and text. The data that is added to this plan will give the user 500 MB, so using Wi-Fi service can help to extend the data usage. It’s possible to get completely unlimited service with talk, text, and web by getting the unlimited plan for $19.99 each month. The unlimited plan will come with 4G LTE data that’s limited to 1 GB, and the user will have constant 3G speeds after they’ve used up any 4G LTE data.

Obviously, FreedomPop has great call quality and service that as coverage around the USA. Anyone looking for Internet service can also check with FreedomPop because they have several different services that can easily replace the Internet service that a person may use in their home, especially if they are able to tether their Internet service through their phone. Get the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop for only five dollars each month, obtain a FreedomPop Hub with home Internet service and 1 GB of free data. Also, portable hotspots that are small in size are also sold at FreedomPop and have 500 MB of free data monthly