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How Susan McGalla Became A Successful Female Leader

A lot of people have given out advice about how to succeed in a career when you’re a woman. However, much of this can be very generic and may not be very helpful to an everyday working woman; furthermore, a lot of it may come across as pandering and condescending. Having said that, though, Susan McGalla has launched a successful career and established herself as an expert on branding, marketing, talent management during this career. With that kind of career, she certainly knows a thing or two about getting ahead in your career as a woman.

Because of this, Susan McGalla has given a variety of talks about the subject of being a female leader; some of the most notable include the likes of Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. According to Ms. McGalla, she says she began speaking out about what careers are like for women because women were crying out for an authentic voice that can help them with their questions. Susan McGalla also noted that these women were looking for advice that was practical so that they could use it in their careers.

Ms. McGalla has noted that these women don’t want to be targeted as women but as professionals; however, she’s also noted that evolution has been underway for the past several years to have them seen as such. However, there’s still more work to do on this front, according to a variety of reports. Ms. McGalla has said that this evolution has been encouraging, however. When Susan McGalla was growing up, she had two brothers, and her father didn’t treat her any differently because she was a girl. Because of this, she was encouraged to work hard, as well as to present any ideas or thoughts she had with confidence, regardless of who the audience was.

Because of that, Ms. McGalla was able to be just as effective in each of her roles regardless of gender; she has said that neither her gender nor anyone else’s has been either helpful or a hindrance in her career so far. With that in mind, Susan McGalla has said that she’s just as comfortable working with men as she is with women; she also noted that she’s excelled working with both genders, which is why a person’s gender has never made much of a difference in her career so far.

Gareth Henry Ideamensch Interview

Gareth Henry has been in charge of Investor relations in most of the firms that he has worked for. Gareth studied at the University of Edinburg where he pursued actuarial science. Gareth’s work ethic mainly involves bringing together different ideas to help in the development of new ones. He also has a reputation in dealing with hedge funds and private equity of different organisation. He was recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he got to discuss both his personal and business life.

When asked about the origin of his company, Gareth Henry mentions that since his campus years he had always felt intrigued by the merging of finance and mathematics. He also says that once he had understood economics at a deeper level, he had become hooked on to giving people advice on some investment issues.

This, in turn, contributed to his gravitation towards investor relations. Gareth Henry goes on to describe his typical day’s schedule whose main highlight is that of meeting clients face to face and picking calls from all their clients. He also mentions that he also attends many meetings per day which make an average of about 500 sessions per year.

He says that his day begins at 7 am where he starts by making calls To both Asia and Europe region offices, and then he prepares and makes his way to his New York office to handle the main office business. In the afternoon and evenings, he makes his time for reviewing internal office business documents. He also mentions that he also finds time on Sundays to make calls to Asia and other offices to ensure that his business does not stop at any point.

When asked how Gareth Henry manages to bring ideas on the table, he mentions that for that to happen successfully, a person must be very enthusiastic with whatever they are pursuing. He suggests that passion is the secret behind every person’s success in their hustle.

When asked about the trends that excite him the most currently, he says that he is intrigued by the vast number of people who want to be part of asset investment in private and public equity firms. Another trend that he is fond of is that of cryptocurrencies which in his opinion, it is an exciting investment space. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing

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Serge Belamant Uses Social Media To Teach Young People About Money Management

While Serge Belamant may be the father of the technology that led to the modern use of blockchain when he was designing the chips that are still on the bank cards of today, he knows that ideas are not always easy to bring into reality. This is why he uses methods to make it easier to bring ideas to life. The first step in his process is breaking the idea that he is considering down to the simplest components that he possibly can. Once this is done, it’s easier to figure out if the idea is something that is even feasible to do or not. If the idea that you are considering still makes sense after doing this, it might be something that is possible.

After you have broken the idea down, Serge Belamant suggests figuring out what kind of people would be able to use the idea that you are considering. Even if it’s a great idea, it might not be worth doing if it won’t be useful to that many people. While you are thinking about the user base, Serge Belamant also states that you must figure out if the idea is useful enough that people would be willing to pay to use it. If there is a possibility for monetization, it’s time to start the first parts of the analyzing and planning phase of your plan. If the plans are reasonable and financially sound, you can move on to the prototype phase.

One of the most recent businesses that Serge Belamant has been working was actually inspired by his son who is also involved in the field of tech as a successful IT engineer who graduated from his college program with Honour’s. This newest business called Zilch was co-founded by Serge Belamant and focuses on bringing financial products to young people while teaching them how to manage their money and balance their budget. With this company, he hopes to be able to help this next generation be able to reach financial stability and be more aware of the different services that are available. In order to inform his customer base about their offerings, he implements the use of social media.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Leader Who Inspires Teams to Achieve Success

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an inspirational leader at L’Oreal, where he holds the position of Global Brand President of the company’s division of professional products. He oversees all the global operations of this division. At just 40 years, he is one of the young top rank leaders at L’Oreal and his competency in his duties is one of the reasons for the success of the professional products brands. Born in Venezuela, he briefly lived in the country before moving to the USA, and after 10 years in the country he moves to Paris, and it has been his home since he was 16 years old.

His educational background has supported his exceptional performance in the company. Dan Bethelmy-Rada holds an International Business Degree and an MBA from Sorbonne University and ESSEC Business School respectively. He was hired by L’Oreal after completing his graduate degree as Product Manager for LaScad. He has served in several other positions within the L’Orea Paris and the company’s Garnier brand before advancing to his current position at the beginning of 2015.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is currently heading a sizeable division that has required him to use the knowledge and experience he has amassed during his time in the company. The division and the company as a whole have recognized his efforts of developing the right skills in his team through training. Some of the individuals he has mentored are now holding leadership positions in the division. He is regarded as a highly talented person, and through his leadership, the division is reaching out to consumers in various parts of the world.

His support for employee development is noticeable through the diverse talents he has hired, whose contribution has taken professional brands, the likes of Matrix, to greater performance heights. During his free time, Dan Bethelmy-Rada practices photography as a passion and has also on several occasions used photography in bringing life to ideas.

His other sources of ideas include social media, studying the trends in the market, networking, and engaging people of different ages and from various parts of the globe. His team plays a significant part in actualizing the ideas. He is excited about the trend of using social media as a marketing strategy and his division shall continue harnessing its potential.