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How Susan McGalla Became A Successful Female Leader

A lot of people have given out advice about how to succeed in a career when you’re a woman. However, much of this can be very generic and may not be very helpful to an everyday working woman; furthermore, a lot of it may come across as pandering and condescending. Having said that, though, Susan McGalla has launched a successful career and established herself as an expert on branding, marketing, talent management during this career. With that kind of career, she certainly knows a thing or two about getting ahead in your career as a woman.

Because of this, Susan McGalla has given a variety of talks about the subject of being a female leader; some of the most notable include the likes of Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. According to Ms. McGalla, she says she began speaking out about what careers are like for women because women were crying out for an authentic voice that can help them with their questions. Susan McGalla also noted that these women were looking for advice that was practical so that they could use it in their careers.

Ms. McGalla has noted that these women don’t want to be targeted as women but as professionals; however, she’s also noted that evolution has been underway for the past several years to have them seen as such. However, there’s still more work to do on this front, according to a variety of reports. Ms. McGalla has said that this evolution has been encouraging, however. When Susan McGalla was growing up, she had two brothers, and her father didn’t treat her any differently because she was a girl. Because of this, she was encouraged to work hard, as well as to present any ideas or thoughts she had with confidence, regardless of who the audience was.

Because of that, Ms. McGalla was able to be just as effective in each of her roles regardless of gender; she has said that neither her gender nor anyone else’s has been either helpful or a hindrance in her career so far. With that in mind, Susan McGalla has said that she’s just as comfortable working with men as she is with women; she also noted that she’s excelled working with both genders, which is why a person’s gender has never made much of a difference in her career so far.

Matthew Fleeger

MMatthew Fleeger is working together with an eleven year old girl named Sadie Keller to host a toy drive. Sadie Keller is a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of seven. This is a very aggressive form of cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow within the body. She went through many rounds of harsh chemotherapy to try to fight the cancer. She fought many dangerous infections, had to undergo blood transfusions, and saw many other effects but eventually came out on top and beat the disease.

Sadie has always been the type of child who wants to help others, so she made informational videos throughout her whole journey to help other kids going through the same thing or a similar thing that she was going through. Sadie had a drive to help other children, and thus the Sadie Keller Foundation was born.

When the Sadie Keller Foundation was started they did simple missions like fundraisers and collecting items for kids fighting cancer. Eventually the Sadie Keller Foundation teamed up with some really big names to go even farther. Sadie Keller got to work with Matthew Fleeger to host a toy drive around the holiday season. This gifts were handed out to children that would be receiving cancer treatments during the holidays.

Sadie Keller knows first hand the hard times that these kids are going through. She wants to work with people like Matthew Fleeger to help other kids like her. She wants to be able to bring light to their lives. Sadie wants them to know that even though they are going through tough times, it will get better. Matthew Fleeger and Sadie Keller are working together to change the world for these kids that are battling cancer. They want to provide hope.

How Lincolnshire Management is Redefining the New Yorks Alternative Investment Market

Acquisitions are slowly becoming one of the ways corporates can rebrand themselves. Lincolnshire Management is one of the few companies that are giving corporates a chance to reinvest in themselves. One of the best acquisitions of 2018 was the deal between Sentinel and the Holley. In an acquisition, the firm facilitating the deal must have the capacity to do background research on the two companies and more importantly protect the interests of both parties. According to the management of Lincolnshire Management, the deal between the two companies was unique in the sense that Holley was an already established entity and was performing well from its sales.

To give each company the best deal, the management of Lincolnshire Management points out that they had to do background research about each company’s ability and more importantly, their future projections. This knowledge gave them a better understanding of each party. In the world of acquisition, information is the greatest tool for better decisions and objective negotiations. After the deal, the representatives from both parties pointed out that the management company understood their positions and agreeing was easy. On the other hand, Ben Bartlett, who represented the management firm in these negotiations pointed out that both parties were on the right business track and the acquisition was the best decision for both parties. See the firm’s acquisitions in this article

Ben Bartlett also pointed out that although acquisitions are monetary-centered and the exchange of facilities, having a deeper understanding of each party’s aspirations is vital. He believes that this is the main reason why Lincolnshire Management continues to be a game changer in corporate space. The other reason why this management company is a game changer in this is how the company has invested in human resource. Human resource according to Bartlett (who is also the principal), is central to their success rate.

Due to this effective approach to acquisitions and other important corporate dealings, the company has completed more than 85 high profile acquisitions. This number of acquisitions means that the New York-based firm is one of the best-performing companies in this fast-growing sector. In 2019, Lincolnshire Management plans to help more companies in their transitional periods.

Matt Badiali is a Investment Force for Natural Resources

Matt Badiali is an investment guru for the realm of natural resources. A trained geologist Badiali uses his expertise to personally vet resource companies and provide mid-level investors with profitable projections. Badiali made a name for himself years ago when he more than doubled a investment return into natural resources. Since then he has become a trusted source for all manner of investments involving precious metals, natural gas and oil, as well as the market itself.

Banyan Hill

At present Matt Badiali serves Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor for two of their newsletters. Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. The newsletters contain his projections for all manner of natural resource investments taken directly from the source. Badiali travels the globe using his knowledge as a geologist to personally inspect resource operations and talk to CEOs.

Real Wealth Strategist is the newsletter that contains Matt Badiali’s natural resource projections. It offers detailed and accurate information on what natural resources are the ones to invest in at the moment. Front Line Profits contain information on key stock to invest in for hefty returns.

Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is mostly known for Freedom Checks. Most people not heavily involved in the investment world met Matt Badiali through his commercial. In it, a seated Badiali holds up a fat check and promises an identical one to investors. Freedom Checks are actually an investment in Master Limited Partnerships. These are stakes in stateside natural resource companies that operate like publicly traded entities, while remaining privately-held businesses.

The idea behind Freedom Checks is based on a tax break afforded by the government to MLP’s in order to boost stateside natural resource production. In order to take advantage of the tax break they have to give 90% of their profits to stakeholders. The company holds most of these stakes but offers out many more to private individuals. These investors receive monthly to quarterly payout as a return of capital for their investment. The stakes bear no controlling interest but offer high returns which is why Badiali is so interested in them. Real Wealth Strategist: Marijuana Investment Symposium By Matt Badiali