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Todd Levine – A creative Attorney

A founding member at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., Todd Levine is an experienced attorney in various areas of complex business disputes. Todd Levine’s focus is on litigation for commercial real estate disputes. He represents real estate brokers, property managers as well as buyers, sellers, contractors, and investors, however, his skills go beyond real estate. Levine has handled cases in the sports and entertainment fields as well as disputes with investment partnerships and finance deals. Being an individual who enjoys arts, science, and music, Todd Levine utilizes has unique and creative skills as an attorney to bring unique analytical skills and strategies to his clients.

Graduating from the University of Florida in 1988, Todd Levine later studied law at the Florida Levine College of Law and became an attorney. Among his recent accomplishments, attorney Todd Levine earned the Best Lawyer Award in 2018 for Real Estate Litigation from the US News and World Report. His accomplishments also include being recognized in the Super Lawyers Business Review, Florida Trend Magazine. Todd Levine has been recognized for his attorney services in the Daily Business Review as well as the South Florida Business Journal for his wide range of accomplishments. Click on this link to contact Levine.

Todd Levine’s success can be attributed to his diagnostic skills. For Levine, every litigation has a unique set of evidence, facts, and criteria. He has his own strategies for bringing each case to life. He has made it his mission to utilize creativity in a legal environment. This creativity is inspired by extensive knowledge about the case and the laws surrounding that case. Once that is accomplished, he boils down the issues to their simplest form. His philosophy is that a client’s argument is based on being human, and the simpler you can state those terms, the better the chance of success.

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NexBank Ranks Top 200 in the Country with Successful Raise of $283 Million of Debt and Equity in Just Two Years

Headquartered at Dallas, NexBank is the 10th largest bank in the Texas state. Additionally, it is among top 200 banks in the country. Founded in 1934, it has grown to have 89 employees at 3 locations by 2018. It puts its services into three categories including commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services.

In commercial banking segment, NexBank offers support to businesses as well as institutions with customized solutions and seamless delivery of services. Under institutional services, the banking company offers customized solutions to meet the varied needs of its clients. Ultimately, mortgage banking involves empowering clients to connect with broader possibilities leveraging on scale and expertise. It continues making huge deals including the completing of $54 million subordinated debt offering.

About a year ago, NexBank Capital Inc, announced the completion of a $54 million subordinated debt offering. It directed the proceeds from the offering to the general corporate purposes. This one of the major deals the financial service company has ever been involved in raising $283 million of debt as well as equity in total since 2016.

The notes are not callable for five years. The fixed interest rate assigned to the notes is 6.373% for five year. Beyond the five years, the notes bear interest at a floating rate depending on a spread above the then existing three-month LIBOR of 458.5 basis points. The notes have an investment grade rating or BBB. The recent offering of the notes involved Sandler O’Neil & Partners, L.P as the exclusive placement agent.

The financial services company’s corporate management team is made up of executive members with extensive experience and expertise. The banking company’s executive management team leverages industry expertise and a focus on serving their clients to offer unmatched financial services capabilities to institutional, corporate and individual customers. The company’s board of directors is led by James Dondero, the Co-Founder as well as President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. The company’s corporate leadership team has a strong commitment to the success of the company.

Apart from the business endeavors, NexBank Capital is a socially responsible corporation. It looks to make a positive impact on the community it operates in. The Dallas-based financial services company looks to make sustainable changes and promote Dallas community through financial education, loan programs, and economic development. It not only looks to promote the Dallas community, but also build a stronger community in other surrounding counties in the Dallas-Plano-irving metropolitan division.

Gareth Henry Ideamensch Interview

Gareth Henry has been in charge of Investor relations in most of the firms that he has worked for. Gareth studied at the University of Edinburg where he pursued actuarial science. Gareth’s work ethic mainly involves bringing together different ideas to help in the development of new ones. He also has a reputation in dealing with hedge funds and private equity of different organisation. He was recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he got to discuss both his personal and business life.

When asked about the origin of his company, Gareth Henry mentions that since his campus years he had always felt intrigued by the merging of finance and mathematics. He also says that once he had understood economics at a deeper level, he had become hooked on to giving people advice on some investment issues.

This, in turn, contributed to his gravitation towards investor relations. Gareth Henry goes on to describe his typical day’s schedule whose main highlight is that of meeting clients face to face and picking calls from all their clients. He also mentions that he also attends many meetings per day which make an average of about 500 sessions per year.

He says that his day begins at 7 am where he starts by making calls To both Asia and Europe region offices, and then he prepares and makes his way to his New York office to handle the main office business. In the afternoon and evenings, he makes his time for reviewing internal office business documents. He also mentions that he also finds time on Sundays to make calls to Asia and other offices to ensure that his business does not stop at any point.

When asked how Gareth Henry manages to bring ideas on the table, he mentions that for that to happen successfully, a person must be very enthusiastic with whatever they are pursuing. He suggests that passion is the secret behind every person’s success in their hustle.

When asked about the trends that excite him the most currently, he says that he is intrigued by the vast number of people who want to be part of asset investment in private and public equity firms. Another trend that he is fond of is that of cryptocurrencies which in his opinion, it is an exciting investment space. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing

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Dr. Saad Saad contributions as a pediatric surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad has been in the medical industry for the past four decades. He is one of the highly experienced surgeons of pediatric surgeons of our times. Since he joined this profession in the 1970s, he has never gone back in his mission of improving medical services.

His main goal was to come with initiatives that would change the medical industry by creating advanced methods of treatment that would reduce the risk of loss of life and pain. Read more: Dr. Saad | Vitals

Since taking up the initiatives, Dr. Saad can proudly say that he has managed to make a number of changes that have made the industry better than he found it. He has two major inventions patented under his name, an accomplishment that is only made by few.

Dr. Saad Saad is a living proof that it is possible to make it in life as long as there is dedication. He was born in Palestine, the Middle East before moving to Kuwait as a refugee after his family was evicted from their home by war. Despite growing up in a foreign land, he still managed to attain his goals.

While in Kuwait, he made up his mind that he would become a pediatric surgeon after realizing that it was the only in the operating room in the whole of Kuwait where he would enjoy the air-conditioned environment.

He attended Cairo University where he graduated with a medical degree. He attended his internship in England after emerging one of the top students in his class. He later moved to the United States to start his practice.

Dr. Saad Saad pursued approval as a medical professional from the US medical board after he attended his residency in surgery and pediatric surgery. In the 1980s, he was headhunted by the Saudi Royal Family to serve in Riyadh as a personal pediatric surgeon.

He satisfied the royal family that he was up to the task since he was the only US board-certified pediatric surgeon who could speak English and Arabic fluently. Read more: Dr. Saad | Vitals and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He served in Saudi Arabia for four and half years after which he went back to the United States. Dr. Saad Saad has served as a surgeon in New Jersey for the past four decades and has been a medical director at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital.

Dr. Saad recently retired as a pediatric surgeon. He has left with his head high after helping thousands of children aged between six months and 14 years to access simple and complex surgical operations.

He is happy that he has made an impact in an industry that makes a huge difference in the meaning of human life. His legacy as a great pediatric surgeon will live on for many years.

Krishen Iyer: The Lead Generation Specialist Ventures into Healthcare Entrepreneurship 

There are many types of marketing strategies in the online realm. Companies should invest in some of the best platforms depending on their objectives. From venturing into influencer marketing to social media ads, and email marketing, every organization should select a marketing strategy that will be beneficial in the long run. Affiliate marketing allows organizations to benefit from extensive exposure. It also enables bloggers to earn some percentage of the total revenue for sharing a post as well as a link. Therefore, marketing professionals need to promote this method of marketing products and services since it’s more financially smart and objective when it comes to achieving their dreams. Being a confident business professional, and a successful entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer uses affiliate marketing since he believes that it a valuable method for bloggers to collaborate various projects thereby finding a significant common ground.

Defining Affiliate Marketing

If you’re wondering how business professionals manage their websites as well as blogs yet they don’t leverage products make money, then you’re in the right place. These individuals have page banners within their blog posts, which often feature affiliate marketing. This marketing strategy involves a website where a blog author posts a link to another owner’s site or product to earn a commission from the sales made. This often allows readers to connect as well as look for bloggers. For instance, if someone searches for tips regarding how to purchase the right winter gear, they may find a blog post about this topic. Blog writers understand that people who look for such articles are likely to buy a particular product. The owner of the blog provides a chance for affiliate links. See more here


Krishen Iyer has a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. He attended the San Diego State University before starting his career as the CEO of Name My Premium Insurance. He would later realize a massive gap between known insurance companies and customers. Krishen Iyer therefore decided to establish Managed Benefits Services. The company provides advice to dental and healthcare insurance companies. With Krishen Iyer at the helm of leadership, it’s successfully managed to cater to more than 1,000 clients since its founding.

Serge Belamant Uses Social Media To Teach Young People About Money Management

While Serge Belamant may be the father of the technology that led to the modern use of blockchain when he was designing the chips that are still on the bank cards of today, he knows that ideas are not always easy to bring into reality. This is why he uses methods to make it easier to bring ideas to life. The first step in his process is breaking the idea that he is considering down to the simplest components that he possibly can. Once this is done, it’s easier to figure out if the idea is something that is even feasible to do or not. If the idea that you are considering still makes sense after doing this, it might be something that is possible.

After you have broken the idea down, Serge Belamant suggests figuring out what kind of people would be able to use the idea that you are considering. Even if it’s a great idea, it might not be worth doing if it won’t be useful to that many people. While you are thinking about the user base, Serge Belamant also states that you must figure out if the idea is useful enough that people would be willing to pay to use it. If there is a possibility for monetization, it’s time to start the first parts of the analyzing and planning phase of your plan. If the plans are reasonable and financially sound, you can move on to the prototype phase.

One of the most recent businesses that Serge Belamant has been working was actually inspired by his son who is also involved in the field of tech as a successful IT engineer who graduated from his college program with Honour’s. This newest business called Zilch was co-founded by Serge Belamant and focuses on bringing financial products to young people while teaching them how to manage their money and balance their budget. With this company, he hopes to be able to help this next generation be able to reach financial stability and be more aware of the different services that are available. In order to inform his customer base about their offerings, he implements the use of social media.

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Enjoy Oral Care Health With Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Is your baby going through the discomfort of getting their first teeth? As a parent, are you left with the anxiety of watching your baby teething? The Hyland’s teething tablets brand focuses on getting your baby well with ingredients that parents can pronounce. See more here . Unfortunately, when your baby is teething they go through a number of symptoms. Most mother’s just want to get their baby well. They don’t trust the traditional oral care tablets that just put their little ones to sleep, but the medication doesn’t focus on the pain. They know Hyland’s oral care tablets will get their baby well fast with comfort medicine they can trust.

Why Parents Trust The Hyland’s Teething Tablets Brand

You can trust Hyland’s for their fast acting ingredients. They focus on empowering parents about an alternative to traditional pain medicine. They make your feel good about giving your baby Hyland’s teething tablets every day to get well. Your baby can get rid of the diarrhea, discomfort, swelling, and inability to eat with soothing oral care tablet manufactured by the professionals. The needs of your baby continue to come first when they’re creating pain medication at Hyland’s. They relieve the pain of your baby getting their first teeth.

Hyland’s is also a homeopathic brand that provides holistic relief. They’re very similar to treating your baby with herbs. Are you interested in calming tablets for your little ones? You can find a list of their products on popular online retailers like Amazon with a complete listing of their ingredients. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of products and have them shipped to your door. Their US users will also notice discounted rates with their brand. Get the benefits of knowing your oral care tablets are dedicated to putting the needs of your baby first. If you’re trying to get your baby well, trust the Hyland’s teething tablets brand for your little one.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Leader Who Inspires Teams to Achieve Success

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an inspirational leader at L’Oreal, where he holds the position of Global Brand President of the company’s division of professional products. He oversees all the global operations of this division. At just 40 years, he is one of the young top rank leaders at L’Oreal and his competency in his duties is one of the reasons for the success of the professional products brands. Born in Venezuela, he briefly lived in the country before moving to the USA, and after 10 years in the country he moves to Paris, and it has been his home since he was 16 years old.

His educational background has supported his exceptional performance in the company. Dan Bethelmy-Rada holds an International Business Degree and an MBA from Sorbonne University and ESSEC Business School respectively. He was hired by L’Oreal after completing his graduate degree as Product Manager for LaScad. He has served in several other positions within the L’Orea Paris and the company’s Garnier brand before advancing to his current position at the beginning of 2015.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is currently heading a sizeable division that has required him to use the knowledge and experience he has amassed during his time in the company. The division and the company as a whole have recognized his efforts of developing the right skills in his team through training. Some of the individuals he has mentored are now holding leadership positions in the division. He is regarded as a highly talented person, and through his leadership, the division is reaching out to consumers in various parts of the world.

His support for employee development is noticeable through the diverse talents he has hired, whose contribution has taken professional brands, the likes of Matrix, to greater performance heights. During his free time, Dan Bethelmy-Rada practices photography as a passion and has also on several occasions used photography in bringing life to ideas.

His other sources of ideas include social media, studying the trends in the market, networking, and engaging people of different ages and from various parts of the globe. His team plays a significant part in actualizing the ideas. He is excited about the trend of using social media as a marketing strategy and his division shall continue harnessing its potential.

Igor Cornelsen Is A Devoted Entrepreneur Who Understands The Brazilian Stock Market Like No Other

Igor Cornelsen is an investing genius who has been able to create plenty of passive income for himself during his career. He teaches others to do the same and has said that passive income involves putting together a strategic plan that will allow people to not have to work as much. There many different ways to create passive wealth, and some of these include bonds, stocks, real estate, and other businesses.

Igor Cornelsen has made a lot of his own wealth through the stock market. He is known as one of the more successful Brazilian investors in today’s world and has been helping others to create wealth for over four decades. What sets him apart from others is his unique ability to to recognize opportunities in the stock market. All of his skills just didn’t show up overnight. He had to work on them over the years and won his success through patience and devotion.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil, and he studied at the Federal University of Parana. When he was in attendance, this was the only school offering courses on engineering, and this is what he studied. He eventually became interested in economics and switched his major to that field. When he graduated, he decided to go to work for Multibanco. He stayed with the bank until it was bought out by Bank of America. After this, he went to work for Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC.

Igor Cornelsen eventually started up his own investment company, which is known as Bainbridge Investments Inc. Since he had already been managing funds for various banks, it was a clear step for him to take. His firm has offices in the Bahamas, and it focuses on identifying strong investment opportunities. Cornelsen continues to be one of the most successful investors in Brazil and the rest of the world.

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