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Sandy Chin success through assistance of mentorship

Sandy Chin has been able to handle the transactions of consumer staple stocks safeguarding her knowledge as a manager for over two decades. She is the mastermind behind Tidal Bore Capital, which she initiated in 2016. This has permitted her to handle a portfolio concentrating on bottom-up platforms. Her initial time to handle the hedge fund was at Vision Asset Management. She attained an MBA from Stern School of Business of New York University. Furthermore, she graduated with a BA in political science from Columbia Universities Barnard College.

Sandy Chin has utilized 10 years on mentorship of Bill Leach which has made her stronger and a specialist in the financial sector. During her time in the career, she managed to handle a variety of hedge funds and businesses where she got to experience. She developed a strong bond with her mentor when he motivated her to accompany him during meetings and conferences. Through this accompanying, she gained skills on how to value staple stocks, enquire management firms and search for pattern recognition. By mentoring the young associates, team members became greater and their modeling and stockpiling enhanced.

The essential element that made Sandy Chin and her mentor become outstanding was his willingness to educate her and proper time allocation for the desk tasks. The important challenge that Billy helped her was when she decided to pursue further education while working. He was supportive of the dual roles she undertook. In addition, he assisted her to obtain promotions while at school. The key lessons that she learned from her mentor included never to refuse to attend a meeting no matter who the participants were. Regularly improve the yearly models and ask questions during the session. Invest your own cash in stocks to comprehend and learn how stocks alter after the earnings report.

According to Sandy Chin, the proper method to comprehend about stocks and what to search for in consumer staple firms is to remain in the similar department for numerous years. By having a mentor who acknowledges the space and can outline the best views are more valuable. Moreover, she has been able to mentor her assistant since 2008 and motivated her to further her studies. She has been able to provide help to numerous individuals seeking guidelines on entering the business. Her mentor was not yet retired when she requested him to join her in Tidal Bore Capital. Currently, he is retired, but they still talk regularly and he offers advice.

Fortress Investment Group’s Partnership with iPass

Recently, Fortress Investment Group (FIG) extended its operations to enable its shareholders to invest in iPass—a global provider of global connectivity. The amount of money required for the deal totalled to $20million, of which half the amount was passed to iPass. Addressing journalists, iPass CEO commented that the money would be used to grow the company’s revenue and close profitability gaps. During the signing of the loan, FIG used iPass’ patent portfolio and considerable assets to secure the loan. Many financial analysts have agreed that this deal would earn FIG’s stakeholders more profit since iPass ranks well in equity research and performs well in the business world. Visit

iPass operates the globes largest Wi-Fi network, enabling millions of individuals and firms to access the internet through millions of Wi-Fi hotspots. Even though the company already has millions of clients across the world, reports indicate that the firm aims to expand its services and grow by 340 million by the end of the year 2018. In anticipation of this growth, Fortress Investment Group made a clever decision when investing in the internet and Wi-Fi technology.

Having been the first private-equity firm to go public, Fortress Investment Group has remained to be a trendsetter and also invests in fields where there are adjusted-risks to allow its clients to make profits in the long-run. As such, investing in iPass offers such convenience because the number of Wi-Fi users keeps growing and many individuals and firms conduct their businesses online and on-the-go. As such, the deal offers to raise each party’s profile and issue investors with long-term dividends.

The investment decisions Fortress Investment Group has made over the last few years reflect its ability to transform many companies in various industries within a short period. Looking at FIG’s recent projects, the company has proven to go beyond limits and make its presence felt across various industries. Conclusively, watching the next Fortress Investment Group’s investment moves would be a mesmerizing endeavor because the firm still aims at exploring the ever-growing market and practice innovation in the foreseeable future.



Madison Street Capital’s Dedication to the Highest Professional Standards

As a leading global investment firm, Madison Street Capital was advising Sachs Capital Group in the acquisition process of the RMG Networks. The funding was provided by Merion Investment and Virgo Capital to make the transaction a success. The services of RMG Networks include digital signage media software, hardware, and other services that it offers to more than 50% of the Fortune 100. Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway says that the firm’s team during that process was under Barry Petersen.

Sachs Capital Group Chief Executive Officer says his company was pleased by how the transaction was closed terming the RMG Networks transaction as a fascinating one. As of now, RMG Network has a better chance of capitalizing on the available growth opportunities for its owners. To achieve this, the company will have to use the digital signage, which pegs on cloud technology and Korbyt, which is a corporate communication platform.

The transaction earns RMG Networks shareholders $1.29 per share. The transaction resulted in RMG stopping the trade of its stocks at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange starting from 28 September 2018.

RMG Networks has strived to go beyond the traditional communications to assist businesses to maximize productivity, efficiency, and engagement using digital messaging. RMG also offers a sole point of responsibility through the combination of the best software, hardware, business application, and services, all of which are essential for the combined data conception and instantaneous management of performance. RMG Network operates from Dallas, Texas where the main headquarters are located. It also has additional offices around the globe.

On the other hand, Sachs Capital Group positions itself as a patient and sophisticated partner that provides flexible non-regulatory and regulatory capital to prosperous businesspersons. Their investment policy is anchored in the belief of long-term and capital appreciation with controlled financial and operating risk. The company is a disciplined investor that focuses on the business fundamentals, valuation, greater management, and appropriate corporate authority.

Madison Street Capital

This company is committed to excellence, integrity, leadership, and service in providing merger and acquisition knowledge, corporate financial advisory services, financial options as well as valuation services to privately and publicly owned businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation as the best international banking firm positions its clients to flourish in the international open market. It takes every project from its clients as its own, from financial advisory, successful investment advances to M&A transaction of ownership. According to Madison Street, the emerging markets are the fueling factor for the global growth of their client. As such, it continues to focus significantly on the assets within these markets. It is a trusted company because of its dedication to the highest standards of professionalism.

Madison Street Capital continues to shines in its endeavor to remain the leader in investment banking firm industry.


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Peter Briger, Expert in Disfavored Assets and Distressed Debt

Peter Briger carved out a niche for himself first by buying disfavored assets at Goldman Sachs and then by purchasing distressed debts at the Fortress Investment Group. Peter worked at Goldman Sachs for 15 years during which period of time he became a partner in 1996 and co-founded the Special Situations Group in 1997. The Special Situations Group’s primary goal was to make profits by purchasing disfavored assets at greatly reduced prices and holding them until the relevant markets stabilizes, at which time such assets would be sold netting huge profits. The types of disfavored assets bought and sold by the Special Situations Group varied greatly, for example, car loans, travel mortgages, a commercial aircraft, a British power plant, an alcoholic beverage company, among other disfavored assets. The Special Situations Group proved to be one of Goldman Sachs’ most profitable revenue generator ever.

In 2002, Peter Briger parted ways with Goldman Sachs and joined the Fortress Investment Group, where he was given charge of its credit and real estate business. At the Fortress Investment Group, Peter bought up distressed debts, such as bank and government non-performing and risky illiquid assets, at rock-bottom prices when the opportunity presented itself in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. In 2015, Peter continued to buy up risky assets from banks when new regulatory and political changes mandated forced sales of their risky assets.

Peter Briger is one of three principals at the Fortress Investment Group as well as a co-chairman of the company’s board of directors. He is also a member of the Management Committee at the Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger holds a B.A. degree from Princeton and an M.B.A. degree from the Wharton School of Business. In February 2007, Peter Briger made Forbes billionaire list when the Fortress Investment Group issued an Initial Public Offering. However, the Fortress Investment Group’s stock price has since been devalued by 74% and his 44 million shares no longer confer upon him billionaire status. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt

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GreenSky Bluegrass Band: Do you know this band?

If you remember their humble beginnings in Michigan in the early 2000s, you know that GreenSky Bluegrass Band has come a long way in the entertainment circles. Their popularity stems from their ability to bring traditional rural genres into the unchartered mainstream-jam scene. This unique approach to music is what makes them one of the most followed touring bands in the country. Going by their recent performances, there is no doubt that their best days still lie ahead.

Performance Venues

By headlining some of America’s most famous venues, the GreenSky Bluegrass Band has earned itself annual recurring performances. You can watch them at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver or the Telluride Bluegrass festival among many other venues. In addition to that, they spent the first weeks of 2018 on a tour of North America which was a significant success.

Their Fans

Their fans, popular known as “Campers,” follow the band from city to city during their performances. There is a massive group of fans that tag along for an entire tour. The fans hope that by following the GreenSky Bluegrass Band, they will experience a new phenomenon in every city. Indeed, the performers do not disappoint as every performance is a unique experience. Going by the recent developments, there is no doubt that the number of campers will keep growing.

Band Members

The GreenSky Bluegrass Band consists of amazingly talented members. For instance, Phil Lesh is a trained trumpet player while bassist Mike Devol learned the cello at a tender age at the Cleveland Music School, Ohio. Before joining Bluegrass, Paul Hoffman, who is the mandolin player, had many childhood ambitions. He acted in theaters, sang in choirs, and played the viola at the age of 10. The band is always open to performing alongside other musicians on stage.

Information from the GreenSky Bluegrass Band’s official website indicates that there will be a new album in January 2019 and a winter tour. The tour will be meant to support the album dubbed “All for Money.” With the band earning more recognition every day, there is no doubt that their fans have a lot to look forward to, especially, regarding new music.

CloudWick: Business Solutions For Today’s World

No matter the type of industry, today’s business world requires companies and managers to possess the ability to think outside the box as much as possible. This is especially important when it comes to technology and how it can be applied to various aspects of a company’s operations. From the biggest financial institutions and retail corporations to industrial facilities with locations around the world, being able to access data in a manner that is easy and efficient is becoming more and more important. As a result, many companies are turning to CloudWick to find solutions to these and other issues.

In many types of businesses, sales forecasting is an important tool used in determining future revenues, hiring decisions, and other matters. As a result, they need data systems that allow for easy and accurate tracking of information, as well as the ability to offer insight into future trends. By using CloudWick machine learning models, this can be achieved. In using this technology to establish an AWS environment, businesses can have the tools necessary to make important decisions.

Along with sales forecasting, financial institutions also rely on large amounts of data to make various decisions related to both customers and employees. Because of this, CloudWick can help these clients with AWS features as well. For example, a company can use this feature to help organize data related to customer accounts and credit histories, enabling them to be proactive in determining the likelihood of which customers might default on loans, or perhaps be credit risks in other areas.

And as anyone who has flown on an airline knows, there is nothing more frustrating than having a flight unexpectedly delayed. To reduce the chances of this happening, many commercial airline companies now rely on machine learning models to help with flight delay predictions. By using CloudWick technology, these companies can now tackle this extremely complex issue with much more efficiency. By doing so, not only do customers reap the benefits of having their flights be on time more often, but companies are much better able to limit financial losses due to delayed flights.

Adam Milstein: Leading movement to stop antisemitism

There is continued search for justice and equality for all human beings in the world today. The world is trying to fight cases of discrimination and hate of any kind. All human beings are equal and should be treated equally. However, despite all the efforts that are being applied to fight hate in the world, there is one that has stuck with us for a very long time and seems not to be going away any time soon despite the efforts being directed in its eradication. Anti-Semitism is a specific hate directed to the Jews. According to Jewish activist Adam Milstein, this is a form of hate that will not go away in the near future because it is supported by radical groups.

Adam Milstein has for a long time been trying to sensitize the world regarding this issue of anti-Semitism. He has been leading a campaign to eradicate the hate which he believes is an injustice against the people of Israel. The hatred against Jews is manifested in many forms. Sometimes it’s a joke and others can be very serious such as the action being taken by the BDS Movement. This movement intends to hurt the people of Israel by weakening them economically and alienating them from the rest of the world. Such a movement intends to weaken the Jews so that they can attack them. The enemies of the State of Israel put it categorically that they should be wiped out of the world, a statement that shows the level of hate facing the Jews.

Adam Milstein lives in the United States. He is an Israeli-American who is ready to change the situation by supporting the Jewish community in a stand against hate. Adam Milstein has been living in the United States since the 1980s, but he has never forgotten about his motherland. Every year, he is donating millions to pro-Jews causes that seek to strengthen the community. He believes the solution to the myriad of challenges facing the community lies in the unity of the community. There is no other way they can afford to stop their enemies than by standing strong and resisting discrimination.

GreenSky goes high while Lending Club dredges the sewer

The fintech industry has been rocked by scandal and scandalized by rock-headed missteps. The industry has witnessed the cringeworthy collapse of a number of its previous darlings. Companies like Lending Club and OnDeck, once touted as the next paradigm-shifting tech companies, have buckled under the crushing weight of their own arrogance and folly.

But one company is still standing tall. GreenSky Credit has proven that it has the staying power that its wayward competitors lack. The company has been in business since 2006. And during its 13 years of existence, GreenSky has not changed its business model at all. So powerful is its vision of how lending can be aided through the development of technology that GreenSky has been able to rapidly expand into many new markets, using precisely the same technology and business model that it debuted in the home remodeling sector.

Lending Club should have listened to John Dillinger

The secret behind the success of GreenSky seems almost too obvious to even mention: The company has simply gone where the money is. In this regard, many of the firm’s competitors could have benefitted from the answer that John Dillinger gave when questioned as to why he robbed banks.

Rather than lending to their preferred customer base because that’s where the money is, companies like OnDeck and Lending Club deliberately sought out markets that had long been studiously ignored by mainstream banking, precisely because they are where the money isn’t. While Lending Club and OnDeck sought to change the world and usher in a neo-Marxian utopia of total financial equality, where street people merrily skipped, hand in hand, with Wall Street tycoons, GreenSky was making sensible loans to people who had a good chance of paying them back. While other fintech companies were trying to conjure magical profits using deadbeat relics like NINJA loans and micro-lending, the company was busy creating real value by doing deals where everyone walked away a big winner.

And, today, we see who has emerged victorious and who has been decimated and run over, roughshod. By learning from the past, GreenSky Credit has become the future of fintech.

Drew Madden brings innovation to the healthcare sector

Healthcare is a sector that is faced with a lot of issues that needs people are talented to solve. Top entrepreneurs are trying to see how they can incorporate technology in the healthcare sector to improve the delivery of services to customers. Regular screening is crucial because some patients wait until they experience a significant issue.

Drew Madden is one of the most recognized figures when it comes to the healthcare IT industry. The entrepreneur has always been passionate about Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He has worked hard to make a difference in the healthcare sector. Since he started a consulting firm, he has accomplished a lot in his career. The healthcare IT expert has contributed significantly to the transformation of the industry. He gained his experience from working for some of the top organizations in the world.

Drew Madden started his career as an IT professional and thought he would stay in his career. But he landed a job in a medical company where he was working at the IT department. He was promoted because he loved the work and also worked hard for the firm. It is while working at this company that he saw there were opportunities for improvement. Although Drew Madden has achieved great success, he is the kind of person who loves helping others. Preventive care is an essential aspect of healthcare because it is better to prevent an illness than to treat it. That is why Drew loves incorporating technology in the medical industry.

One major problem facing the healthcare industry is that people are not willing to go to see a doctor unless experience a significant issue. But this can be solved by the use of wearable technology. People are willing to wear something that can help them in monitoring the status of their health. If you experience an issue, Drew Madden works with a team of experts who can respond efficiently. Drew is an entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in his life, but he wants to continue working to help others. He is experienced and believes he has what it takes to transform the healthcare IT industry.

Stream Energy Formalizes its Corporate Social Responsibility in Dallas

In March 2018, Stream Energy formalized its corporate social responsibility in Dallas. The reputable direct marketing company launched Stream Cares Foundation, a charity that will be helping destitute Citizens residing in the United States.

Stream Cares Foundation was established a few days after the Hurricane Harvey swept away the houses, property, and businesses of the citizens living in Houston. In the aftermath, several people lost their homes and their source of living. Some lost their loved ones.

It is this disaster that prompted Stream Energy to establish its charity foundation.

According to Stream’s top management, the charity would use part of its proceeds to reconstruct the homes destroyed by the floods. Also, the principal direct marketing company would help the financially challenged citizens to start projects that would stabilize their status.

After launching the charity, Stream’s management said that the foundation would formalize and extend their philanthropic activities. Furthermore, the firm acknowledged that it has been supporting underserved societies for decades.

How Will Stream Energy Benefit From Their Generous Action?

According to an article posted on, Stream’s philanthropy gave them a competitive advantage over their competitors. Citizens from around the United States felt that the company treasured the community it attended.

Many companies have successfully used the corporate social responsibility strategy to mend their reputation after scandals and layoffs. On that account, Stream’s active social corporate responsibility will cement its excellent reputation.

Stream Energy Has Been Active In Philanthropy

Before launching its charity arm, Stream funded multiple not for profit organizations that supported important causes like childcare and humanitarian aid. For instance, the direct marketing company supported Home Supply Co., a charity organization that supports the United States’ homeless population.

Besides accommodating the homeless, Hope Supply Co supplies hygiene items, diapers, backpacks, and other essential items to agencies that support the homeless kids.

Stream Energy is an active volunteer at the International Committee of the Red Cross. Stream helps the global humanitarian organization to improve health, as well as advocate for the rights of people living with special needs. Also, Red Cross offers humanitarian aid to victims of disasters.