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Kevin Seawright, Community Developer and Entrepreneur

Kevin Seawright is a financial and real estate expert based out of Baltimore, Maryland. He uses his broad professional skillset to provide honest services that help build his clients and the community.

Mr. Seawright has held many executives and management positions including places like Collington Episcopal Life Care Community, Tito Contractors, Newark Community Development Corporation, and most recently RPS Solutions. Currently, Kevin is the Chief Operating Officer (COO)and manages the day-to-day operations at RPS Solutions while ensuring a smoothly functioning organization.

RPS Solutions

Kevin co-founded RPS Solutions in 2015, a premier real estate developer that constructs custom-build affordable housing in the Baltimore area. He focuses on providing first-time homeowners the ability to enter the market and build something they are proud to own. The goal of RPS is to grow communities through home ownership at a price point that is affordable.

The business model of RPS is to pair potential homeowners with a team they can trust from the planning stages to completion; this includes trusted realtors, contractors, and builders. Many of RPS’s clients are first-time homeowners looking to establish their lives in and around the Baltimore area. The geography RPS services include Carroll County, Harford County, and Howard County.

Mr. Seawright has a Masters in Accounting from Almeda University and an Executive Leadership degree from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He has worked on numerous multi-million dollar projects both in real estate and the financial sector.

Media Presence and Volunteering

Kevin Seawright appeared on The Larry Young Morning Show and spoke about his passion for helping the people of Baltimore, and how he has spent the past 15 years learning what the children and people of Baltimore need.

Phillypurge revealed that Kevin Seawright is very active on many social media platforms where he shares his ideas, passions, and hobbies to a captive audience. He frequently posts about NBA and basketball as well as inspirational material. He has been a volunteer basketball coach at Suffolk Virginia Recreation for the past 2+ years.

Kevin has spent his life working to grow his community and has seen great success in his endeavors.

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Alexandre Gama Is A Sought After Advertising Executive

A graduate of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Alexandre Gama started his career as a copywriter over 35 years ago.

He worked for over 10 years as a copywriter, until he was recognized for his talent and named as a Creative Director at the Brazilian agency, DM9. His work began to be recognized across the globe and in 1996 he became Chief Financial Officer at Young & Rubicam and named to the Global Creative Board. In 1999, he started his own agency, Neogama, and he promptly took the industry by storm. His agency has since won 23 Golden Lions from the Cannes Film Festival and Gama became the first Latin American to be chosen to teach a Masterclass. These, and numerous other awards and distinctions, has made Alexandre Gama one of the most sought after advertising executives in the world.

Jim Larkin

James Larkin was a prominent activist and socialist that initiated the Irish Transport and Generals Workers’ Union during the year of 1907. Larkin was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom on January 21, 1876. Both of his parents were of Irish decent and James Larkin grew up rough in the slums of Liverpool with a small amount of formal education during his upbringing. Larkin had to work at a fairly young age to help out with his families expenses.

He worked at a lot of different manual labor odd jobs until securing a position as a foreman at the Liverpool docks. During his time working as foreman, he felt that much of the working class were treated extremely unfairly. As a devoted socialist, Jim Larkin would soon join the National Union of Dock Labourers and became a trade union organizer full-time.

His strike action methods were a bit overwhelming for the National Union of Dock Labourers, they decided to transfer James Larkin to Dublin, Ireland in 1907. Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ while staying there. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

His overall objective was to make each and every industrial Irish worker belong to only one union, no matter what skill or trade they were in. Larkin persevered and created the Irish Labour Party where he would formulate many strikes.

One of these strikes caused major positive impact during that time, this was the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Well over 100,000 Irish manual workers went on strike for duration of almost eight months, they succeeded and were finally promised their rights to fair employment.

How Biometric Technology Can Transform the Banking Industry, According to Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine says that new technology in mobile and online banking can provide better security against hackers. He points to face and eye recognition technology, and even voice recognition technology, which can make it easier for people to access their bank accounts.

Particularly, this will make it useful for people who own corporate bank accounts and need to make payments to their employees. For example, Wells Fargo is already making use of this type of technology for its Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) banking accounts.

Previously, it has always been difficult for people who own corporate accounts to get into their accounts. This is especially true if they were on the road. They may have to catch a flight, but they may also have to make sure that some people are paid before they get on. The solution would be to pay them through online banking, but it often requires many passwords and sometimes security keys that are contained on USBs. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg

Various other banks are also rolling out features that would allow biometric access. If you are into investing, then you should look out for investment opportunities relating to biometric security solutions. The industry is expected to be fifteen billion dollars over the next ten years, and it presents a great opportunity for investing. Passwords have been around for a long time, but as with all things, they eventually get replaced by better things. The truth is that biometric technology is not even that new. Think about your smartphone. Many already have fingerprint or even eyeball recognition technology that allows you to open up your phone. When you go through customs, many airports have biometric scanners to scan your passport and let you through. Read more about Jeff Yastine at to know more.

When it comes to banking, it is a little more complex. Many banks are starting to use it, however, for multi-factor authentication. They may use it as an extra tool to prevent hackers. One problem is that some people may not be able to use certain biometric features. For example, if it is a voice recognition technology, it would not work for someone who has laryngitis. However, banks are using technologies that offer various forms of recognition at a time as well. This is known as behavioral biometrics.

Jeff Yastine is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has years of experience in the financial market.

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