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Sam Tabar Brings Full Cycle Energy Back to Life

Since Sam Tabar was appointed CEO of Full Cycle Energy in 2015, a lot of good things as happened to the company. Tabar has utilized his experience and business knowledge to make strategies that have proved helpful in boosting the company’ market presence and operations.

Because of his leadership, Full Cycle Energy has traversed the world’s market. The company has played a major role in initiatives meant to reduce the cost of fuel and also encourage adoption of environmentally-friendly alternatives. The company, which was on the brink of collapse a few years ago, decided to bring on board new individuals with ideas and morale.

Sam Tabar lives in New York City. He worked at Bank of America as the Capital Strategy Head before moving to Full Cycle Energy. His role was to connect fund managers with institutional investors. He also worked as a legal consultant while in the company. He worked as a lawyer in several firms including Arps, Slate & Flom and Schulte. At one time, he was appointed the head of marketing at Spark Group.

Sam Tabar is a compassionate individual who has a soft spot for those who cannot afford basic needs in life. He is an active participant in charity events and organizations.  He also uses the programs to teach investing culture to these women through the THINX initiative.

As a private investor, Sam knows how do identify a feasible investment. He uses his business and law experience to build large portfolios for companies he works for. That is why Full Cycle is beginning to enjoy the benefits of having individuals like him at the top spot of its leadership ladder. According to LinkedIn, Sam Tabar graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in Law. He also has a LLM from Columbia Law University. According to financial pundits, his appointment at Full Cycle is one of the best decisions the company’s board has ever made.  Read the rest of Sam’s story so far, on CrunchBase.

A Strange Addition To The New Establishment Summit: Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a billionaire. Is this a sole reason for inclusion in the New Establishment Summit? For those unaware, the New Establishment Summit is an annual event that brings together technology leaders, media personalities, and industry leaders in various fields. The idea is to get them working together on new projects that bring about new developments which ultimately benefit the entire world. The thing is, for that goal to happen, those invited should themselves bring something to the table; especially if they’re speaking at the event. According to Vanity Fair, this year’s New Establishment Summit will take place in San Francisco. The dates it will be held are October 19th and 20th, and it will feature the CEO of and the Vice President of Apple, as well as several other industry-leading professionals–and billionaire Kyle Bass.

Kyle Bass seems to be even more of a fish out of water in this scenario when one considers that his economic predicate has a strong socialist angle. Kyle Bass is originally from Argentina, though he runs his hedge fund Hayman Capital Management out of leftist Austin, Texas. Kyle Bass has close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in his home country of Argentina, and didn’t criticize her once even though she managed a double economic default of the country in only thirteen years.

Bass additionally runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs as UsefulStooges reports, which is a pseudo-humanitarian organization whose true purpose is acting as a front which hides the group’s raison d’etre: to legally manipulate the stock market. CAD gets sick people and their families to level lawsuits, petitions, and any means necessary against big-ticket pharmaceutical industries. The idea is to force a price drop. When successful, this price drop hits Wall Street and becomes a stock drop, which Bass can then short sell. He’s played this scam many times and made several small fortunes. It’s definitely odd that he’d be asked to speak at the New Establishment Summit.