Gareth Henry Ideamensch Interview

Gareth Henry has been in charge of Investor relations in most of the firms that he has worked for. Gareth studied at the University of Edinburg where he pursued actuarial science. Gareth’s work ethic mainly involves bringing together different ideas to help in the development of new ones. He also has a reputation in dealing with hedge funds and private equity of different organisation. He was recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he got to discuss both his personal and business life.

When asked about the origin of his company, Gareth Henry mentions that since his campus years he had always felt intrigued by the merging of finance and mathematics. He also says that once he had understood economics at a deeper level, he had become hooked on to giving people advice on some investment issues.

This, in turn, contributed to his gravitation towards investor relations. Gareth Henry goes on to describe his typical day’s schedule whose main highlight is that of meeting clients face to face and picking calls from all their clients. He also mentions that he also attends many meetings per day which make an average of about 500 sessions per year.

He says that his day begins at 7 am where he starts by making calls To both Asia and Europe region offices, and then he prepares and makes his way to his New York office to handle the main office business. In the afternoon and evenings, he makes his time for reviewing internal office business documents. He also mentions that he also finds time on Sundays to make calls to Asia and other offices to ensure that his business does not stop at any point.

When asked how Gareth Henry manages to bring ideas on the table, he mentions that for that to happen successfully, a person must be very enthusiastic with whatever they are pursuing. He suggests that passion is the secret behind every person’s success in their hustle.

When asked about the trends that excite him the most currently, he says that he is intrigued by the vast number of people who want to be part of asset investment in private and public equity firms. Another trend that he is fond of is that of cryptocurrencies which in his opinion, it is an exciting investment space. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing

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