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“Mark Beer: Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Renovia Inc. “

Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc. together with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias, who is the MD. He studied at Miami University, where he gained the skills that he has used to steer his company into a success. He is extremely dedicated to improving the health of women, a cause that has seen him raise $42 million to fund programs aimed at improving women’s health. More about Marc Beer is found below.

Marc Beer Work Experience and Notable Career Milestones

Marc Beer has a vast wealth of experience due to the time he has spent working in the medical fraternity. He has about 25 years experience in the development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology as well as diagnostics. Indeed, his entrepreneurial spirit attracted the attention of venture capitalists and angel investors who invested in Renovia Inc.

Marc Beer’s Tenure at ViaCell

Marc Beer held various positions that played a critical role in making him the successful person that he is today. For instance, he was the founding CEO of ViaCell in April 2010. Marc Beer used his skills and vast experience that he had gathered over the years to make Viacell a profitable venture. The company specialized in the development, preservation, and collection of umbilical cord stem cells.

It was during his tenure at ViaCell that the company acquired more than 300 employees. Such a vast workforce ensured that the company could manage to increase its production capacity and hence increase its revenues. ViaCell finally went public in 2005 and was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007.

Additionally, Marc Beer also held various positions while he was at ViaCell. For instance, he was a member of the board at ErytechPharma. The company specialized in the production of pharmaceuticals. ErytechPharma also had its shares listed in the stock exchange. Some of the senior positions he held are that of Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme. That position saw him launch various products that were used to tackle rare diseases worldwide.

How Marc Beer Raised$42 million for a Medical Startup

Marc Beer, through his company, Renovia Inc., recently announced that they raised over $42 million aimed at tackling health disorders in women. Such complications include pelvic floor disorders and other reproductive health affecting women. Renovia is currently in its initial stages of developing treatment mechanisms for conditions like urinary incontinence. Such a move will ensure that women’s health issues are tamed before they worsen.

The Bottom Line

The above revelations indicate that Marc Beer deserves an accolade for his achievements in the pharmaceutical arena. Renovia’s commitment to tackling women’s medical conditions is an excellent step to ensuring that American women live healthy and fulfilling lives. Learn more:


Infinity Group Australia was established in 2013 by Graeme Holm. The primary purpose of coming up with the company was to solve the problems experienced by Australians in the financial sector. It was to help secure their future by improving their finances through saving and reducing their debts.


It took Graeme Holm approximately more than five months to do his research on the Australian mortgage market. The research was mainly focused on finding the problems experienced in the market. Such issues include lack of guidance, advice, family services and lack of support. When it was launched to the market, the company came up with a solution to all these challenges. The company provides a personal banker to their clients. The personal banker will help their clients with advice that will enable them to quickly pay off their loans without further unnecessary delays.


Infinity Group Australia reviews are positive as everyone thinks it’s an excellent initiative to the community. Recently, the Australian Financial Review’s has ranked the company as one of the Most Innovative Company in the country. There were thousands of companies that were nominated in this category, but Infinity Group Australia was ranked as the 58th best company.


With only five years in the market, the company has helped the Australian people reduce their debts, secure their futures and improve their finances. Infinity Group Australia reviews reveal that the company is one of the financial companies that are rising very fast in the market. The success of the company is attributed to its founder, Graeme Holm who brings over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. The company has now extended its goal, which is to be a personal trainer for the finances of Australians. It has now evolved to be listed as one of the best innovative companies in the country and as a trusted leader in the financial market.


Infinity Group Australia is located in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney. The company does not only focus on profit-making, but it also puts its focus on helping everyday Australians to achieve their financial goals and meet their financial needs. With their help, clients visiting the company can have over $41, 000 of their debts reduced within a year. Most of their clients have been able to pay off their debts for a period of three months. This has come as a surprise to many Australians who were used to be derailed by their debts for years. Learn more:

AvaTrade review Tailor-made Solutions

AvaTrade was established in 2006 and situated in Ireland. The firm is controlled in the European Union by the Central Bank of Ireland and works as an authorized speculation firm under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive AvaTrade is additionally approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. We observed them be a focused exchanging firm with a solid explanatory arm and a suite of transferring stages to oblige distinctive exchanging styles.


AvaTrade gives access to an expansive determination of money related markets – from Forex and cryptographic forms of payment to stock lists and products – and a wide assortment of exchanging stages on which to exchange those monetary resources. AvaTrade additionally furnishes account holders with the advantage of contrary adjust insurance so brokers will never lose more than the sum they have in store. AvaTrade Broker review “There is another angle which is to support AvaTrade, that is the way that the representative is Irish. The larger part of CFD suppliers for stock offers, Forex, and items are from Cyprus.”


The most remarkable component of AvaTrade is the staggeringly differing and rich mechanized exchanging bundle that comes packaged with the exchanging programming itself. Forex is exchanging APIs and propelled methodologies that offer for several dollars in the market are being provided for nothing by the intermediary for the straightforward cost of trading forex; you pay the spreads for exchanging and no extra expenses for the progressed and expert auto-exchanging devices. AvaTrade Broker review “AvaTrade is one of only a handful couple of representatives to have a physical office area which can go to in Ireland.”


AvaTrader is a capable easy to use stage that takes into consideration single-tick exchanging on all benefits from a single screen. It is an entirely adaptable stage that gloats progressed graphing, live-investigation and also gives bolsters. AvaTrade customer review “The record supervisors gave helpful preparing to exchanging as per the development of interest and supply.” Other AvaTrade customer reviews “Fortunately I got a call from my record director with important hints on ascertaining dangers (with a video) which were my most concerning issue. I’ll update all of you as often as possible ought to in the coming months.”

US Money Reserve, the BCA “AAA” rated precious metal producer

The United States astronomy community has just reported that on March 22nd, most parts of the country will experience a Mercury retrograde which will only be the first of a few in 2018. This is an occasion where the element mercury occurs in the sky in the form of fire.

The retrograde will result in technological mishaps that will be the cause for communication challenges, traffic madness, and panic in most human beings. The Aries energy that is supposed to be surrounding the ozone during the event will accelerate impulsive behaviors in individuals as well as wild characters. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Twitter

To some people, it may make no sense, but to those in the metal industry like US Money Reserve, the cause for concern is quite logical.

U.S Money Reserve is a ten-year-old agency leading published analyst of gold markets in the United States. It is also a gold coin distributor located in Huston, Texas. The company bares pride in the fact that it has assisted several profit-making companies in the decision making process when it comes to the choice between gold, silver, and platinum over the years. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

In its years of operation, US Money Reserve has been able to earn the trust of its clients by delivering on their agreements and for this reason, has accumulated a client base of five hundred thousand individuals and corporations.

Recently, US Reserve has launched an online website called The site has an outlook that echoes on its stature as a spearhead in the precious metal industry and also has adopted features that mirror on the company’s core principles of reliance and commitment.

The core purpose of the site is to provide a coin gallery in which clients can choose from virtually. It also has educative features on each coin in the gallery that will help in the purchase process. Shipping information is also provided on the site as well as refund information in case it is ever required.

The Business Consumer Alliance rated U.S Money “AAA” for its services under the leadership of Philip Noel Deihl, a former United States Mint director.

The Oxford Club Has New Advice And Strategies

There’s a lot to think about and a lot to do. People realize and understand what they are about and how they plan on making their specific strategy known to people. The Oxford Club has made a name for itself because they are focused on making sure their clients get what they need and are able to come away fully able to embrace what they are being given. Many people look at what the investment world is giving today and they are simply afraid. This isn’t the case for those who have gone through this special club of elite investment experts. They are preparing people for things they otherwise wouldn’t have.


Their new advice is to focus on trying to get into the new areas of investment and expanding from there. You can always look at what’s going to be up and coming and find a way to turn that into success. The ability to always look at what’s ahead and make plans is what separates them from others. It’s the reason that they have gotten so far and why others who follow their advice seem to be going so far. The formula works for a reason and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.


The world has already shown so much of what we know to be amazing. We know that the stock market has so many possible outcomes and we know that there are so many ways that this can go. People who follow the line of thinking that they are presenting can clearly see where they can take advantages. They just need to be prepared for what an happen in the long run. Fortunately there are others who also agree and are willing to follow their advice. They know what they’re doing and how to go about doing just that.


Glen Wakeman has been in the business and finance career path for more than twenty years. He got his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance in 1981 from the University of Scranton. He later joined the University of Chicago where he specialized in Finance and acquired a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1993.

Glen Wakeman got his first job at GE Capital where he held positions in Profit and Loss (p&l) and business development. In all his working environment, he was an outstanding mentor in leadership to all his colleagues.

Glen Wakeman’s success in the business sector has been attributed to his five key performance factors which are Execution, Governance, Human capital, Leadership and Risk management. He is currently a Chief Executive Officer at Launchpad Holdings a Software As A Service (SAAS) Company which was founded in 2015. The company deals with software development with the aim of making it easy for individuals and companies to develop plans for their ideas.

Glen Wakeman’s experience in the business world has enabled him to improve many businesses developing them with more than 17 000 workforces and enabling them to acquire more than $ 15 billion worth assets.

Apart from being an investor and entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman is also a researcher and a blogger in business. His blogs revolve around new business developments, new business markets, business leadership skills and global affairs affecting businesses.

Being a selfless and experienced entrepreneur and stakeholder, Glen Wakeman has provided aid to several C-level executives. He has also provided guidance to several Mergers and Acquisitions (M$A), start-ups (such the Seater Bees and the Dream funded) and entry to new markets among others.

In his career, Glen Wakeman has lived in six different states in Europe, Asia and South America in which he conducted business in 30 regions ( This has made him take part actively in various global business transformation platforms. He also provides strategic plans in raising capital, global finances and new investments.