Michael Hagele Legal Counselor

Michael Hagele is the founder of many companies in the restaurant and hospitality business. He is the General Counsel in business such as biotechnology, aerospace, internet, and defense. In his field, Michael Hagele is a hard worker who is dedicated to drafting and negotiating, many different contracts in domestic telecommunications and international areas. He was involved in the handling of numerous corporate and commercial negotiations.

Michael Hagele’s was the General Legal Counselor in-house attorney for Venture Capital Companies that lent money to people for various reasons. Micahel attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received a degree in the Criminal Justice field.

Michael Hagele, an experienced attorney, working with larger firms, saw the need to serve clients better if he worked in a practice that was smaller. Because the company is smaller, it would be less costly to clients needing legal counsel in intellectual property matters. The clients would receive superior legal representation, so Michael started his own law firm. See This Page for more info.

Reviewing his workload for the day is something Michael does each working day. His work consisted of handling intellectual property problems, work of a general nature and counseling. He prepares contracts which include technology licensing arrangements. After a hard day’s work, he goes for a bike ride. In the evening hours, Michael can be seen on the phone with those he partners with, discussing investment strategy.

Whatever Michael desires are, he works hard to achieve his goals, and he challenges himself to succeed.

Michael Hagele is fascinated with artificial intelligence. He believes that genetic programming has a wide arena of capabilities. With the vast number of technological advancements, it is now possible to use innovations to complete patterns. A concealed connection between sets of information can be identified. A program expansion without the high price can be better understood with our modern technological advancement. This is the brilliant part of what Michael calls machine learning and what can be discovered with the use of it.

Michael keeps his body and his mind in shape by exercising on a daily basis. When he faces a challenge, exercise helps his mind to focus better and provides other benefits.

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Kevin Seawright Is Now Turning Baltimore’s Old Housing Into Shiny New Neighborhoods

The housing market in Baltimore may be about to change for the better if a company named RPS Solutions accomplishes it’s mission. RPS Solutions was founded by Kevin Seawright who has recently returned to Baltimore after being a development specialist in a Newark, NJ organization. He decided to help minorities whose background has prevented them from buying a home in the past find more affordable housing and get financing assistance while doing so. The company also works with contractors to renovate older homes and make the neighborhoods safer and more attractive. Jerrel Brown, an employee of Baltimore’s housing authority who knew Seawright as a young man and had formerly been unable to buy a home is now able to thanks to what RPS Solutions has done through its renovation program.

Kevin Seawright actually started as a public accountant and fund manager for Baltimore working first for its parks and recreation and then serving as Deputy Chief Operating Officer of its schools. His experience with city funds includes managing municipal bonds, accounts receivable, budgets, allocated funds and a plethora of other high-priority public accounts. He also helped the mayoral office make even more informed decisions for the city by introducing CitiStat, an analytical software that gathers data from various departments and let’s administrators know which need the most improvement. See This Page for more info.

Kevin Seawright also was a campaign manager while still serving at Baltimore’s city hall, but after the mayoral candidate he supported didn’t win election he entered the private sector. He managed contracts and building funds for a couple years at Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. from 2012 to 2014, and later that year he was invited to join the Community Economic Development Corporation in Newark as its vice president and Chief Financial Officer. Seawright was placed in charge of construction initiative budgets and also hosted fundraisers with city council leaders and numerous real estate investment companies during the year he served in that organization. He left late in 2015 because he felt the work he could do with Baltimore’s housing would have even better lasting impacts. Seawright earned an executive leadership award from the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame and is also a recognized member of the National Black Public Administrators Forum.

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OSI Food Solutions Is The Only Solution For Custom Foods

OSI Food Solutions is on another level when it comes to the creation of custom-food solutions. This amazing company has gone global thanks to its international appeal. It would be very hard trying to find another custom-food provider with this much clout. The company literally has over 20,000 employees as well as 65 state-of-the-art facilities. Yes, that’s absolutely right! There is over a century’s worth of experience and expertise that’s under this huge umbrella of success. The Aurora, Illinois-based company handles every aspect of the foodservice industry in general. This includes distribution, processing, management and development.

When it comes to custom-food creation, OSI Food Solutions truly stands out from the crowd. This exceptional company uses innovative equipment, it works directly with its clients and it has global-food knowledge. This notion can’t be said for half of the field. The amount of food choices is spectacular as OSI provides pot roast, chicken fried steak, chicken wings, turkey products, chicken nuggets, beans , cheese, fruits, steak, poultry, desserts, cooked linked sausages, Tofu, bacon bits, onions, cucumbers, panini, flatbread, fresh dough products and numerous others. The options are literally endless here. Back in 2017, OSI Food Solutions has upped its infrastructure by adding a $17 million production line at its location in Spain. This isn’t your average production line, but rather it’s a high-capacity production line that has processed up to 24,000 tons of chicken. When OSI does something, the company does it in a big way. Chicken is one of the most popular and affordable meats on the planet. This facility already had an estimated 140 employees, but with the addition of its new role, the company was able to add another 20 positions.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Tyson Food’s Chicago-based plant. This business move has helped to support the company’s infrastructure in more ways than one. The future of the foodservice industry is in great hands. OSI Food Solutions is just getting things done in a more efficient way. All in all, at the present moment of custom-food solutions, OSI will be its actual future and that speaks volumes.

Ted Bauman, the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman: Financial Editor

Ted Bauman is the editorial director of the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B club, and The Bauman Letter and his area of expertise are in asset protection and international migration problems or issues. He is a financial guru.

In 2013 he joined Banyan Hill Publishing company. He attended and graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa with doctoral degrees in History and Economics. Ted was born in Washington D.C and grew up in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He migrated to South Africa at a young age. He held a variety of executive roles during his 25-year profession in South Africa. He worked as a fund manager in nonprofit organizations mainly for low-cost housing projects. He currently lives in Atlanta GA with his family

Bauman Letter is an investment newsletter. You can discover a world of financial freedom, strategies to increase or grow your wealth and protect your privacy and live the life of your dream.

Ted Bauman and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium daily. On the Medium Forum, he writes on a variety of topics on the financial matter and recommends ways on how to solve them. Topics include Tax reforms and how to save thousands and easy way to boost your gains by 1,900% and many more.

Ted is very motivated and dedicated to helping people get the resources they need to achieve their dream of a successful life, free from corporate greed and government oversight.

Ted starts his typical day by taking his daughter to school and head back and start working in his office till 5 pm. He pays close attention to current news on topics that affect his subscribers and readers. He brings ideas to life by writing on topics that matter most to the readers. He believes in writing, utilizing excellent writing skills to explain important topics like asset protection and finance to ordinary people.

The one thing that excites him is that people are becoming more inquisitive about the economy globally and more people are interested in finding solutions to the problems. He believes waking up early and starting his day contributed to his productivity and success. Ted is hardworking and believes in time management though he feels he could do better.

The experiences he gained from working menial jobs was that he learned that for a society to thrive in the long term, one must appreciate and pay attention to the welfare of the people at the top as well as the bottom. Learn more: https://seekingalpha.com/user/48547799/comments




Best Urologist in New York City – Dr. David Samadi

Graduating with honors from the Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994, Dr. Samadi has come a long way to become the best American Urologist. Born in Iran in 1964, Samadi and his brother had to flee to Belgium to escape the 1979 Revolution aftermath. As a Jew, his family was a target among extremist groups who found favor with the new government. The two brothers left their parents and their only sister for a better life. He came to the United States in 1984 while still a high school student. His parents were running a business back in Iran and were able to finance their education in high school.

He completed his high school and got a scholarship to study biochemistry. He went on to Stony Brook School of Medicine for his M.D and completed his postgraduate proctology at Montefiore Medical Center. The motivation to excel in his medical career was as a result of the expectations of his parents. Although he communicated to his parents regularly while he was a student, he had to cope with feelings of loneliness. Dr. Samadi has two children with his wife SaharDanielpour, and they are currently living together in Old Westbury.

Dr. Samadi is passionate about using invasive surgery while treating his prostate cancer patients. Through continuous research, he invented SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment) a modern invasive surgery that uses da Vinci® robotic surgical system. His invention has enabled him to do more than 7,000 surgeries. This treatment has been so successful that 90% of patients treated with SMART are currently cancer free. He aims to treat prostate cancer without the possibility of damaging the life of the patient through blood clots, losing sexual function, and radiation effects.

Dr. Samadi is currently the Chief of Robotic Surgery and the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital which is in New York City. Also, he is the director and founder of Mount Sinai Robotic Fellowship Program. He is a member of American Medical Association, Medical Advisory Board in PinnacleCare International, and American Urologic Association. Dr. Samadi has published journals and articles on robotic surgery and urologic oncology fields. Because of his success, he has been featured in acclaimed publications and shows such as Cable News 12, Forbes, New York Magazine and Connecticut’s Cable News. He has also contributed his knowledge on Fox News for a few years now.

Dr. Samadi has a website, a radio (am970) and just recently launched his online TV called Dr. SamadiTv. He uses these Media to reach out to students, patients and researchers on issues related to health. The TV will be live recording enabling viewers to ask questions directly to Dr. Samadi and his team. It will also feature renowned physicians, authors, and researchers who need a platform to reach a large audience. Dr. Samadi role in the industry has been recognized through awards such as Best Urologist in NY in 2018, Patient’s Choice Award for five years, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer from 2009 to 2013 just to mention a few.

Jed McCaleb is Set to Impact the World

Jed McCaleb is a celebrated cryptocurrency expert. He has contributed to this technology, especially when blockchain and bitcoin were new in the market. Apart from bitcoin and blockchain, Jed has participated in other projects such as eDonkey. This project went well together with other projects.

Artificial Intelligence is a field that has caught Jed’s eye. He is researching AI because he believes it has great potential. According to Jed, the next two decades will be better because of Artificial intelligence. It will resolve most problems people are having currently. AI will do a lot more than blockchain technology has done.

Stellar was created in 2014 and has occupied Jed since then. It is the greatest project Jed is doing currently. The aim was to resolve certain financial flaws that are in the system. Jed did not do all the work alone. Joyce Kim helped him and became the co-founder. Since Jed is the leader of the technical team, he has some responsibilities. He runs the business and still participates in coding with his team.

Jed’s idea of Stellar was inspired by bitcoin technology. By seeing how the technology would solve many problems, Jed thought beyond it. He saw beyond digital currency, which was linking financial institutions. For blockchain it is digital currency but Jed chose to create an open source network. The idea behind the link is for the financial institutions to offer services to the unbanked population.

Jed has become a successful individual because he dedicates most time to developing viable plans. Success includes planning and determining practical strategies. Jed believes that incorrect goals are destructive even for a productive person. Planning is a roadmap to the destination one is targeting.

People ought to concentrate on the right things. This is an art that Jed believes has to be observed. Things with a global impact are more rewarding. One enjoys the success of an idea that succeeds globally. Jed focuses on producing great products as opposed to marketing them. Great products are easy to market, especially using the internet. Jed is glad for the far he has come and hopes to do more in the future.

What Was Discovered During Latest AvaTrade Review?

A good Forex broker provides a little for everyone. Beginners need good resources to learn the tools of the trade. Experts need to be able to plug in their favorite signal tools.

What did the GC Report AvaTrade review discover? Can people of all different skill levels succeed by trading Forex at AvaTrade? Has the firm offered any innovations?


Growing Forex Profits

In 2006, the Dublin based AvaTrade opened its doors. It has since expanded to Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo. It is regulated by 5 different government agencies.

The customer service for AvaTrade is in about a dozen languages. This is truly a global Forex firm. You can find a little that will appeal to all here.


Bitcoin Money

The name “first mover” is given to the brand that first creates, offers or supports something. AvaTrade is a first mover. It might not have been the “first” officially, but it was one of the first Forex brokers to offer Bitcoin trading back in 2013.

Hindsight is 20/20 and now all of these other firms want to join in on the Bitcoin phenomenon. Bitcoin was hot. By being one of the 200,000 members of AvaTrade, you could have made money by trading Bitcoin. Now, you can trade Dash, Ethereum, Monero and Ripple on AvaTrade.

This innovation has made AvaTrade an industry leader. Assets go up and down. It doesn’t matter how long Bitcoin will be around, it is a hot asset and should be traded.


FX Experts Agree

The FX Empire has reviewed numerous brokers from around the world. It has a very good reputation for being unbiased. When it compared all of the Forex brokers, which was one of the best? AvaTrade.

From 2013 to 2016, FX Empire awarded AvaTrade with its best Forex broker prize. Why was AvaTrade so worthy?

It offered cryptocurrencies before other binary options traders. AvaTrade has offered the solid MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Traders can use plug-ins, like Zulu Trade for social trading and Mirror Trader for signals. AvaTrade has a little bit of something for everyone.

The Oxford Club Has New Advice And Strategies

There’s a lot to think about and a lot to do. People realize and understand what they are about and how they plan on making their specific strategy known to people. The Oxford Club has made a name for itself because they are focused on making sure their clients get what they need and are able to come away fully able to embrace what they are being given. Many people look at what the investment world is giving today and they are simply afraid. This isn’t the case for those who have gone through this special club of elite investment experts. They are preparing people for things they otherwise wouldn’t have.


Their new advice is to focus on trying to get into the new areas of investment and expanding from there. You can always look at what’s going to be up and coming and find a way to turn that into success. The ability to always look at what’s ahead and make plans is what separates them from others. It’s the reason that they have gotten so far and why others who follow their advice seem to be going so far. The formula works for a reason and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.


The world has already shown so much of what we know to be amazing. We know that the stock market has so many possible outcomes and we know that there are so many ways that this can go. People who follow the line of thinking that they are presenting can clearly see where they can take advantages. They just need to be prepared for what an happen in the long run. Fortunately there are others who also agree and are willing to follow their advice. They know what they’re doing and how to go about doing just that.

Siteline Cabinetry, The Newest Brand from the Corsi Group

Siteline Cabinetry is a new brand from the Corsi Group, which came out in 2015. 270 materials are available including pre-configured cabinets as well as accessories. The Corsi group began on July 16th, 1973. Corsi Group had built a new cabinet building operation in Keysville, Virginia to designate its Siteline Cabinetry line. For two years now, Siteline Cabinetry has been in the market, able to change countless homes. Clients need to remodel homes and to know that they can custom-design their cabinetry according to their needs. Siteline Cabinetry builds cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and rooms used for storage.

Remodeling is a difficult task to undertake. Partial or complete remodel takes a great deal of time, energy and investment. Corsi Group has made this brand to respond to the challenges of home remodel. Corsi is the CEO and chairman of Corsi Group, which employes 200 in both Indianapolis, and another plant in Elkins, West Virginia, having opened in 2000. Coris remarks that Corsi Group has improved their ability to use lean tactics to get the job done. Corsi Group values communicating with to both market retail and design. They have improved their ability to problem solve as well.

Siteline Cabinetry is a new product made in Indianapolis only. Corsi brand is custom like architectural millwork, customized within an engineering standard. Siteline Cabinetry is full access, semi-custom, with a four-week lead time. Millenials exercise a huge influence from their buying power. Siteline Cabinetry only sells to people with the capacity to design in an efficient manner. They do not make direct sales efforts as well. The geography of Keysville contributes to its marketing success, as there is high quality of available labor.  The key to Corsi Groups’ building success is to purchase an existing building 50,000 square feet with space to expand as they already doubled to 97,000 square feet. Corsi Group believes in adding the customer’s vision to the existing design, in addition to practicing a revolutionary business model.

Rocketship Education Provides A Foundation For Success

Rocketship Education, founded by Preston Smith and John Danner, is a K-5 public charter school network founded in 2006 and opened its first school in San Jose, California in 2007. Rocketship grew rapidly and six additional schools were added in the San Jose area by 2012. A year later Rocketship opened its first school outside of California, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the next year the network expanded to Nashville, Tennessee. Over 400 parents campaigned for and brought Rocketship to Redwood City, California in 2015. In Washington, D.C. Rocketship opened Rocketship Rise Academy in 2016. Danner left in 2013.

Rocketship Education has gained a reputation for successfully serving low-income students and putting them on a path to college by tailoring instruction to the student and engaging parents in their child’s education where parents are even involved in choosing the teachers Rocketship hires.

By utilizing blended learning where a flexible space for teachers can use the tools of tutoring, online learning and peers, they are able to offer students a personalized learning experience.

Rocketship’s success is impressive since it has performed in the top 5% of low-income districts in California. Their students have met Common Core standards at twice the rate of surrounding districts. And once the students go on to middle schools they retain that level of performance.

Rocketship Education provides an environment for children who may experience “toxic stress” caused by living in low-income communities by offering consistency and a positive experience that helps them establish the social-emotional skills necessary to succeed in school and in life beyond school. Four core values, persistence, empathy, responsibility and respect are important cornerstones of the Rocketship methods and philosophy.

The co-founder and CEO, Preston Smith has been highly involved in Rocketship in roles such as teacher, principal, Director of Schools and Chief Achievement Officer and his own children study at a Rocketship school.