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Public Private Partnerships, R $ 44 billion, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens, reporter and infrastructure projects specialist reported, Brazil home of the world’s 7th largest economy and Latina America’s largest will be investing R $ 44 billion into the economy in 2018. This R $ 44 billion, is to include 57 projects and 22 sectors in an effort to continue to improve the Brazilian economy. Brazil has recently pushed through a recession, and this stimulus package is poised to continue to spur economic opportunities and growth. The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), is going to be in charge of the management, and distribution of these funds to the 57 projects. Visit to learn more.

The Program of Partnerships and Investments, was created to build relationships between the public and private sectors, all in an effort of creating jobs, which is a direct result of the relationship established by the public and private sectors. It’s important to understand that of these 22 sectored and 57 projects, the majority of them will not be implemented until the very last three months of 2018. These projects are to include infrastructure upgrades and improvements, airport upgrades and airport managerial changes, the relinquishing of various federally ran and owned companies.

Infraero, the government ran and owned airport management company controls all the major airports in Brazil. Infraero currently owns 49% of all the stocks, of each of the airports they manage. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Infraero is going to relinquish control of about 13 of the airports under their jurisdiction.

Felipe Montoro Jens, also reported major plans are in place to repair highway infrastructure. The BR 153 and the BR 364 are both to be included as part of this stimulus package. The BR 153 connects Anapolis (GO and Alianca (TO) is included as part of this stimulus package. The BR 364 is to be included also. The BR 364 connects Comodoro (MT) and Proto Velho (RO) is almost 800 kilometers of road. In addition to highway projects, port terminals Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Pranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES). For more information, visit:


Paul Mampilly is Keen on Investment

Paul Mampilly is a prominent entrepreneur and senior editor at Profits Unlimited, True Momentum in addition to Extreme Fortunes. He founded Profits Unlimited with the sole purpose of guiding subscribers on investing in stocks that are economically viable and set to shoot higher. Besides, he manages two of the industry’s trading services including True Momentum as well as Extreme Fortunes.

Background Look

In addition to the stated roles, Mr. Paul Mampilly works for Banyan Hill as a writer for the column titled Winning Investor Daily. Having joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, Paul Mampilly is now well-versed with the main streets and scopes of investment. Currently, he specializes in assisting Americans to create wealth especially from proven to work platforms of wealth creation.

Banyan Hill Publishing

Mampilly’s contribution at Banyan Hill Publishing extensively focuses on technology, special opportunities in addition to small-cap stocks.

Contribution and Leadership Positions

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Paul Mampilly was an editor at a research firm called Stansberry Research LLC. He worked for the company for one year. Before that, he was employed by Co-Portfolio Manager as the serving managing director. Because he was good at what he did, Mr. Mampilly was hired by Kinetics Asset Management. He served as the manager. Before joining Kinetics, he was the founder of The Capuchin Group. In that company, he extended his service as an author, editor as well as the publisher.


In the past, Mr. Paul Mampilly has instrumentally served in various companies in different senior positions. At Royal Bank of Scotland, he was the money manager. His roles included streamlining the financial department and overseeing the final dispatch and allocation of money. Before holding this position, Mampilly was responsible for managing several multimillion accounts at the famous Deutsche Bank. He also doubled as an asset advisor for the firm.


Perhaps his breakthrough came through in 1991 when he landed his first job at Bankers Trust. In his capacity as an asset and portfolio manager, he ensured that all accounts were managed with due diligence. Shortly after, Mr. Mampilly joined the Wall Street Journal as a hedge fund manager. For 25 years, he offered financial and investment advice to clients. His clients included Fortune 500 companies, European aristocracy as well as the Templeton Foundation. With his keen interest in marketing and investment, Paul Mampilly invested his resources in the Templeton Foundation, thereby becoming a winner in 2009. Presently, he is retired. However, he does not consider himself fully retired. This is because he still offers investment advice to prospective investors.

Additional Information

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a successful investment advisor. He attended Fordham University and majored in business administration. Visit:





Since 2015 Jeff Yastine has been the editorial director at Bayern hill publishing giving him a two decades experience in stock market investment. He schooled at University of Florida and graduated in 1986 with a degree in telecommunications. He also had some special interests in electronic journalism which have made him a respected investment advice writer to date. He is a weekly backer of the total wealth insider and its editor where he gives regular investors insights on market opportunities and how they can make profits. He also helps investors understand monetary and economic trends and the profit-making opportunities available to the winning investors daily.

At the beginning of his article, he says that in his investigative classes in college, his professor always encouraged them to follow the money and that has been his drive ever since. Jeff Yastine applies this in investment plans. He says that when capital is overflowing into a class of stock, they all increase giving the investor an easier job. Cyber hits are ubiquitous according to him. He provides an example of the Equifax breach where 145 million people were stolen from last year from the agency’s computers. In 2018 there have been security flaws discovered in the processors of the chipmakers Intel, ARM and AMD under the nicknames spectre and meltdown. These are some of the guarantees that more money is likely to flow into the cybersecurity sectors shortly according to him. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook

According to Jeff Yastine, there is likely to be some major merger and acquisitions in the American industry this year. He believes that this year there will be a lot of pairing among amazon competitors with the goal of becoming better competitors. The first company he sees becoming a significant competitor is eBay. He says that there are few companies interested in buying this company, but Google is most likely to buy eBay since it requires an internet retail arm to be able to compete favourably.

The second company is Kroger co. Jeff Yastine says that the stocks of this company have fallen by 35% from 2017 due to the client fears that it can’t compete with Amazon. This has led to the company updating their technology to have a competitive advantage. Last but not least, W.W. Grainger Inc. He says that they have a national grid of distribution centres making them a buy-out target.

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Michael Hagele Legal Counselor

Michael Hagele is the founder of many companies in the restaurant and hospitality business. He is the General Counsel in business such as biotechnology, aerospace, internet, and defense. In his field, Michael Hagele is a hard worker who is dedicated to drafting and negotiating, many different contracts in domestic telecommunications and international areas. He was involved in the handling of numerous corporate and commercial negotiations.

Michael Hagele’s was the General Legal Counselor in-house attorney for Venture Capital Companies that lent money to people for various reasons. Micahel attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received a degree in the Criminal Justice field.

Michael Hagele, an experienced attorney, working with larger firms, saw the need to serve clients better if he worked in a practice that was smaller. Because the company is smaller, it would be less costly to clients needing legal counsel in intellectual property matters. The clients would receive superior legal representation, so Michael started his own law firm. See This Page for more info.

Reviewing his workload for the day is something Michael does each working day. His work consisted of handling intellectual property problems, work of a general nature and counseling. He prepares contracts which include technology licensing arrangements. After a hard day’s work, he goes for a bike ride. In the evening hours, Michael can be seen on the phone with those he partners with, discussing investment strategy.

Whatever Michael desires are, he works hard to achieve his goals, and he challenges himself to succeed.

Michael Hagele is fascinated with artificial intelligence. He believes that genetic programming has a wide arena of capabilities. With the vast number of technological advancements, it is now possible to use innovations to complete patterns. A concealed connection between sets of information can be identified. A program expansion without the high price can be better understood with our modern technological advancement. This is the brilliant part of what Michael calls machine learning and what can be discovered with the use of it.

Michael keeps his body and his mind in shape by exercising on a daily basis. When he faces a challenge, exercise helps his mind to focus better and provides other benefits.

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Ted Bauman, the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman: Financial Editor

Ted Bauman is the editorial director of the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B club, and The Bauman Letter and his area of expertise are in asset protection and international migration problems or issues. He is a financial guru.

In 2013 he joined Banyan Hill Publishing company. He attended and graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa with doctoral degrees in History and Economics. Ted was born in Washington D.C and grew up in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He migrated to South Africa at a young age. He held a variety of executive roles during his 25-year profession in South Africa. He worked as a fund manager in nonprofit organizations mainly for low-cost housing projects. He currently lives in Atlanta GA with his family

Bauman Letter is an investment newsletter. You can discover a world of financial freedom, strategies to increase or grow your wealth and protect your privacy and live the life of your dream.

Ted Bauman and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium daily. On the Medium Forum, he writes on a variety of topics on the financial matter and recommends ways on how to solve them. Topics include Tax reforms and how to save thousands and easy way to boost your gains by 1,900% and many more.

Ted is very motivated and dedicated to helping people get the resources they need to achieve their dream of a successful life, free from corporate greed and government oversight.

Ted starts his typical day by taking his daughter to school and head back and start working in his office till 5 pm. He pays close attention to current news on topics that affect his subscribers and readers. He brings ideas to life by writing on topics that matter most to the readers. He believes in writing, utilizing excellent writing skills to explain important topics like asset protection and finance to ordinary people.

The one thing that excites him is that people are becoming more inquisitive about the economy globally and more people are interested in finding solutions to the problems. He believes waking up early and starting his day contributed to his productivity and success. Ted is hardworking and believes in time management though he feels he could do better.

The experiences he gained from working menial jobs was that he learned that for a society to thrive in the long term, one must appreciate and pay attention to the welfare of the people at the top as well as the bottom. Learn more:




What Was Discovered During Latest AvaTrade Review?

A good Forex broker provides a little for everyone. Beginners need good resources to learn the tools of the trade. Experts need to be able to plug in their favorite signal tools.

What did the GC Report AvaTrade review discover? Can people of all different skill levels succeed by trading Forex at AvaTrade? Has the firm offered any innovations?


Growing Forex Profits

In 2006, the Dublin based AvaTrade opened its doors. It has since expanded to Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo. It is regulated by 5 different government agencies.

The customer service for AvaTrade is in about a dozen languages. This is truly a global Forex firm. You can find a little that will appeal to all here.


Bitcoin Money

The name “first mover” is given to the brand that first creates, offers or supports something. AvaTrade is a first mover. It might not have been the “first” officially, but it was one of the first Forex brokers to offer Bitcoin trading back in 2013.

Hindsight is 20/20 and now all of these other firms want to join in on the Bitcoin phenomenon. Bitcoin was hot. By being one of the 200,000 members of AvaTrade, you could have made money by trading Bitcoin. Now, you can trade Dash, Ethereum, Monero and Ripple on AvaTrade.

This innovation has made AvaTrade an industry leader. Assets go up and down. It doesn’t matter how long Bitcoin will be around, it is a hot asset and should be traded.


FX Experts Agree

The FX Empire has reviewed numerous brokers from around the world. It has a very good reputation for being unbiased. When it compared all of the Forex brokers, which was one of the best? AvaTrade.

From 2013 to 2016, FX Empire awarded AvaTrade with its best Forex broker prize. Why was AvaTrade so worthy?

It offered cryptocurrencies before other binary options traders. AvaTrade has offered the solid MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Traders can use plug-ins, like Zulu Trade for social trading and Mirror Trader for signals. AvaTrade has a little bit of something for everyone.

Igor Cornelsen- How to Thrive in the Foreign or Commodity Market

Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker who is also an industry leader in the strategy for investing in damaged stocks. Igor understands everything about investing in any company or commodity because of his invaluable experience in the field. He has a lot of knowledge in guiding many investors to make more successful long-term investments that include advising individuals from investing in damaged companies and focus more on damaged stocks.

Igor’s Business Model

Igor’s model is a particular technique to explore when a stock price suffers due to temporary challenges in a company. All the same, investors must avoid firms that are damaged and under threat of never reviving regardless of the efforts they are trying to make towards that direction. Damaged stocks are those opportunities you can buy cheaply are guaranteed to make you more money and pay off in the long-run.

What made Igor so successful is his method of long-term investing. While most people prefer to invest large scale, his model is to spread investments to increase the chances of winning with a diversified portfolio of stocks.

Why Choose Igor as Your Investment Advisor

You must find an able investment company to give you opportunities if you want to invest in foreign exchange or commodities. Igor is a consultant that offers advice to help people make informed long-term investments in the stock market. He has well-researched tips to help clients get prepared and obey the laws and established investment norms.

Due to his vast experience in the Brazil’s financial institutions, Igor Cornelsen believes the country can play a unique role in the world regarding investments. So far, the country has shown enormous growth in its economy and Igor keeps advising investors to have a stake in the fast-growing economy. Igor led Brazilian banks in making profits during the financial crisis while he worked as a banker. See Related Links for more info.

Life After Retirement

Before his retirement in 2010, Igor had held many high profile positions in leading banks in Brazil. Currently, he is working as the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. and spends most of his time in South Florida doing what he loves and knows best, which is investing. Read more:



Jeff Yastine Is Pointing To A Trio Of Companies That Can Compete With Amazon

Jeff Yastine has recently been pointing to three stock opportunities that have the ability to compete with Amazon through their own abilities or through purchases made by larger companies that see their potential. The first of these companies is Kroger Co., which he expects to give Amazon a run for their money in the grocery retail market. While Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods, it has been a bit negligent with the purchase and has allowed the food quality at the grocery store to decline. High prices from Whole Foods continue to make it difficult for the chain to compete with offline grocery outlets while, at the same time, Kroger is adding automated checkouts to its grocery stores. These will help the company to keep its costs down while also being able to offer more and more organic food choices. More info about Jeff Yastine at

Jeff Yastine also has been recommending eBay as a good stock for investors to purchase and points out that the auction website has plenty to offer compared to Amazon. The company is still one of the top ranking online retailers and also offers fulfillment services from a spread of warehouses. He has talked about how much more of a competitor eBay would be if a larger internet company purchased it but also commented on how it is already very competitive in many different areas.

Jeff Yastine also recommends stock for W.W. Grainger, which offers products to industrial and commercial buyers. He expressed that it is still a great buy even though its stock fell due to speculation that it won’t be able to compete with Amazon. The reason for this, according to Jeff Yastine, is that the company would be a great buy for any retailer who is looking to compete with Amazon due to its excellent infrastructure.

Jeff Yastine joined up with Banyan Hill Publishing as its Editorial Director in 2015 and contributes to the Total Wealth Insider as its Editor. He has worked as a financial journalist and investor in the stock market for over 20 years and also contributes to the Winning Investor Daily as well as the Sovereign Investor Daily, which are two publications put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. Yastine’s main focus is helping investors to gain a better understanding of economics, business, investing, and other ways of making a profit. Jeff Yastine was an Emmy-nominated correspondent and anchor at PBS Nightly Business Report for over a decade and a half, and he learned a lot while interviewing the likes of Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Richard Branson.

Related info can be found at


Matt Badiali Revisits Failures and Successes

Matt Badiali, the Editor of Total Wealth Strategist, began his career in science – garnering his Bachelor of the Arts degree in earth science from Penn State University, as well as his Master of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University. It wasn’t until 2004 that he decided to shift his career toward investing. While attending The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Matt Badiali was approached by a friend who was seeking to develop new alternatives for investing that would serve the average investor, and due to his extensive knowledge of geology, Mr. Badiali’s friend felt that he would be a top candidate. Over the next few years, Matt Badiali further developed his understanding of investing, and as he combined it with his geological skillset, formed a unique expertise that was essential in success regarding natural resources, energy, and metals investments.

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017, the Editor of Total Wealth Strategist has garnered a substantial fan base, and he believes that the connection with his audience was founded on his research, which often takes a “boots on the ground” approach, as well as his ability to interweave real-world examples in his articles. This consistent hands-on approach has led him to a number of countries around the world, including Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. He maintains that his commitment to reading is critical to his progress as an investor and as a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, so he is constantly reading throughout the day, often focusing on publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Mining Journal, and Bloomberg. Many of the trends that he needs to remain aware of are occurring on the opposite side of the map, so the only way to constantly stay abreast of the rapidly changing market is to search as many reputable news outlets as possible. Check more reviews at For Exceptional Investors about Matt Badiali

While Matt Badiali has experienced his fair share of failures, as that is unavoidable in his business, he has mostly seen success, due in part to his diligence regarding maintaining focus, but also because he has maintained the practice of giving his clients more than they ask for. By overdelivering, he constantly grows his clientele because his consistency keeps them satisfied. In the instances that he has failed, he admits that he was wrong about a few stocks, but he was able to mitigate the damage by discovering the failure as soon as possible, and instead of dragging out the process, accepting the mistake and moving on. Learn more about Matt Badiali and his newsletter “Real Wealth Strategist” here:

Ian King Joins Banyan Hill Publishing Team

Prominent cryptotrader and expert has joined the Banyan Hill investment newsletter team as a contributing editor to help readers and investors take advantage of the opportunity to make huge gains in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He has been studying and trading the financial markets for over twenty years, and he’s one of Investopedia’s top contributors on the subject of cryptocurrencies. He’s developed a program to help investors make money in those volatile markets. Later this year Banyan Hill will bring out a cryptocurrency newsletter so he can explain his views and reveal which cryptos will go up in the coming monthes. For now, Ian King writes a weekly column for Banyan Hill’s free email newsletter, Sovereign Investor Daily. Do you have questions about the future of bitcoin, Etherium, Monero, Litecoin, bitcoin cash, Ripple and other cryptos? Ian King is the man who will answer them for you.

Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill explains he first heard of bitcoin in 2013, from a Libertarian friend, but back then Libertarian techies were the only people who had heard of cryptocurrencies, so ordinary investors did not want to subscribe to a newsletter about it. However, all that changed in 2017. Now, everybody has heard of bitcoin, and many people want to use it to grow their wealth. That’s why he spent a lot of time and effort on behalf of Banyan Hill looking for the right cryptocurrency expert to join the team to serve Banyan Hill’s readers. Finally, he found Ian King. Ian King has many years of trading the financial markets. He is an expert on cryptocoins who buys and sells them himself. And he has the ability to explain complicated concepts to regular people. He is so passionate about the subject, he left a good job managing money to set up a website that explains cryptos to people. In this interview, Yastine asks King about his background and qualifications. For more information, visit:

Yastine started out as a lifeguard on the Jersey Shore. At the age of 19, they appointed him captain of the busiest lifesaving team on Belmar Beach, New Jersey. On days with rough water, they’d pull 50 people to safety.Ian King says that is where he learned to think quickly on his feet and to trust his instincts. Those are also skills he needed as a financial trader. In the 1990s, he began trading Internet stocks from his college dorm room.

View more on Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.