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Christ Haven Pentecostal Church and Kevin Seawright Partner To Help Unite Philadelphia Communities

During the holiday season, members of the Christ Haven Pentecostal Church and Kevin Seawright, the CEO of RPS Solutions, demonstrated the type of brotherly love that defines the city of Philadelphia. The church and the company partnered together to hold a toy drive and holiday luncheon for their community. Over 200 children of all ages were in attendance for the toy drive. This event helped to brighten the holiday for these children, as many of their parents may not have been able to provide Christmas gifts for their children otherwise.

While the adults celebrated over their favorite foods at the luncheon, the highlight for the children was the toys and the new friends they made while participating in the various activities. It was a time of reflection over the previous year and anticipation of hope in the coming new year. The theme of the day was about people coming closer together as a community. Watching the children in attendance playing together showed that it was indeed possible for the community to be close again as it once was. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

This type of event was not new for the members of Christ Haven Pentecostal Church, which has been a stable fixture in the community since the 1980s. The church has been a place where people of diverse backgrounds are welcome. The church started the outreach ministry under the leadership of William F. Todd Sr. to serve the people in the community.

Kevin Seawright CEO of RPS Solutions, believes in empowering communities and has always been actively involved in the community. He has experience in education, local government, and real estate development. While in Baltimore Maryland he served on the advisory board for the Babe Ruth Museum and coached little league sports. He was also a member of the National Association of Black Accountants, the American Society for Public Administration, and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. RPS Solutions builds new homes and renovates buildings to provide affordable housing to Baltimore communities. The company also works with individuals to help them become financially stable so that they can qualify for home ownership.



Five Tips On Paying Down Your Monthly Credit Card Debt Brought to You By Southridge Capital

How many of you have one of our credit cards? Well, then you know what a big responsibility it is. You cannot simply charge something and expect it to pay itself off. You do need to be diligent with our credit cards.


Here at Southridge, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service possible. That means helping Southridge Capital clients’ understand their role with credit cards and paying down the debt.


1) You need to make a payment every month. You cannot just make a payment when you feel like it, though, some of our clients like to believe that. Your payment is scheduled on an exact day. We know this is common sense, but you are going to be surprised at how many clients do not listen to this.


2) You can ask a credit counseling service for help. In fact, we recommend it, especially for those who are deep in debt. We have a list of people you can talk to at one of our office locations. You can also Google the information online.


3) You may be tempted to close out an account, once it is paid off, but we do not recommend it. Keeping the account open will help your credit score. We can give you some more information about that. Give us a call or go online to our official site or Facebook page.


4) Paying the whole thing off right away may not be healthy for your credit score. We did some research on that. We found that making routine monthly payments is the better way to secure a healthy score.


5) You also need to start saving as much as you can when you can. Take any money you have leftover and open up a savings account with us. It does not need to be a lot. Saving a little bit over time will do the trick. You can speak to us about our savings accounts today by going online or giving us a call.


For more info, visit the company’s crunchbase page.

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Bernardo Chua Reveals His Secret To Success

In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded Organo. Since that time, he has remained at the head of the innovative business, acting as the chief executive officer. Prior to starting Organo, Bernardo attended school at University of Santo Tomas, which is in the Philippines. While there, he earned a Bachelor of Science. He says he had dreamed of attending medical school, but that career path didn’t work out for him.

Instead, Mr. Chua felt a call to entrepreneurship and worked toward starting his own business, which now enables him to help people in other ways. One of his earliest accomplishments came as he pursued the management of a travel agency. Bernardo Chua was chosen to open up a new regional office in the Philippines, which would involve direct sales to clients. The prestigious opportunity was earned through Bernardo’s previous hard work in expanding the agency’s reach throughout southeast Asia. Read more at for more info.

Chua’s success with that new office earned him yet another exciting opportunity, sending him to North America. The agency was beginning to open new offices in the U.S. and Canada and they wanted to send their best people to oversee the business at these new locations. After just six years working the travel business in Canada, Bernardo decided it was time to open his own business.

Bernardo Chua attributes two things to his success as an entrepreneur. First, he acknowledges the support of his family, who have stayed with him from his early years as a travel agent. Their support, as he moved them to Canada and far from home, is immeasurable. Secondly, Bernardo says his success is the result of his drive to help people to improve their lives. While medical school wasn’t in the cards for him, he says he has used his career path as a way of enriching the lives of others.

This philosophy is a part of the advice Mr. Chua would like to pass onto others. Regardless of whether you’re starting your own business or joining an established organization, Bernardo says it’s important to enjoy what you do. From there, he says it will be easier to network, build lasting relationships, and achieve success. He adds that, as long as you have a passion for your career, the rest will come together. Visit:




Igor Cornelsen Knows The Key To Making Money In Brazil

Brazil is rich in mineral wealth and other types of natural resources. It also has a growing population of over 60 million and a number of excellent companies that are making their mark on the international stage. This makes Brazil very attractive to investors. However, there are two factors that can prevent investors, especially foreigners, from making money there. There are important currency exchange laws that can hurt investors and Brazil’s investment laws are very complex. There is a solution to these problems that successful investors have used for years. Contact Igor Cornelsen.

Many people consider Igor Cornelsen to be another one of Brazil’s valuable resources. This experienced investment advisor has been helping investors navigate Brazil’s complex foreign exchange and investment laws and make lots of money in the country for decades. A former banking executive, Cornelsen is very familiar with the country’s banking laws. He also knows which company’shave the staff and technology to turn the country’s natural resources into products that can be sold on the international market. Cornelsen also has excellent sources of investment information on which to draw. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Like the Spaniards during the Age of Exploration, many investors consider Brazil to be ‘El Dorado’, the City of Gold. But just like the Spaniards hundreds of years ago, without guidance from local people familiar with the land, gaining access to the vast wealth Brazil holds can be next to impossible. Igor Cornelsen can help. His knowledge of the people, the economy, the government and the investment laws, plus, his experience identifying and investing in lucrative companies, industries and markets in Brazil, can make all the difference in the world in helping investors to make money in Brazil.

In Brazil Igor Cornelsen’s work as an investment advisor is legendary. He has long proven he is the man investors need to touch base with if they want to improve their chances of making money in Brazil. His guidance has helped many unlock the mysteries of Brazil’s wealth and make money hand over fist. Not contacting Igor Cornelsen can leave you lost in the Amazon looking for ‘El Dorado’. Visit:


US Money Reserve, the BCA “AAA” rated precious metal producer

The United States astronomy community has just reported that on March 22nd, most parts of the country will experience a Mercury retrograde which will only be the first of a few in 2018. This is an occasion where the element mercury occurs in the sky in the form of fire.

The retrograde will result in technological mishaps that will be the cause for communication challenges, traffic madness, and panic in most human beings. The Aries energy that is supposed to be surrounding the ozone during the event will accelerate impulsive behaviors in individuals as well as wild characters. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | Twitter

To some people, it may make no sense, but to those in the metal industry like US Money Reserve, the cause for concern is quite logical.

U.S Money Reserve is a ten-year-old agency leading published analyst of gold markets in the United States. It is also a gold coin distributor located in Huston, Texas. The company bares pride in the fact that it has assisted several profit-making companies in the decision making process when it comes to the choice between gold, silver, and platinum over the years. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

In its years of operation, US Money Reserve has been able to earn the trust of its clients by delivering on their agreements and for this reason, has accumulated a client base of five hundred thousand individuals and corporations.

Recently, US Reserve has launched an online website called The site has an outlook that echoes on its stature as a spearhead in the precious metal industry and also has adopted features that mirror on the company’s core principles of reliance and commitment.

The core purpose of the site is to provide a coin gallery in which clients can choose from virtually. It also has educative features on each coin in the gallery that will help in the purchase process. Shipping information is also provided on the site as well as refund information in case it is ever required.

The Business Consumer Alliance rated U.S Money “AAA” for its services under the leadership of Philip Noel Deihl, a former United States Mint director.

The Career Of Awesome Alexandre Gama

Many people wish to start their own places of business, but most of them either don’t have the drive, the willingness to accept unforeseen risks with open arms, or the experience to hope to push them to perform well.

Alexandre Gama did just this – started a business, namely Neogama, an advertising agency that was named after his own Surname – in 1999, after working for various players in the world of advertising for roughly 17 years.

But Where Did Alexandre Gama Start?

The contemporary advertising legend known as Mr. Alexandre Gama earned a trade degree in communication and advertising from the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation. Afterwards, he started working at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, one of New York City’s hottest advertising firms at the time, where Mr. Gama would remain without a thought of jumping ship to any other firm.

In 1990, Gama moved to DM9 as its creative director.