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Interview with Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a cosmetics brand that sells makeup and other special products for skin treatment as The Cut did an interview with the founder of the makeup brand on Sunday Riley, her rise to fame, and her unique name. The entrepreneur saw a need for a cosmetics brand with real and healthy ingredients from mother nature. That is where the idea for Sunday Riley arose from and the individual says trying out products went a long way and working every day to form new items by the smell, feel, and what it does to the body. The founder explains that many times it can take a long time to put a product on the market for her and that it takes a lot of experiments and that she usually does not have a specific item on the market for a long time if she sees that it can be improved. The individual is steadfast on delivering terrific products to customers all across the world and the interview goes into one of her specific items called Good Genes, which she is not the proudest of, but she knows its one that she did a lot of work on. The individual does not like to get tied to a specific item in her collection that she sells as she tends to always cut items that do not sell well; whether she likes them or not. Even though Sunday Riley is famous and on the rise, the founder does not let it get to her head or feel more entitled than anyone else, but she works every day to form new products and wants to still make a difference. She truthfully admits that she does not read what people write online about the brand from blogs or individuals, but will contact her team to get some feedback about complaints on the products purchased to fix the issue. Good Genes is an item that sold well amongst all the others that the founder believes is due to its effects on the skin and the limited availability of others like it at that time. Sunday Riley gives advice for people to wash their skin. The founder’s name is Sunday Riley and she credits her father for giving her that name as he thought it would be good for business and it worked out to be true.

interview with The Cut

Lincolnshire Management: A Renowned Private Equity Firm

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that was established in 1986 and the company specialized in investing and propelling the growth of middle market corporations. The headquarters of Lincolnshire Management is based in New York, and the company also has regional offices in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The company invests recapitalizations, management buyouts, acquisition of private companies, corporate diversities, and the growth equity for both private and public corporations. Lincolnshire is also responsible for the management of $1.8 billion in the form of private equity funds. Since its establishment in 1986, Lincolnshire Management has been diversifying by investing in other industries by engaging in more than 70 acquisitions. The executives at Lincolnshire Management also have the necessary operational expertise and hands-on managerial experience thereby enabling to propel the company’s growth profoundly.

About Lincolnshire Management

Steven Jay Kumble is one of the executives who serve at Lincolnshire. In 2017, he was recognized as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member because of his numerous achievements in the field of private equity investing. Steven Kumble is the founder of Corinthian Capital Group, LLC, and he also serves as a chairman in the same organization. He has also worked in deals with and private corporations as an executive, which has enabled him to have a deeper understanding of private equity investing.

Kumble has worked at companies such as GIT Realty and Mortgage Investors, the Goodrich Investors Group, and the National Airlines. Kumble has also served in the U.S. Army as a First Lieutenant for two years. Corinthian Capital was founded in 2005, and the company mainly deals with investment businesses. The corporation takes time to get an in-depth understanding of each company as well as offering a tailor-made investment structure to each corporation that procures its services.

Kumble was able to form Lincolnshire Management with the help of Frank C. Wright, Jr. in 1986. Steven Jay Kumble went ahead and served as the company’s chairman until 2005. During his tenure as the chairman, Lincolnshire Management engaged in buyout transactions that amounted to more than $1 billion. Kumble studied at the Yale University where he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree. He also enrolled at the Harvard Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor. By studying in such prestigious institutions, StevenJay Kumble was able to ensure that corporations such as Lincolnshire Management were able to prosper during his tenure as an executive.

Malcolm Casselle : Being So Good They Kick You Out

Malcolm Casselle is one of the worlds most revered businessmen and entrepreneurs. His work in technological innovation began during his early MIT years where he was not only working towards completing his degree in computer science, but also involving himself in various projects within the school. In fact, Malcolm would be certified on an electron microscope by the age of 17.

During his time at MIT, Malcolm would already be showing the early signs of wanting to give back, working with volunteer groups such as the big brother organization. He did this through his fraternity Theta Xi where he was the treasurer and lead event coordinator.

Jumping forward a few years and now we see Malcolm Casselle leading digital trade innovation through OPSkins & WAX as their CIO. Malcolm states that the internet has changed how we use and carry currency. Understanding the emerging opportunity within digital currency such as bitcoin has been a leading force in Malcolm’s quest to innovate and deliver a service that all users could benefit from.

OPSkins is an online trading platform where gamers could buy, sell and trade any digital item for real money. These could include difficult to obtain weapons or attires for their avatars and essentially make their whole gaming experience that much better. Prior to platforms like OPSkins, many of these trades would go through informal settings such as gaming forums which would lead to fake products or nonpayment. In the end, this method was considered the wild wild west of gamer trading.

When OPSkins emerged on the steam gaming platform gamers where ecstatic. Now they were able to sell and buy their digital skins in a safe environment. Unfortunately Steam did not like the fact that players where using OPSkins instead of the Stream platform which was not well liked by gamers as Steam would place trades on hold or not complete the process at all. OPSkins was eventually removed from the Steam website to force gamers into having to use the Steam trading platform. In the end, this might have been good news for OPSkins and their team as they would not leave to create WAX and a whole new community of gamers waiting to invest in their service.