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Those Who Love Going To Nightclubs Will Love The Magnises Card

For some young people, getting into a nightclub can be the height of their enjoyment for the evening, but everyone gets bummed out if one or none of the people in a particular group can get into that nightclub on Twitter. Since everyone knows that nightclubs can have a lot of fun things going on inside, who wouldn’t want to visit a nightclub, especially one in New York City? Anyone who’s ever had problems entering a nightclub for various reasons, get ready to smile when you get to the front of the line because you’ll always be getting into the club when you have the Magnises card.

New York City has its challenges, especially with their nightclubs because everyone wants to go to one, but not everyone is qualified to get through the doors. One person may be dressed inappropriately, so they get turned away. Another person may not look hip enough, so they are turned away. Those who don’t have the money to cover their entrance on for any reason will also get turned away. It’s even possible to be turned away because the bouncer at the front door just doesn’t feel like letting that person inside, which is all very irritating.

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Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

Anyone who has a Magnises card that has a ClubPass on it will no longer have to go through the misery of being turned away after standing in line, and in some cases, the time standing in line may be shorter or cut out completely. How great would it be to get to the front of the line and in through the doors of the club to start partying the night away with no hassle? Getting the Magnises card can do all of this for you, especially if your thing is to hop from one nightclub to another.

The Magnises card doesn’t just come with the ability to add a ClubPass but other passes as well, and all of the passes can help the member in one way or another. The HotelPass can be added when a user wants great discounts at luxury hotels. The SportsPass is best for anyone who is particular about the great seats they want in a sports venue. The WorkPass is great when a professional would like access to Alley for a co-working space. Since Magnises knows what their users want, they have customized many fun things into one portable app.

The application is called the Magnises Concierge, which can be downloaded to just about any smartphone for usage. Once the application is downloaded, start looking through it to see what events are going to be taking place anytime in the near future. You can get all kinds of advice from the concierge about particular events, especially if you don’t normally party in the city that you’re going out into on that particular night. Since the Magnises card is also usable in Washington DC and San Francisco, anyone in these cities can enjoy using their Magnises Black Card.